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Kyle was somewhat excited. If she was fit, a lot of people would pay to get her. A native overlander was always better than any of the stuff they got from the slums or domes. the more Kyle thought about it, the more excited he was. So the moment he arrived at the door, he was set on getting her.

Kyle knocked on the door lightly.

“Come in.” A muffle voice rang out from behind the door. Kyle pushed the door open and took a step in.

“I’d like to see the girl.” Kyle said, looking around the room. He saw a cloaked figure sitting in the corner and a girl all tied up next to him. Across from the cloaked man sat a sickly thin man. That must be Robin.

At the moment, Robin smiled slightly.

“I’m sorry, but I think you’re a tad bit late.”

“Late? Are you closed? I can come back tomorrow.” Kyle looked at him slightly bewildered. He couldn’t have sold her already! Robin shook his head slightly.

“She’s been taken. And we’ve made an amazing deal.”

"No..." Kyle stared at them. This couldn't be possible. "What if I can beat it."

Robin lifted an eyebrow. "Really?" He said with a soft laugh. "You can beat half a million?"

Kyle sucked in a deep breath. Half a million? Was he crazy? Who was this man anyways? Where could he have gotten half a million? All these questions began swimming through his head as he tried to calm himself. What was he going to do? Kayle was so set on getting her that suddenly getting refused came to him like a shock. Kyle settled himself down. This was fine. This man couldn't be serious. He would still get her and everything would go as planned.

"You're lying." He said softly, still in disbelief. The cloaked figure only chuckled slightly, his laugh sounding like the pitched whine of old brakes on a car. It was just so terribly ugly.

"Oh no, I think not." He responded, his voice even more raspy. "You see, because it's right here." He lifted his hand and revealed a small briefcase that had been hidden before.

"Half a million. Right here." He said, patting the case lightly.

Kyle could only stare at that small briefcase. In there? That little box had nothing special about it yet it contained the most money anyone in the slums could ever had. how could this be possible? This was fake. It had to be. Kyle simply could not believe this.

"They could be fake." He retorted.

The man laughed again.

"What good would it do for me to lie? You can check if you wish." He tossed the briefcase at Kyle and he barely caught it. Kyle set the thing down and opened it gingerly. Kyle stared at the open briefcase for five whole minutes as he tried to take in the idea that so much money had just gathered right before his eyes. This was unbelievable.

Kyle took a deep breath as he tried to calm himself. He got up and handed the case back to the man.

"Well, then, I think I'll leave." And he left without even waiting for them to respond.

Kyle was in a terrible mood. Having your jackpot get stolen right under your nose was not a good feeling. In fact, he was so angry, he sulked half-way down the road before he stopped abruptly with an idea brewing in his mind.

What if he stole her from that man under the name of saving her from harm? It would work, especially since the man looked creepy enough.

A small smile formed on his face and he turned around to follow the shadow of the cloaked man.

Kyle would find out a way to get his girl back.

The End

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