.01 Terror: DomesMature

Hannah rocked back and forth hugging her knees. She had screamed her voice hoarse, yet no one had come. The pain in her ankle was reduced a dull throb, but she still could not walk on it. As she sat there, she heard footsteps ring out. People. It must be people here to save her.

“Here! Over here! Someone please help me!” She shouted, straining her already hoarse voice.

The footsteps came closer and closer until suddenly, Hannah was faced by the wretched face of a crackhead. The man grinned at her as Hannah tried to shrink back, making a face at his putrid breath.

“You- you- don’t touch me! Get away from me! Someone help me!” Hannah shouted, looking around desperately. She scrambled backwards until the wall of the sewers pressed uncomfortably against her back. The man raised his arm and brought it down, thumping Hannah on the head with a heavy stick. Hannah screamed before she slumped down on the ground unconscious.

“No one can hear you here darling.” He whispered with a small chuckle. “You’re no longer in the dome.”

The End

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