Chapter 17-Caught OutMature

Christina’s Point of View:
     I moved out of Damian’s arms and looked into his teal eyes. “We keep getting caught, it’s only a matter of time.”
  “I know.” Rory sighs. “It’s hard for me too. I’ve never done anything like this before and it’s worrying and it’s not me…”
  “What are we supposed to do? We are crazy about one another, but at the same time, I can’t just flat out break up with Puck. It’s so confusing.”
  “I know.” Rory tells me. “All I know is that I care about you and were going to have to make this thing work until it’s out in the open.”
  “Which doesn’t seem clever since Santana and Quinn don’t want us to go public.”
  “Who cares what they think?”
  “They do, as in the fact they’ll make our lives a living Hell along with the rest of the school if we come out about this.”
  “We’ll deal. We will.” Rory responds and hugs me yet again, as well as strokes my back.

     Later that day school ends and I’m soon meeting Puck outside. He flashes me a smile upon seeing me and moves his arms around me and presses his lips to my head. We then start walking, with his arm around me. “I’m really excited about you staying round.” Puck states.
  “Me too.” I reply and suddenly think of what he’s been like in the past. “I’m just wondering, but have you stolen anything lately?”
  “No, when you said you weren’t down with it, I got my pool cleaning business back on track so that I no longer needed to steal.”
  “Glad to hear it Puck.”
  “And I’m sorry about some of the dates I’ve took you on, especially the last one.”
  “Hey! It wasn’t your fault that a bird happened to poop on my head.”
  “Yeah, true, but our first proper date that was my fault. It was awful. I stole food, made you feel bad about your weight when why should you be? Your Head cheerleader which puts you above Quinn and Santana and Brittany no matter what size you are.”
  “Thank you Puck.” I say, furrowing my eyebrows a little bit.
  “Is your Dad going to be ok with you staying at mine?”
  “No, but I’d like you to come in the house and everything just to piss him off.”
  “He brought Mum back to become a family and all that and now he seems to be taking her side on everything, so I’m losing interest in what he has to say these days.”    

      Puck nods his head and sure enough, we reach my house. We walk into my bedroom where I start packing my bag full of items, such as underwear, pyjamas, deodorant, clothes. When I was all packed and ready to go my Dad walked into my room. He looked at Puck for a long moment, obviously trying to take in what the man sitting on my bed is like. I can see as my Dad glances at Puck’s Mohawk he’s already giving him a disapproving look. “I think you should stay home tonight Christina.”
  “Dad, Puck is my boyfriend, we’ve been going out for a month and a half and I am entitled to stay the night round his especially since Mum is planning on getting hammered tonight.”
  “So Puck’s your boyfriend now is he?” Dad asks and I suddenly get a little worried.
  “Yes, as he has been for a while now.” I state.
  “Oh and there’s me thinking it was that Irish kid.”     

     My cheeks go a bright red as he says that and I decide to pack a few things into my bag. I see Puck’s body tense up. “For the last time Dad, there is nothing going on between me and Rory.”
  “Is that why I saw you two kissing in here?” He replies and once again Puck tenses that little bit more. Quick think Christina and that’s when I thought of a way to worm myself out of this. It was a low way of doing it, but it had to be done. “I’ve never kissed Rory.” I replied.
  “What are you talking about? I saw it happen.”
  “How can you see it happen when it’s not happened?” I responded and paused and then rolled my eyes. “Oh, I see what’s going on, you think that if you lie when Puck’s sat in my room that he’ll get all annoyed and dump me, which would mean I don’t stay at Puck’s tonight. Low shot Dad.”
  “I wasn’t lying.” Dad said firmly. “And you know it.”
  “I know it? Really Dad? Ok, so if your apparently watching all the time how come you didn’t notice last month that twice I got drunk and snuck out the house. Why? Because you’re too busy agreeing to everything Mum says, that’s why!” I yelled, grabbed my stuff and called out to Puck: “Come on Puck, I don’t want to stay here a minute longer.”    

     We both walked outside my house and Puck closed the door behind him. As we walked down the path, Puck turned to me curiously. He took hold of my shoulders and gazed into my eyes. “You didn’t kiss Rory, did you?”
  “No Puck, I never have. I swear Dad said that to stop me from going to yours tonight. Just ignore him. It’s you I care about, not Rory, not anyone.” I reply and hug him, he hugs me back and a sigh of relief leaves my mouth as I realised my plan worked. Lying got me out of a difficult situation and now the rest of the day could carry on as normal. Phew!    

     When we get to Puck’s house I can’t help, but notice that his Mum is gone. Where’s she gone? I wonder to myself and before I know it Puck is throwing all sorts of items into a saucepan. “What are you doing?” I ask Puck surprised.
  “I’m cooking, what does it look like I’m doing?” I look over at him in shock when he informs me of this. Puck actually knew how to cook? “What are you cooking?” I wondered.
  “Just a chilli.”
  “Wow, you are certainly full of surprises today Puck.” I grinned and he smiled back at me, but continued to cook.

