.01 Terror: DomesMature

The magnetic strip on the floor moved Hannah slowly forward and she stopped in front of the familiar wardrobe station. Like usual, she was given a selection of 15 different outfits randomly selected from a catalogue of 2000 to choose from. She could have purchased the option for more outfits, but she knew she would be stuck there forever trying to choose an outfit.

“Number 7.” She said, pointing at the beautiful pink and yellow outfit. It slipped smoothly over her  gray uniform.

Normally, it would have been hot just to wear a uniform during a day like this. But since the new air control uniforms, weather wasn’t much of an issue anymore. Days at the domes were much more happier. After the wardrobe station was of course a station to quickly change your features. You couldn’t just walk in with brown hair and green eyes in a place where everyone had black hair and brown eyes. It was extremely quick, but extremely important.

“Welcome to Ancient China. Enjoy your day.” An automated voice repeated mundanely as Hannah stepped out of the entrance strip and into the dome. She took in a breath of fresh air as she smelled the sweet smells of food wafting from the market square. This was all the reason why she loved this place.

The End

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