.03 Destination: FreelancersMature

Kayli sat down as her desk, her face downcast and moody. She stared at a gilt framed photo that sat on her desk. It was about the size of her hand and slightly faded, looking just as old as the black and white picture of a solemn old man in the frame. His dark eyes stared quietly into the distance, a small frown creasing over his face. There were thin bags beneath his eyes and a small patch of stubble on his left cheek. The wrinkles on his face reveals years of hard work, pain, and sorrow that were reflected in his eyes.

He was Kayli’s father.

Kayli stared deeply into those solemn eyes and sighed. Her father had warned her of this. Of treachery. Why didn’t she listen? Her eyes glazed over for a moment as she thought back to that day.

The End

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