.01 Terror: DomesMature

The translation code in her mind was whirring as Hannah spoke to shopkeeper.

“Zao shang hao. Qing wen ni yao mai shen me ma?”

Good morning, may I ask if you want to buy something?

“Shi de. Ni you mei you na zhong piao liang de lu se shi tou?”

Yes. Do you have that kind of pretty green stones here?

“Ni shi shuo yu?”

Do you mean Jade?

Hannah nodded slightly flustered.

“Shi de.”


“Dui bu qi. Wo men gang mai wan. Ni ming tian zai hui lai ba.”

Sorry, we just sold out. Come back tomorrow.

“Ou... Mei guan xi.”

Oh... It’s ok.

Hannah walked out of the shop slightly drained. All the translation. It was too much for her. Some people processed it easily, but it looked like she was not one of them. Still it was good practice and fun. Too bad they had no jade today.

Hannah walked down the street wondering where she should go next. Food? Clothing shop? She had no idea.

“Xiao xin!”


Hannah looked around but it was too late. She stepped straight into a sewer hole. She tumbled down the smelly thing and fell a good few before she landed on the ground. There was a sickening crack from her ankle and pain jolted up her leg. A pain she had never felt before. She had no idea what was wrong with her ankle other than that she couldn’t move it. In her moment of bewilderment, she could think of nothing but to scream. And so she opened her mouth and screamed and screamed and screamed.

The End

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