.02 News: DomesMature

Sarah was worried. The moment Hannah didn’t show up for lunch, she knew something was wrong. No one ever not showed up for something overland. Unless you were either sick or you had gone missing. Sarah was 90 percent sure that Hannah was not sick.

Where did she go?

Sarah frown as she walked out of the cafeteria. She said that she had China this morning. China was just recently slummed and it just got moved to one of the new domes. One that didn’t seem to be quite stabilized yet. And then it hit her.

Hannah must have fell through.

What did that mean?

The domes were made of a series of intricate holograms and thick protective coding. The coding for each dome is so thick, it stacks up into piles beneath the dome. But other than taking up space, the coding had not much other benefits and there was no way to shrink it any smaller. So, the creators of the domes came up with a smart idea. They would weave the coding beneath the domes to create a thick protective undercover. Not only would it help the dome last longer, it would be harder to slum.

But in the process of weaving, sometimes the code crashed and had to be reweaved. Until everything fit in tightly, the dome was considered unstable.

And Hannah must have fell through one of these glitches.

Sarah cursed under her breath as she rushed off to Mongolia. She could only wait to see if she was right. And if Hannah really had fell through. Well, she would have to save her.


The End

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