.03 Destination: Royal SlumsMature

The moment Hannah was pushed into the room, she knew something wasn’t right. Not that she thought she was going to get free, but a deep terror down inside her told her that this was going to be worst than she had thought.

Hannah was deeply frightened.

The room that they had entered wasn’t big. It was just as dirty as the rest of the slums and it smelled just as bad. Hannah was pushed onto a small chair. She stumble slightly as she tripped over her bonds and the man hit her.

“Clumsy bitch.” He hissed. “Get a hold of yourself.”

Hannah sat down quickly, slightly bewildered.

“Now,  I’m going to go over the routine and you better listen well my dear, or else...” His finger traced her jaw dangerously and an evil glint flashed through his already sinister eyes as he leaned in to make his point. “there will be a lot of blood.”

He drew back with a small laugh.

“Now, when master comes in, you will answer all his questions. You will do as he tells you to. And in no way will you be disrespectful to him. Do you hear that?”

Hannah could only nodded. The man eyed her for a few seconds, as if he were wary that she would suddenly try to run away. He sighed as he got up and left the room. Hannah winced as she heard the lock of the door click loudly.

After what had felt like an eternity, just as Hannah started getting worried that the man had forgotten about her, the door opened up again and in stepped a man that she had never seen before. Hannah’s jaw almost dropped right open as she stared at the man before him.

Handsome wasn’t enough to describe. From that bright white hair to his deep purple eyes, Hannah was completely mesmerized. A small wry smile was pasted on those thin lips of his as he leaned lightly against the door as if this happened to him every day. He was rather tall and those muscles... Hannah stared at them as if she had never seen a man’s arm before and you could say that that was true. No one in the domes worked out. Everyone was naturally skinny. Muscles were all just a legend. But now they were all true.

“Have you had enough staring?” He finally spoke eyeing her curiously.

That voice....

Hannah broke herself out of her trance and her face flushed a deep red.

“I-I’m sorry.” She muttered, staring back down at the floor. He leaned in and lift her chin up, gazing into her eyes steadily.

“You’re a pretty one, aren’t you?” Hannah’s face turned an even deeper red.

“I -I suppose you could say so.” No one had called her pretty before and Hannah was feeling slightly bewildered. He leaned back and laughed. It was a crystal clear laugh that rang like a bell. It was so different from his assistant’s scratchy laugh.

“So what is your name?” He finally asked.


He nodded at the name.

“You can call me Richard.”

“N-nice to m-m-meet you Richard.” She muttered, still slightly dazed.

Richard pulled a chair over and sat in the chair backwards, straddling the back of the lean as he leaned his elbows against the edge of the back.

“Now down to business.” He clear his throat slightly. “I have a rather important job for you that you unfortunately don’t have much say in. But don’t worry. You won’t be in much danger.

“As you may or may not know, the slums once had a ruler that could control everyone. She was the only one who could unite the entire slums. Ever since the last one had been killed, there hasn’t been another ruler. She had a daughter but she could not be found. So this ruler spot has been left empty for many years.

“Now this is where you come into play.” He looked around before leaning in closely. “You’re going to be the next ruler.”

“Me?” Hannah drew back in surprise. Richard nodded.

“Of course you. But don’t worry. I can do all the ruling. You only have to be the one giving the commands.”

“But why me?”

“Because they say that her daughter escaped to the domes.”

Hannah seemed to understand a little, but her little mind couldn’t really bend it around ruling this entire underground world. Would it be fun?

“But, you have to go through the ceremony first and before that, you need to be trained.”

“Trained?” Hannah was slightly confused. Were rulers trained? Didn’t they just give commands.

“The line of rulers all had 2 distinctive characteristics: white hair and purple eyes. We’ll need to fix that. Also, you need to be able to act like one.”

“Does that mean you’re a ruler?”

Richard laughed again.

“No silly. Only females came be ruler. Only they can give favors to other men.”

“Favor? What’s a favor?”

“Oh, nothing.” He said, waving her question off. “So, are you willing?”

Hannah hesitated for a moment. But then, when she caught his dangerou glare, she knew that she really had no choice. She nodded quietly.

“Wonderful.” He clapped as he jumped up from his chair. “Training will start tomorrow.”

He got up and left the room.

The End

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