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"Mommy, where are we going?" A little girl of five follow her mother as they walked down the dark streets. The woman was wearing a dark cloak, concealing the bright white hair beneath the hood. The girl did the same.

"Mommy's taking you to a new home." The women said, obviously hiding something in her tone, but the littler girl didn't notice. She was only five after all.

The little girl's eyes lit up.

"A new home?" She said with a little excitement in her voice. "Will it be pretty like the ones in the books? With big windows and two floors and and, the sun?"

The girl's eyes were open wide as she got more and more excited about her new house. "Oh! And will we have a doggie? I've always wanted a doggie!" She giggled at the thought. Oh how great it would be to have a pet! Or even just see an animal.

The woman only shook her head with a small sigh. "No sweetie. I'm sorry dear, but there won't be any doggies."

"Aww..." The girl's face looked downcast at the thought.

"But it will be much better. And," The woman paused for a moment, as if readying herself for the news as well. "The sun."

"REALLY?" The girl's eyes sparkled at the thought. The sun was only ever a distant idea in her mind, created only by the few worn books that she had read. Those passages that had described the sun, she had memorized completely. The feeling or warmth on the skin, the brightness, how you could see everything. The taste of cool shade beneath a tree as the sun glared around you. All of those flavors rang through her mouth for small moments as she tried to picture the sun. But she had never actually seen the real thing and no matter who beautiful the descriptions were, she knew that they would never be able to capture the real essence of the sun. You could only experience it yourself.

The women nodded slightly with a small smile on her face. But the smile didn't last long. She suddenly turned sharply and dragged her daughter into a dark alley. She paled as she saw figures far away seemingly following her and she realized that, today would be last day that she would see her daughter. They would not both make it out alive.

"What's wrong mommy?" The girl asked with a small look of concern on her face. The woman only shook her head and motioned for her daughter to be quiet. She would never know the pain that her mother went through everyday. The hellish way of life that she dealt with everyday. The girl was just too young. And now the moment they tried to get away, they were in danger already.

"Nothing sweetie. We're just going to have to move a little aster than usual. Also, mommy's not going to join you for a while."

"Where are you going mommy?" The girl looked bewildered, obviously she had never left her mother for too long.

The women sighed deeply.

"I'm going to settle a score with some people who need to learn some lessons." She pushed the girl towards the end of the alley. "Now go my girl, run as fast as you can. once you reach the end of the alley, climb through the hole on the left wall until you reach the end and then climb up. Don't wait for your mommy. I'll come if I can."

Then the woman turned and ran out back out.

The girl waited and waited for days until she fainted from hunger.

Mommy never came.

The End

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