Chapter 16-Working It OutMature

Christina’s Point of View:
     When I woke up the following morning I had a bit of a dry mouth, but surprisingly no hangover. This was fantastic for me, the last thing I wanted was a hangover right now, all I needed now was a pint of water and I’ll be right as rain. I felt these arms around my waist and my hands resting over the top of them. I turned around and saw Rory there, lying next to me. Shirtless. I opened my mouth in shock. Why do I always come round here when I’m drunk? It’s not like I ever set it up for myself to do that. In fact, last night it was quite the opposite. A small smile appeared on my face as I watched him sleep, I could’ve probably lay here all day watching him.     

     And just seeing him lie there made me think of what it’d be like to kiss him. I told myself not to, but it was too difficult when he was just lying there, looking cute. His dark brown hair slightly ruffled, his face completely clueless in his sleep and this little bit of drool on the side of his face. That should have grossed me out, but it didn’t. I leaned in closer to him, feeling the warmth radiate off Rory and I pressed my lips to his. Just for this brief moment, so I could feel his mouth on mine. It was then that Rory opened his eyes so he pulled away from me and called out: “Rape!” Then let out a laugh, I punched his arm playfully.     

     He smiled at me. “So have you got a hangover today?”
  “No. And I’m sorry, I’ve really got to stop coming round here after I’ve been drinking.”
  “Well, that’s not good because I like drunk you.”
  “I don’t know why, I’m a Monster.” I paused. “I’m sorry that I asked you for umm…”
  “It’s ok.” Rory cut in, much to my relief.    

     I sat up in the bed and looked at the floor in surprise. “Why is my Victoria Secret underwear down there?” I wondered.
  “You wore it over the top of your pyjamas. And how did you know that I like Victoria Secret catalogues?” He asked surprised.
  “Number one, you’re a guy, number two I saw them when I was last here.”
  “So what else happened last night?” I wondered.
  “Do you remember after a few minutes of falling asleep when you woke up?”

    It was then that Rory started to fill me in on what had happened last night…

The Night Before:
     My eyes flickered open after Rory and I had fallen asleep in one another’s arms. However, it turned out that he hadn’t fallen asleep, he was still awake. What was I saying to him before I fell asleep? It doesn’t matter. I moved away slightly, there was a rustling sound coming from the blanket. “Rory?”
  “Yeah.” He asks.
  “Fancy sleeping with me?” I asked.
  “I thought we had a deal Christina, if I sleep in my boxers you won’t try it on with me?”
  “I don’t remember this deal.”
  “Typical, you go to sleep for two minutes and wake up with no memory of anything.” He paused as he saw me watching him and then stroked my shoulder. “I’ll tell you what, we’ll try something else.” He states.
  “Ooh, what’s this?” I ask excitedly, expecting more clothing to be removed.
  “Just turn around.” He replies and I look at him quizzically for a moment. “Just do it, trust me.” He says and so I have my back to him and lean on my side.    

     I lie there, not sure what to expect… When Rory’s arms go around my waist. As I see his hands sat there on my stomach, I move my hands on top of his, almost immediately feeling the warmth of them. His head then leans against my back, right by my shoulder blade. Why did he want to be this close? Soon enough I was asking Rory that exact question. “Why are you leaning your head on me?” I wondered.
  “So I can smell you.”
  “You’re a weirdo.” I reply and giggle.
  “Well, you always smell so amazing.” He says and takes a deep breath in, obviously taking in the scent of me. “Plus, it helps me feel close to you.” He tells me and I feel that too, that closeness, that warmth between us. He interrupts my thoughts, as he asks: “How’s this then compared to your offer?”    

