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Robin was rather disappointed at the lack of customers. No one seemed to want his overlander. Did Rosa tell everyone that she was bad? Robin growled. If this was true, he would have to teach Rosa a lesson.

Just as he was about to give up, there was a sharp knock against the door.

“Come in.” He shouted and the door was opened with a soft click.

A cloaked figure walked into the room and plopped himself down on a chair before Robin could offer him one.

“I heard you got an overlander.” He said immediately, his voice slightly raspy. Robin nodded.

Robin studied the man for a while. For some reason the man made him feel uneasy, as if he could see through Robin even though Robin could only see the tip of his nose protrude slightly out of the dark hood. There was a sinister air to him and Robin shivered.

“Y-yes, I do. Would you like to see her?” Robin cursed at himself. Stuttering? When was the last time he had stuttered?

The man laughed. It was an ugly horrid laugh. A mix of nails against a chalkboard and a dying crow. It was worse than cacophonous. It was almost hell.

“Why do you think I’m here? Get the girl.”

Robin nodded and scrambled to drag Hannah out of her room.

“Now you better actually properly.” He hissed as he pushed her out of the room. “How is she?” He asked, watching the cloaked figure closely.

The man inspected Hannah closely, prodding her here and there, muttering slightly under his breath. Robin swore he heard something like “pretty meaty” and “fresh” which seemed to be good. Moments later, the cloaked figure straightened up.

“I’ll take her. Name a price.”

The End

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