.02 News: Slums/DomesMature

When Hannah woke up again, she was stripped down to her gray uniform. She pushed herself up and brushed off a layer of sand that was covering her. Sand? Why was there sand on her? Hannah stumbled out of her bed and fell onto the ground. The pain was terrifying. Never had she felt anything like it and it hurt just to think. Pain. The biggest pain she had experienced was when she cut herself when using a pair of scissors. That hurt. But this... This was just pure hell.

There was a creak of the door. Hannah looked up, but quickly collapsed back down as a nauseating wave of pain hit her.

“Ho ho, someone’s awake.” A lighthearted but sinister voice laughed. Hannah growled slightly in hope to scare the voice away. That was what they were taught in class. Growl like a rabid dog and they might think you were insane or something, but Hannah had never met a rabid dog or heard how they growled. Judging from the man’s expression, it wasn’t very convincing.

The man chuckled again.

“Do you think a little growl like that would scare someone away?” Hannah whimpered slightly. The man suddenly lunged forward, gnashing his teeth at her with foam flying out of his mouth. Hannah shrieked and scrambled backwards until she slammed into the bed. The man hopped back up, laughing.

“Now that’s how a rabid dog acts.” He turned and left the room, signalling the door guard to follow him.

“Lock her back up. We’ll see if anyone want to buy a slightly rabid overlander.”

The End

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