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Robin was... What was the word? Devious. Yes. He liked that word. Devious. It tasted sweet in his mouth. Robin was a devious demon. In fact, he was proud to say that his middle name started with D. Unfortunately it was neither Devious nor Demon.

Robin Donny Halfisher.

What kind of name was that?


Robin was a marketeer for the black market. And he was great at his job. No, he was AMAZING at his job. Yes, RDH was the best marketeer you could find anywhere in this world. So naturally, he wasn’t cheap. RDH was NOT cheap.

RDH always had high class customers. All of them were rich. Very rich. Very very rich.

Rosa was his best customer. Who knew that Spanish pimp was so rich? Usually, if he had a good offer, she was the first one to inform.

But this overlander was a disappointment.

Robin really wanted to hurt her.

She better make him some good money.

Or else she’ll regret even being alive.

The End

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