.02 News: SlumsMature

The familiar hated smell of the slums wafted up to her nose and Sarah wrinkled her nose. It was disgusting, but then, having lived here for the first 5 years of her life, Sarah was somewhat use to this and it was tolerable. She threw up her hood to hide her hair, which she unfortunately didn't get to die before she came here. It would have made her life so much easier, but then if she hadn't left a moment earlier, than she might have not been able to leave the dorm room. Sarah sighed. She would have to find a place to settle so she could at least conceal her hair first. But the question now was, where should she start first?

She didn't know anyone here and no one knew her. No one was going to know who the heck was Hannah and at least until she dyed her hair, she was not taking the risk of getting caught. Those people who had taken her mother would definitely recognize her, especially the bright hair.

Find the salon women.

Sarah smiled as she thought of the salon.

Of the few vague memories of this place, the only one she had left that was still complete was the one of the salon. And now, she knew where to go.

Far away, a crackhead lifted his head and watched a hooded figure walked by with his bleary eyes, unknowingly feeling that his world was about to change. Forever.

The End

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