.02 News: Slums/DomesMature

Hannah was tied and gagged before she was dragged out of the room. She was shoved into an old wooden chair. Hannah’s head still spun crazily and the world seemed to dance around her. A woman was standing there with her back facing Hannah. She was conversing with the man.

Hannah tried getting the attention of the women. Maybe she could help. But with such a tight gag bound on her mouth, she couldn’t do more than shift uncomfortably in her chair and try to cough.

“Silence.” The women said, turning to Hannah. “We do not like fidgety people.”

The woman had a thick Spanish accent and Hannah had a hard time understanding her. She had never heard someone speak with an accent before even though she had learned about it before.

The woman turned back to talk to the man. Were they doing buisness?

Hannah sat there awkwardly as she watched them converse. What was she going to do? Sarah must be so worried right now. And she was missing Italy. What a shame.

“You, overlander.” The woman was facing her now. “What can you do?”

Hannah stared at her slightly frightened. Her mouth was still painfully gagged and Hannah wondered how the woman expected her to respond. The women seemed just to notice that Hannah couldn’t speak.

“Robin! Why did you gag her? You know the ladies need those soft lips.”

“I was afraid she would bite someone.”

“Bite? She’s not rabid is she?”

“Oh if you call pretending to bark rabid.”

The woman chuckled as she glanced over at Hannah.

“Well well, someone was taught well.” She bent over again and began examining Hannah once again. A few minutes later, she got back up again shaking her head.

“Sorry man, she’s fit and everything, but she just doesn’t have to looks. They’ve got to be attractive you know.”

The man nodded.

“Well, I suppose it’s a no.”

The woman nodded. The man sighed.

The woman got up and excused herself from the room. Hannah watched her go slightly fuming, though mostly she was upset. She could’ve gotten free from that. But now... She was stuck in this place again.

The End

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