.01 Terror: SlumsMature

Unfortunately, only a couple healthy girls were left. So Kyle took what he could and left with them. They looked rather oddly a him as he chained them up. It probably wasn’t everyday that you saw a 7 year old (not that he was 7) chain up 20 year olds and lead them away.

As Kyle was leading the procession of bewildered women down the dark street, he heard a scream. Someone else’s girl had gotten free, but before she had even ran a few feet, a flock of men had already surrounded her.

Fang kai wo!” She shouted in rapid fire chinese. The men all laughed. No one knew what it meant, but if they had to guess, it would have probably been “let go of me”, or maybe “don’t touch me”.

Kuai fang kai wo!” She continued to scream as she struggled to get free. “Jiu ming ya! Jiu ming ya! Kuai jiu jiu wo! Wo qiu ni men la!” [Help me! Help me! Quick help me! I’m begging you, please!]

The men continued to laugh. Kyle watched the scene for a moment when the girls eyes roamed over to his. For a moment their eyes met and Kyle could see all of the sorrow, despair and fright in her eyes. He shuddered and turned away.

Sorry little girl. Once you’re in the slums, you stay in the slums. No one can save you now. You’ll just have to deal with your new life.

“Stop staring and get going.” He muttered, dragging his lot of girls away. At least that would teach them a lesson. Get away and you die.


The End

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