.03 Destination: FreelancersMature

“I don’t like the look of him.” Those familiar eyes gazed down on Kayli, who was at that time 12 years old and could barely look over her father’s desk whenever she sat in one of those plush chairs so big that they could eat you.

“But daddy, he says he’s a freelancer too.” Kayli pouted as her voice broke into a small whine.

“Kayli, haven’t I taught you about lying? Just because he says he’s a freelancer doesn’t mean he is one.” The wrinkled face frowned. “I don’t like the way he observes everything. He’s too attentive to just be a freelancer. Did you notice that he had the entire staff roster memorized within the first three days?”

“So? He says he likes to memorize things. It’s a hobby of his.” Little Kayli shrugged slightly. “He even recited the first 200 words in the dictionary for me. He said he knew more, but then I got bored.”

“And don’t you think it’s suspicious, a child with such a good memory just suddenly showing up? No news of parents or reason so show up either. And the fact that he has eluded to system for so long doesn’t make sense.” Kayli’s father closed his eyes and leaned back in his chair with a tired sigh. “I don’t want you to be seeing him again.”

“But daddy! He’s just a boy!”

“The more why we should question him.”

“I asked him who he was!”

Her father glared at her.

“Go to your room and don’t come out until you’re going to make a better decision” His teeth were clenched, his fists shaking. Kayli didn’t understand why he was getting so worked up about this. “I thought you knew better.”

Kayli looked up at her father and saw the deep disappointment in his eyes.

“Yes father.” She muttered as she retreated to her room, where she cried herself to sleep.


The End

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