.03 Destination: SlumsMature

Sarah waited impatiently in her room, pacing back and forth. She knew she couldn’t rush the salon woman, but it was still hard. Sarah wasn’t even quite sure why she felt so terrible, so attached to her stupid little roommate.

It’s because she’s innocent....

Hannah never did anything, she shouldn’t deserve this kind of treatment and since Sarah had some power to save her, then why not? Sarah sighed. How was she going to clear things up with the domes? It wasn’t hard to be a lost child, but a lost adult? And all those Gangabank points... She would have to save them back up again and Sarah was not ready to do that.

There was a knock on the door and Sarah opened it up eagerly.

The salon woman was standing there with a small smile and a small bottle of hair dye in her hands.

“You’re too eager. If that hadn’t been me, you would’ve been in danger of being found out.”

Sarah blushed slightly in embarrassment.

“I’m sorry.”

The salon women laughed slightly.

“Now lets get your hair dyed. I’ve got some good news.”

“Really?” Sarah’s eyes lit up.

“But you gotta let me in first. No good letting me stand in the doorway like this.”

“Oh, right.” Sarah hastily let her in and closed the door behind her. She raised an expecting eyebrow. “So...”

“Sit down first.”

Sarah sighed. She was a little too eager. Sarah pulled a nearby chair and sat down.

“Dye first. Then we’ll talk.”

The salon women uncapped her bottle of hair dye as she motioned for Sarah to bend her head back. She leaned in with the small bottle and drenched Sarah’s hair with it. It was surprising how wet her hair looked with such a little amount of hair dye. The salon women slowly massaged the dye in until Sarah’s big mass of white hair was now a dark brown shade. Sarah could tell it was really good hair dye just from the feel of it and moments later, her hair was magically dry already.

“That dye will last you for as long as you need. But you’ll need to rub some in your roots once they start growing.” The salon women took out another bottle. “Keep this. You’ll need it later.”

“Thanks.” Sarah took it gratefully. “Now, news?”

“Of course.” The salon women chuckled. “After I left you, I went around the pub and asked about what had happened exactly. And I found out that not only did Robin sell your friend for half a million to some unknown hooded man, he also refused the famous baby pimp.”

Sarah tilted her head slightly in confusion. The famous baby pimp? That name did not ring a bell in her mind. The salon women saw the confusion on her face.

“He’s only 15. Five years younger then you are. I don’t think you could have known about him before you left.”

Sarah nodded. That was definitely true.


The salon women leaned in.

“Now here’s the part that’s interesting. The boy seemed really upset afterwards and some people said he followed the man to wherever he went. You might be able to get some information from him.”

Sarah’s eyes lit up.

“Where can I find him?”

The salon women shook her head, an amused smile forming on her face.

“I think you should rest for a couple days first. There’s a nasty bruise that’s forming on your cheek.”

Sarah winced slightly as her finger brushed against her swollen left cheek. An image of the guard flashed through her mind and she wondered how he was doing. If he had lost his job. If he got sent to the slums for being incompetent.

“No, it’s fine really.” She shook her head. But the salon woman gave her a glance and Sarah knew that there would be no point in trying to argue. “Oh alright, I’ll stay for a few days.”

The salon woman nodded approvingly.

“You’ll stay until that bruise disappears.”

She got up from her chair and left, leaving Sarah open mouthed. This bruise? That’ll take her forever!


The End

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