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In the midst of the night, up overland where no one ever came out for the night, a single figure stole out of her dorm room with a small satchel. She looked around before running towards the line of domes looming in the horizon. The moonlight scattered across the ground and reflected her head full of pale white hair and two bright purple eyes. If anyone looked closely, they would realize that this were Sarah. The real Sarah.

After Hannah hadn't come back in the afternoon, she went to the dome office to report that Hannah was missing. And what happened? Nothing. They shooed her out, saying that it was nothing. That she was probably sick. This was ridiculous. Sick? Who did they think she was? Sarah was no idiot. If Hannah had been sick, Sarah would have at least been noticed. But then, it was true that no one overland had an IQ higher than 100. Sarah sighed. And so this was the reason why she was traveling out tonight. It was time to revisit her childhood and hopefully find Hannah.


Because Sarah was never from the Domes in the first place. She'd rather not live in such a restricted place where all you do is go around visiting little environments created to mimic time periods from back them. How stupid and boring was that? But no only that, the lifestyle was just so restricted. There was no freedom other than the occasional escape to the forest from time to time, but even then  you have everyone else there and the place was very rarely not filled with people.

The poor plants...

Sarah shook her head. It was a shame to see the state of the forest sometimes. It just looked so worn out. The trees had many marks where people had either tried to peel off a piece of bark or chip off small piece of real wood. It wasn't a surprise why they would do that since the trees had looked so pretty in the domes, that they would want to save a small piece of it. Since you weren't allowed to bring anything out of the domes, the only place to get a piece of tree was this last forest. There were leaves strewn all over the place and the air there lingered of the artificial smells of people's clothing. It was a disgusting place.

Sarah approached the Domes quickly and near the one that had just been slummed a few days ago. The China Dome. She felt around the large glass dome and after a while, finally found a small crack in the dome. A seam.Thank god that domes had these seams. In order to connect the glass dome and the entrance area, they had a small area covered in a thick skin like material which was usually carefully care for and really hard to break. Unfortunately, since the slumming, the dome had been just left there and the skin was now beginning to peel. Sarah forced the crack open slightly until it was big enough for her to fit into. She wiggled into the small crack and crawled through to the dome on the other side.

The sight of a dome at night was quite different from the big fancy sight it was during the day. The buildings looked retired and worn, and Sarah could still the remains of the buildings from the slumming. Her feet crunched slightly against the gravel as she walked through the place. It was so dim in there that Sarah could barely see. The thick glass of the domes weren't as transparent as they looked from the outside and the moonlight struggled to get in.

All Sarah had to do right now was find a entrance to the slums. If she could find a way in, then she could find Hannah. There still had to be hole left from the attack. Sarah sifted around the rubble looking for a hole. She winced as a building beside her collapsed causing a loud ruckus. She waved away the dust and continued searching for an exit hole. She was about to try another area when she tripped over a rock and skidded over the rubble. She cursed at herself as she climbed up, but suddenly, she spied in a corner, a hole half hidden by a fallen wall. Her eyes lit up as she jogged over. She inspected the hole for a moment, contemplating on whether or not she could possibly lift the wall or at least chip it a little so that she could squeeze. It was surprising that they hadn't blocked off this hole. It may haven't been how the wall had fallen. It was just so cleverly hidden that Sarah wouldn't have seen it either had she not fallen right there. She really did get lucky this time. Sarah attempted to push the wall, but she could get it to budge at all. It was just so heavy. Sarah sighed and plopped down to think of an idea. Her foot brushed against the wall slightly and to her surprise, it crumbled easily.

How could something so heavy break so easily? And why didn't it break when she tried pushing it?

Sarah shook her head. No one really knew how or what the domes were made of. They were just there. Even she couldn't get more information about them.

She was about to give the wall another good kick when a small beam of light swept through the area. Sarah ducked and threw herself onto the ground. Guards? Since when were there guards in abandon domes? Didn't they just destroy the dome after a few day and construct a new one? Why would they need guards? It wasn't like anyone was going to get in or out.

But then you're here.

Sarah sighed. Right. She was in here. Did that mean other people had gotten in here as well? Were they searching for someone?

As the questions ran through her mind, she quickly tried to assess the problem. She could try to sneak back out, but she couldn't guarantee that this hole would still be here or that she would be able to get out without getting caught. Or she could try to break this wall and slide into the hole before the guard came over. But she couldn't just wait it out. Every second that passed by, Hannah could be in even more danger and she wasn't willing to risk Hannah's safety because of a stupid guard.

Sarah could hear the soft crunch of the gravel beneath the guard's feet as it approached her. She had to think fast.

Just break the freaking wall.

She took a deep breath and suddenly thrashed out her fist at the wall. A large chunk of it fell off and crashed down the hole. The guard immediately turned in her direction, only seeing the last traces of her white hair flashing down the hole.

Sarah was in the slums.

The End

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