     By the time he’d finished we were both sat at the table eating delicious chilli and talking and laughing and there was something about it that felt right. That felt real. “You’re really cute when you laugh.”
  “Stop it.” I say and stifle back a laugh.
  “You are.”
  “I’m not, my laughs are like demonic.”
  “I disagree.” Puck paused and then took hold of my hand from across the table. “Umm… There’s something I need to tell you.”
  “There is?” I wondered.
  “Yeah.” He smiled for a moment and looked down at his lap, then looked at me. Gazed into my eyes. “For a long time I’ve not been truly happy, but you’ve changed that and I just wanted to say I love you.” Puck was sincere about it and I suddenly felt myself get worried. This was all too soon. We’d been going out just a month and a half and for a majority of that time I was cheating on him with a guy I preferred to him. Even if I did have feelings for Puck, the way I have feelings for Rory, I still wouldn’t have said those three little words so early on. Yet for some reason I found my mouth replying: “I love you too.”    

     Puck moved out of his seat, placed his hands on either side of my head and kissed me. It was the most romantic he’d ever been with me, yet because I was lying it felt wrong. When he pulled away I faked a smile and we both continued to tuck into the chilli.     

     Afterwards we both lay down on the sofa watching TV, his arms around me. He actually let me watch a chick flick, much to my surprise. And by the end of the film we were kissing on the sofa, his hands moving up and down my back, mine moving up and down his back. He smiled at me. “Fancy taking this upstairs?” He offered.
  “No, I can’t.”
  “Why not?” Because sleeping with you would hurt Rory and I can’t do that to him.
  “Because I’m still not ready for this ok?”
  “Ok.” Puck smiled. “This is good for us then.” He said in the midst of kissing me again.    

     After about an hour or so we do go upstairs and just kiss, but nothing more than that and as he falls asleep next to me I feel a sigh of relief set in. My hormones didn’t get carried away, so I’ve done nothing awful to upset Rory. I then fall asleep, happy I’ve got a majority of the date out of the way.

     Come the following morning I am quick to get away from Puck’s house, instead I drop off my bag at home and then make my way to Brittany’s house, just to see Rory. When I knock on the door, Brittany’s Father is standing there. “Hi, Mr Pears, is Rory in?” I asked politely.
  “Yeah, just go right through Christina.” He grins my way and I walk into the front room to see Rory sat there in his dark dressing gown. “Hello, wasn’t expecting you.” He tells me.
  “Nope.” I respond happily.
  “Fancy watching a film?”
  “You bet.” I agree and we both then make our way up the stairs, all the way over to his room. Instead of putting a film on we both collapse on his bed into one another’s arms. He quickly pecks my lips and then stares at me with this big, silly smile on his face. “So how was Puck’s?” Rory offered
  “Awful.” I responded.
  “He said I love you.” I state.
  “Oh… You must have hated that.” Rory understood my hatred towards saying those words too early on. It went back to when we first started our little affair…

One Month ago:
     “Fancy looking through one of those Victoria Secret catalogues?” I offered Rory.
  “Wait, seriously?”
  “Yes.” I responded.
  “Ok.” He says and grabs one of the many catalogues he has and puts it on the bed we both lie down next to one another on the bed looking through it. Whilst looking through it I was obviously more interested in the clothes and underwear and the all sorts they sold, whilst I’m sure Rory was more interested in the girls. “She’s pretty.” He states pointing to a girl with long brunette hair, standing in a purple and white polka dot underwear set. “You right she is fit.” I reply to him.
  “I said pretty.” Rory responds.
  “I think we both know you meant fit.” I explain to him and he furrows his eyebrows.     

     We continue to make our way through the book and get past the underwear section to normal clothes. “That’s a nice dress.” I state pointing at this pink dress with a large bow on the left shoulder. Rory turned to me. “True, but it would look better on you.” He states.
  “I disagree, blondie there makes it look stunning.”
  “So would you.” Rory responds and for the next hour or so we both flick through the catalogue. Come the end Rory puts the catalogue back in his wardrobe then turns to me as I sit up on the bed. He sits down right by me. “Ok, you just looked through my favourite catalogue with me for a whole hour, Brittany never did that with me. I think I’m a little bit in love with you.” He said it jokingly, but any mention of those words made me want to have a talk with him. “Ok, no L word, we’ve been going out a couple of days. That means nothing, so don’t even think about saying that now or anytime soon.”
  “I’m sorry, I was just joking.”
  “Well, don’t joke. Just leave that word alone.”
  “Ok, ok.” Rory responds, putting his hands up defensively.

Present Day:
     “I did hate it.” I paused.  “But I said it back anyway. What is wrong with me? It just seemed easier since I know mine and Puck’s relationship isn’t real, well, not really real.”
  “You’ve certainly made a mess of it all.” Rory states to me.
  “I know.” I say rubbing my head, only for Rory to move his arms around me.
  “And that’s why I like you. The way you always make a mess out of the most simple situations.” He states, staring into my eyes, as I’m lying on the bed and he’s hovering above me, tilting the top half of my body up. We smile at one another for a long time. “That’s an annoying trait.” I state.
  “I prefer to think of it as a cute trait.”
  “Yeah, but now Puck thinks I love him when I don’t and he thinks he’s in love with me.”
  “You mean he is in love with you.” Rory informs me.
  “No, he thinks he is. This isn’t love, god, we’ve barely seen each other in the last month and a half, how can he even say that?”    

