.01 Terror: SlumsMature

Kyle inspected his row of girls who were all huddled together even in the heat, heads bowed down in confusion more than fright. But this whole time, there was a girl who stood out of the crowd. Staring at her chains without much surprise. Kyle eyed her for a moment. A freelancer.

“You.” He dragged her out of the group. “What are you doing here?”

She swiped his hand off of her arm.

“Don’t touch me.” She said, slightly annoyed. “You were the one that picked me up. What could I do? Make a scene like that other girl?”

“Hmph.” He growled. “A perfect waste of a girl.”

“You wouldn’t want to try...” She trailed off eyeing him dangerously.

“Tell me. What would happen if I did?”

“Well, I would break these puny chains of yours and then break your neck.”

Kyle nodded, contemplating this new threat.

“Sounds good.” He said with a smile. “Lock her up.”

Two servants walked over and dragged her away.

“Let go of me! You son of a bitch! Oh, I’ll make sure you die slowly and painfully when we meet again. You bastard! Oh, don’t you forget. Kayli Rose will hunt you down one day and you’ll regret it!”

“Muffle her. I don’t want to hear her ugly voice.”

Kyle sighed as he heard the door lock. Freelancers were dangerous. They were the only people who lived above ground and below. They were the only few who have ever seen the sun and survived the slums without succumbing to anything. Maybe they would hang out with crackheads, but they were not crackheads themselves. They usually knew self defense. And worse of all, they knew how to use their brains. They were actually smart.

Kyle continued his business, inspecting the girls when he heard the sound of glass shattering and a thump. His servants ran to see what had happened. Moments later, they ran back frantically.

“Master, the freelancer’s gone.”

Kyle nodded. Indeed, it would take much more than a locked door to keep a freelancer confined.

The End

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