.02 News: SlumsMature

Kyle sat at his desk signing papers. Halfway through, he threw the papers on the ground. Papers? What kind of bullshit was this? What was he doing with his life signing papers? Stupid little pieces of useless fiber. He wish he could just burn them all.

“Colin, burn them.”


“I said burn them! Or I’ll fired you!”

Colin quickly picked up the papers and rushed off.

Could you even fire an apprentice? Whatever.

A moment later, Kyle sighed at the welcoming smell of smoke and burning papers. Oh, wish come true.

“Master, how are we going to register them now?” Kyle’s reverie was broken by the annoying voice of Colin. Oh why in the world did he decide to accept an apprentice?

“They don’t even check the sheets.” Kyle grumbled. “No one even actually hands them in. You know, I’m probably the only one who actually does.”

“But then...”

“But what? The slum ‘government’ doesn’t even do anything. What are they going to do if one of your girls got killed or hurt? Nothing. Why should we register them then?”

Colin nodded doggedly. Kyle sighed and got up from his desk. There was a knock on the door.


“It’s me, Gerald!”

“Gerald? What are you doing here? Don’t you have girls to tend to?”

“Yeah, but I heard you didn’t find all the girls you needed, so I went on a deal search.”


“You know that guy Robin? The one who usually trades with Rosa?”

“Rosa? The Spanish female?”


“I’ve seen them around.”

“Well he just caught a healthy overlander and Rosa didn’t want her. So he offering to trade with anyone.”

“Well if that Spanish lady doesn’t want her then there must be something wrong with her.”

“She said the overlander was too ugly. I took a peak. She’s not bad. A little plain. But not ugly.”

Kyle sighed.

“Alright then. Take me there.”

The End

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