.01 Terror: SlumsMature

“Where’s the money?” Kyle looked at girls around him. “Where’s the third of money that goes to the pimp? My money!”

They were silent, watching him frightfully.

Kyle got up and began circling them.

“This is unacceptable!” He slammed his fist down on the edge of a table. “Just because I let you off the hook doesn’t mean I’ll do it again. Don’t think you can get away with me because of my age. I don’t give a damn about age!”

The girls all winced.


They remained silent.

“Oh, you hopeless lot of idiots.”He turned to his servants. “Lock them back up.”

Then he stormed out of the room.

Kyle was around 15 years old with sharp blue eyes and short blonde hair, but he looked much more like a 7 year old. His face radiated with a childish innocence he did not actually have. It was convincing and he only held on it due to how easy it was to manipulate people with innocence. Kyle had little hands but he had strong hands. Hands infamous of being able to break any neck, big or small. So infamous that for a while, there was a rumor that he could even break his own neck. A human could never break their own neck, no matter how strong they were. At least not in a world where stubbornness and honor were stomped upon.

As Kyle left the room, he heard to footsteps of a boy singing loudly and slightly off tune.

Try and catch the baby pimp, the baby pimp, the baby pimp~

Try and catch the baby pimp, but he’ll just ge-

Kyle couldn’t stand it anymore. He leaned out and grabbed the boy. The boy screamed and struggled, flailing his bloodied hands at him. His feeble fingers tried to reach around Kyle’s neck, but Kyle knew better.

“Touch me and I’ll break your neck first.”

The boy’s hands slowly lowered.

“No you can’t!” He finally retorted. “Only Kyle the Great could break my neck! You can try though!”

Kyle sighed as he watched the boy flatly.

“I am this Kyle the Great.”

The boy’s eyes opened wide. He inspected him for a moment in pure awe before he suddenly shook his head in anger.

“You liar! Kyle the Great is a baby pimp! You’re no baby!”

There was a moment of silence as Kyle stared at him in pure disbelief. Baby pimp? Yeah he was the baby pimp. But he got that title when he was five. It was ten years already. What were you going to expect other then a 15 year old?

“Yeah. It’s been ten years.”

“No! It can’t be!” The little boy looked as if he had just been told that his long admired role model was actually an ugly old hobo that did nothing more than smoked three pounds of crack a day. “You’re a liar!”

“Really? Then let me see your neck.”

The boy proudly offered his neck. An offer in vain. Kyle reached over and snapped it in two as easily as cutting cake. The boy fell to the ground dead with a shocked expression plastered forever on his small innocent face.

“What a pity.” Kyle mused as he looked down at the body disdainfully. “Such a loyal follower too.”

The End

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