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Kayli prowled the streets as she rubbed her slightly sore elbow. Stupid arrogant pimps. She would have to teach that one a lesson one day. She darted through the streets, hanging her head down low.

Kayli was dressed completely in black, maybe with slight tints of brown from the mud of the ground, but it only add to her camouflage effect. In the darks streets of the slums, even people who were completely accustomed to the lack of light had trouble spotting her.

Stopping in front of an unlit alleyway, Kayli looked around before darting in. She knew this alleyway like the back of her hand and she ran quickly over every trap, hinderance, and hole. She reached the end of the alleyway and knocked on the wall three times.

“Balker!” She shouted  “Open the gate!”

The was a loud scraping noise and a brick was wobbled out of the wall. A gruffy face looked through the hole.

“Who’s waking me up so early? I was dreaming about ladies.” He mumbled angrily.

“Balker, it’s me! Kayli.”

The man squinted through the hole, trying to focus. His breath smelled of rum.

“Miss Rose?” He paused for a moment in thought. “Oh yeah. Hey.”

He backed away and slowly pushed the brick door open. The door was so well concealed against the brick wall, even in broad daylight, you would have to carefully inspect the wall to find the door crack. Kayli slipped in the moment the door was wide enough to fit her.

“Have you been drinking again?” She asked, eyeing the doorkeeper warily. His face flushed a deep red. His eyes began darting around as he tried to mumble some invalid excuse.

“I was just tasting some of that new rum that came in yesterday...”

Kayli sighed as she shook her head.

“How many times have I told you? That drink directly affects your little important area.” She bent forward and knocked on the stout door keeper's forehead. “Without your brain, you’re just another crackhead. Remember, that’s the difference between us and them.”

The doorkeeper nodded, slightly ashamed of himself.

“I’m sorry, Miss Rose.”

Kayli smiled, patting him of the head. Honestly, that was one of the reasons why she loved the doorkeeper so much. He was one of the only people she knew that she could completely trust.

“It’s ok. Just try not to drink again. All right?”

He nodded. Kayli turned and walked down the alleyway.


The End

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