.01 Terror: DomesMature

Hannah woke up to the sound of her mental alarm clock. A little string of code programmed into one of her brain nerves to generate a loud beeping noise in her dreams until she woke up. It was painful sometimes when she couldn’t find a way to push herself out of her dream, but generally, it worked fine. She couldn’t quite afford the code that helped get you out of your dreams, which was often suggested along sides the alarm clock code. It was just too many Gangabank points that she didn’t feel like wasting.

She rubbed the remaining traces of sleep away from her eyes and turned off her air bed. The constant jet of air below her slowly weakened and she sank to the ground, landing gently on her cushioned super-bounce floor. There was something sciencey behind the super-bounce floor, but all she knew was that it was suppose to energate and make you happy. And it did.

She got up and stretched before bouncing to a small screen on her wall.

“What’s in for today Ivis?”

“You are scheduled for a day of Ancient China followed by Italy during the Renaissance Period.”

Hannah’s eyes lit up.

“Wonderful!” She giggled, turning away from the screen in excitement. She bounced into her bathroom and changed into her usual drab gray uniform. There was a shout from outside the bathroom.

“Hannah? You up?”

“In the bathroom!” Hannah shouted. It must be her roommate, Sarah.

“What did you get scheduled for?”

“Ancient China and Renaissance Italy!”

“Ugh. Lucky! I’ve got tribal Mongolia to deal with.” Sarah sighed. “It’s always so cold up there...”

“They’ve got cute furs.”

“You know how much I hate the cold.”

“Why did you request it then?”

“I didn’t know it was going to be cold up there. They just said under the catalog that there would be hunting and I wanted to see.”

“You could always request for it to be taken off your schedule.”

“But that would take off points from my Gangabank. You know how long I’ve been waiting to get enough points for Ancient Greece.”

“I guess you’ll just have to deal with it then.”

Hannah heard a groan as she bounced out of the bathroom. Sarah was sitting on the ground, already changed looking seriously depressed. Her blonde hair was pulled back into a messy ponytail. Someone obviously did not brush their hair.

“Come on Sarah. It’s not that bad.”

“But I’ll have to deal with it for eight more weeks....”

“It’s only once a week...”

Sarah shook her head and buried it back into the floor.

“I’ll think about it.” She finally said. Hannah nodded and left the room.

Hannah left her dorm and entered the flat ground of the hallway where the magnetic ground pulled her feet forward. She strolled out of the building and stepped onto the sidewalk. It was a bright sunny day. The weather was beautiful though a slightly towards the hot side. If she had a free day, she would have definitely gone to the forest. It probably would have been really crowded though.

Hannah made her way down the street to the Dome portal. There was no line today. Was she early?

“Good morning. The price for today is 35 Gangapoints.”

“35? Are you sure that’s not a mistake?”

“Sorry mam. We’re quite sure.”

Hannah nodded.

“Alright. I’ll portal anyways.”

“Step right in mam. Portal will startup in 3... 2... 1... Portal ready.”

Hannah stepped in. The portal flashed blue. When the air cleared again, she was at the Domes.

“Welcome to the Dome Center. Returning members please step to the right. New visitors please step to the left.”


The End

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