     Rory was silent for a long moment, but then said: “We’ve only been together a month and I already feel as though I’m falling…”
  “Don’t finish that sentence.” I state to Rory.
  “God, the commitment-phobe much.” He laughs and brings his body closer to mine.
  “No, just realistic.”
  “Look, I get your views and stuff, but let’s face it, it’s because of your looks and your views and personality, all that means you’re the type of girl guys fall for quicker and easier than normal girls.”
  “What? I’m that girl.” I reply.
  “It’s not a bad thing.” Rory tells me.
  “Yeah it is because that girl is never single and guys are jealous of the guys with her and girls are jealous of that girl. That girl is the most annoying girl that exists.”
  “Well, it just proves how lucky I am.” Rory grins and pushes some hair out the way of my face and kisses the side of my head, followed by my cheek and then my lips. It was heaven for me, until he interrupted it.    

     He looked at me and asked: “So if you’re that girl, then what guy am I?” When he asks me that, I look down and blush a little, before speaking. “You’re the nerdy guy that’s a bit of a weirdo, that everyone finds cute, but would never admit it.”
  “I’m not sure as to whether that’s a compliment or if you’re insulting me.” I let out a laugh and pushed Rory away from me, so he was lying on his back on the bed. I pick myself up and crawl over to Rory, so that I’m hovering over him, like he was with me. “It was a compliment.” I say and his eyes light up along with his white teethed smile. I move my hands to either side of his face and brush my lips against his. Just gentle strokes, before getting more forceful with the kiss, so I can taste his lips. God. He smells and tastes, wonderful I think as I get the taste of these cherries in my mouth.     

     Unfortunately, we get interrupted. “What are you doing?” Someone asks, I move away from Rory and turn around to see the one and only Brittany S. Pears. “I’m supposed to tell Santana if I catch you two kissing.”
  “Well, maybe you shouldn’t.” I respond.
  “I don’t understand.”
  “Just don’t tell her.”
  “Why not?”
  “Because you love her and this would make her angry and upset and you don’t want that to happen to Santana.”
  “That’s true.” Brittany says, she then closes the door and sits on the bed, whilst Rory and I sit up with our backs against the headboards. “Can I kiss you?” Brittany asks me.
  “Ok, it’s really weird when you ask me things like that.” I reply and she looks down at her lap.
  “Santana let’s me kiss her.”
  “Because she’s your girlfriend.” I state and then there’s quietness.
  “I’m leaving now.” Brittany says and walks out of the room and closes the door behind her. I turn to Rory. “She gets weirder everyday.”
  “Tell me about it.” Rory replies.     

     The next thing we know there’s a knock on Rory’s bedroom door. “Come in!” Rory calls out, only for the door to open and for Finn to walk in. As he walks in I go into shock, is he going to say anything? “What are you doing here Christina?”
  “I’m hanging out with Rory because were friends.”
  “Oh.” He says and we look at one another awkwardly for a moment. Both of us knowing that our relationship has been very strained. “So you two are actually talking now and not arguing?”
  “Yeah.” I respond.
  “I’m just popping to the bathroom.” Rory says to us both awkwardly.     

     When he leaves I worry about what Finn is going to say and of course I should have been worried because the next words that left his mouth were: “Are you and Rory together?”
  “What?! No, I’m with Puck.”
  “Really? You’re here with him in his bedroom. Even Brittany’s parents said he was with his girlfriend just now.”
  “Well, they’ve got it wrong. Rory and I are just friends.”
  “Are you sure about that?”
  “Because if your are together people are going to get hurt.”
  “Were not together, because I love Rory, I mean Puck.” I blurted out unknowingly, it was an accident, but I was still annoyed with myself for slipping out something like that. “Ah see, you said Rory. What’s going on?”
  “The truth is I like Rory, but he doesn’t like me back.” I lie.
  “He is basically obsessed with you, there’s no way I’m buying that.”
  “Can’t you just leave it Finn? There is nothing going on.” I say and storm out of Rory’s bedroom, only to bump into him nearly halfway down the corridor to the bathroom.    

     Rory furrowed his eyebrows upon seeing me and then asked: “Where are you going?”
  “Sorry, Finn is questioning me and I can’t stay when he’s being like this.”
  “Ok.” Rory replies and folds his arms around me in a hug, before pressing his lips to mine. I dived right into the kiss, just brushing my lips against his, feeling him, running my hands through his hair. It was a perfect moment ruined by Finn saying: “I knew it!” Rory and I immediately pulled away from one another. Now four people knew that Rory and I are together    

     Hiding the truth from Puck was going to become more and more difficult everyday and we both knew it…

The End

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