.03 Destination: FreelancersMature

The next year, her father died. They said he died in combat, but Kayli knew better. Her father never fought in anything. He was the leader, but likewise, he was also only mentally the leader. Kayli’s father had some sort of sickness that affected his legs. Some was wrong with them and he had trouble walking. So dying in combat would have never been a reason.

A loud explosion knocked Kayli out of her thoughts, driving her to glance at her door, which, while was still closed, looked very badly shaken. There was a scream and then suddenly, Kayli could hear chaos spread out throughout the building.

They were being attacked.

There was a sharp rap on her door and a loud but breathless “Attack!” that rang out from behind it followed by the heavy footsteps of the messenger boy. It had been a while since they’d done this drill and it seemed like he was getting a little out of shape. But that was to the least of Kayli’s worries right now.

Kayli cursed under her breath as she pushed herself away from her desk. She wrenched a gun and a sword from two “displays” that had been hanging on her wall and threw herself out of her room. She was almost pushed back in by the mess.

The lobby was crowded with people, freelancers and assassins alike and the freelancers were putting up a good fight. Kayli growled as she but a nearby man with the but of her gun. She wasn’t even too sure what kind of gun is was or whether it worked or not, but it was enough for her.

Kayli bodyslammed into another man in black and shot him in the head. She parried a blow and then stabbed back, sending blood all over the place. Kayli was about to move away when she realized that much of the commotion had stopped and all of the men were staring at her.

“What?” Kayli glared at then. “Never seen a women fight?”

But she paled at their next words.

“Target found. Attack on all sides.”

“You motherfuckers.” She cursed, realizing that if Jordan was behind this, he probably wanted her dead. She would have to break free soon.

Kayli thrusted her sword into another man as she elbowed her way through the middle. They were closing in on her from the sides. This would be her only way out.

She hit man in the head, and fired another bullet, sending two men flying backwards. With one big sweeping kick, she lodged a blow solidly into the cheekbone of a nearby man, sending him flying into another one. She followed with a sweep on the ground, tripping three more. But they kept on coming and Kayli needed a plan.

She looked around frantically, trying to find some break in the sea of people. As her eyes wandered, she spied a small button in the corner and her eyes lit up. Suddenly, she opened her mouth and screamed.

“Evacuate! Get out of here! The emergency doors are coming down!” She threw herself forward and smashed the button with all her might.

The alarms went off.

Chaos plunged seven levels deeper as people tried to flood out of the building with the various exits at were all small and now extremely trafficked. Metal grating started lowering down from all of the exits and the frantic buzz began to affect even the men here to sabotage the building. Who knew that the freelancers were so easy to defeat?

Kayli took advantage of that moment and she shot through the crowd, slipping towards the closest exit - the front entrance.

“Oh no you don’t.” A cold hand reached out and grabbed her arm, dragging her backwards. Kayli struggled frantically, lashing out at him. Her sword managed to nick his side and his grasp loosened for a second in surprise. Kayli wriggled out and lunged for the closing gate. There was barely any space left and she knew that if she didn’t get out soon, she would never live to see another day.

Kayli pounced over a man lying on the ground knocked down the last man in front of her. There, the door. She struggled forward furiously when the cold hand reached her again, this time gripping her even more tightly.

“Little girl, come back with us.” A dark voice hissed against her neck as she felt the tip of a blade tick the bottom of her skull.

“What do you want?” Kayli’s voice shook as she eyed the slowly shrinking gap that meant so much to her now. If she could take just another step...

The man behind her laughed and Kayli shivered.

“Nothing.” She felt the knife dig into her. “Just some fun.”


Kayli threw her foot and sent the man flying backwards. She rolled forward, landing just outside of the building before the metal gates slammed shut. Kayli crawled up and threw herself as far away as possible. The next moment, there was a loud explosion and the entire house imploded, bringing down everything with it.

Kayli watched the remains for a moment, her eyes glued on the smithereens that had once been her home. She finally tore her eyes away and ran down the alleyway, running past the dead body of the doorkeeper. Kayli stopped and took a step back.

He laid there on the ground, a knife sticking out of his chest. His eyes were wide open, a look of shock still reflected on his lifeless face. Kayli closed those eyes quietly. She noticed something clenched tightly in his fist and pried is carefully out.

It was a note of some sort.

“May you rest in peace.” She muttered silently before she got up and ran off, taking the note with her.

The defeat was complete.

The End

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