a descriptive little tale, tame by my usual standards!




Silvareena Belacova sat on the window-seat staring out of the big bay window. The weather wasn’t the sort of rain that bowed every leaf and petal of flowers and trees. This was dew, soft sparkling rain from heaven.

It bedecked every cobweb, fashioning the effect of crystal beads and silver thread. The shroud of silver mist that covered the world was beginning to lift. All was beautiful.

Silvareena called to her mother that she was going out, grabbed her denim jacket and tied back her sweep of white blonde hair and ran out the door.

She loved living near the top of a mountain, roaming free; exploring; playing with and chasing the wild sheep and goats that lived in the mountains!

Silvareena walked along, the streams and brooks and rocky paths enticing her further from her home. She could smell wild roses, not the delicate scent that roses usually carried, but a rich perfume that tempted you nearer and nearer to its source.

The source was a big rocky ledge, covered with the most enormous white roses, each about three meters in diameter.

Silvareena edged onto the ledge. The heads of the roses turned to face her, the opposite direction of the sun.

She stumbled and fell forward into the center of one rose, the cupped petals almost closed.

A butterfly the size of two dinner-plates with wings facetted like a diamond and giving off rainbows from the sunlight.

It began to fly away and Silvareena suddenly felt an irresistible compulsion to chase it. She ran from the rose and chased it across the mountainous land. Eventually she caught it when it came to land near the brook.

The butterfly began to fade though.

"I am part of your soul!"

It told Silvareena in a ringing, musical voice.

"I will always be a part of you!"

Then the butterfly disappeared and thousands of other butterflies in vivid rainbow colors, all tiny and displaying the same crystalline features.

Months later Silvareena had learnt how to channel her butterfly soul in a powerful way. If she focused on her butterfly emotions then she could fly on diamond wings, free to explore, finding enchanting and celestial places.

The End

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