.03 Destination: SlumsMature

The salon looked like just as she had remembered, a small pub in the corner of the street. There was no sign, no lights, just a door that would ring a bell if you opened it and the words “the salon” graffitied to the inside of the place. So in this way, only the most observant people went here and they were also the quietest.

The moment the salon women recognized her, she almost shouted out in surprise. It had been so long, but the hair and the eyes gave it away. The salon women quickly guided her to the back room and excused herself from the salon, having her assistant take orders.

“What made you come back?” She finally asked as they had settled down, a seriously concerned look was written across her face. “Are you going to resume the reign?”

Sarah shook her head. “The day my mother died was the day I swore that I would not become the next queen.”

“Then why are you back?”

Sarah sighed.

“Have you recently heard of an overlander captured from the China dome?”

The salon women glanced at her curiously.

“You know that there are hundreds of people taken from the China dome.”

Sarah shook her head.

“No. She wasn’t taken from the one that got slummed. It was the new one. The one that was still slightly unstable.”

The salon women frowned as she leaned back against her chair, a look of thought clouded her face.

“There maybe someone...” She trailed off as Sarah’s eyes lit up.

“Who?” She demanded, leaning in.

“There was a girl who...”

“What was her name?” She interrupted, eyes wide open. The salon women rested a hand on her arm.

“Let me finish first. She was dragged out of the China dome and sold to another seller, Robin, who proceeded to sell it to someone else for a really high price. It really was the price on her head that got the news out.”

“Who’s Robin?” An excited glow reached her eyes, “Where can I find him?”

“Calm down.” The salon woman laughed slightly. “You’re so excited.”

“Hannah’s never experienced anything more than a knee scrape, how could I not be worried?”

“That’s her name...” The salon women nodded. “I don’t believe she’ll be in much danger yet. I can lead you to Robin, but I can’t guarantee you that he’ll know who took your friend or where. Even if he did, he probably would have been paid to shut up as well.”

Sarah’s excited face now bent down into a frown.

“Then what?”

The salon women leaned back against her chair and thought for a while longer.

“You should settle here for a night and I’ll ask around for you.”

Tears welled up into Sarah’s eyes as she grabbed the salon woman’s hand.

“Thank you so much.”

The salon women laughed.

“I’m doing this all for you child. But first, you need to get that hair dyed.”


The End

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