     Suddenly I’m overcome with emotion, I’m unable to stop smiling. “Perfect. This is perfect. I’ve never had a boyfriend that wanted to do this.” A single tear slips down my face and I let out a little sniffle. My hands grip his hands closer to my stomach. “Are you crying?” Rory wonders.
  “It seems all guys want from me is sex which is why I tried it on with you, not because I wanted it. This feels much better though, I’ve never felt this way before.” I feel Rory smile as his face moves slightly and as he brings himself closer to me. “You’ve had an emotional night and I promise as long as I know you that if we ever get together properly we’ll only take our relationship to that level when were both ready. I would rather hold you all night because it makes me happy and clearly it means a lot more to you.” I smile and stroke the top of Rory’s hand tenderly, I look at it for a long time and then sigh: “It does Rory. It really does.” And this time we both fall asleep for the rest of the night…

Present Day:
     As Rory tells me and my memories of last night come to me, a grin appears on my face instantly. I throw my arms around Rory and press my lips to his and he kisses me back for a long moment. It was the best reconciliation we’d had in a while and I was just so overcome with passion and happiness for him. I pulled away before I either scared him or got too carried away. My hands were still at the back of his head, just so I could run my fingers through his hair. Rory stared back at me, bewildered, before saying: “What was that for?”
  “For being the best guy ever. A lot of guys wouldn’t have done what you did last night.” I paused and hugged him tight and closed my eyes shut. “We are going to be together. I just need some time to sort things out with Puck. That’s if you still want to be with me?” I ask, pulling away from him and gazing into Rory’s eyes.
  “Really?” I asked.
  “Yes, yes, yes.” He took my face in his hands and pressed his lips to mine for a prolonged, sweet moment. Just having his mouth stroke against mine was the best feeling I’d ever felt. It made me all dizzy and I just felt the need to faint into his gorgeous arms.     

     Rory moved his face away from mine quickly and gazed into my eyes. “It can’t be for long. In a week, we’ve both got to be broken up with Brittany and Puck, ok?”
  “Ok.” I say. “And then we can be together.”
  “Exactly.” Rory says and hugs me tight…

One Month Later:
     I was standing by my locker when out of nowhere Puck appears. “Hey gorgeous.” He smiled.
  “Hi.” I responded.
  “Umm… I’ve got something for you.”
  “You have?” I wondered.
  “Yeah.” He said and pulled a long, thin box out of his pocket before handing it to me. I looked at the gift in surprise, before looking at Puck. “What’s this?” I wondered.
  “You’ll have to open it.”
  “Ok…” I begin and pull open the box to see a beautiful necklace with a tiny heart. “Wow…” I begin. “Oh my God, you didn’t have to get me anything we’ve only been going out a month and a half.” I remind him.    

     Finally, I’m able to look away from the necklace and at him. “I have you know that a month and a half is good for me. Come here. I’ll put it on.” He explains and I turn my back to Puck who then takes hold of the necklace and moves it around my neck. He clips it together gently before pressing his lips to my cheek. I turn to face him, were both inches apart. “I want you to stay round mine tonight. I’d like you to come to my house for dinner and I want you to stay the night because there’s things we need to speak about.”
  “Like what?” I wondered.
  “Our relationship. Where it’s going and all.”
  “Oh.” I say.
  “So how about I walk you to your house, you can get yourself together and stay round mine. This way it’ll get you away from your Mum too.”
  “Ok.” I reply and Puck grins, then gently pecks my lips before walking off to his next lesson. As he walks off I can’t help, but watch him walk away.    

     Lately he’d been different, sweeter, that’s why it’d been a month and a half and I still hadn’t broken up with him. I hadn’t broken up with him because I was starting to like him as more than just a friend. It was then that Rory unexpectedly appeared by my side. “Hey.” He began.
  “Hi Rory.” I turn to him and give him my complete and utter attention. “I’m sorry I’ve not broken up with Puck, it’s getting really difficult.”
  “I know what you mean, Brittany seems to enjoy going out with me and I’m not breaking up with her because I feel it might make her sad.”    

     After explaining to me his situation, Rory then pointed to the necklace I was wearing. “So, Puck gave you that.” As he pointed it out, my hand immediately went to the necklace. Suddenly, I felt really guilty. “Yeah.”
  “Look, I get it Christina.” Rory paused. “He’s cool and he’s actually being nice to you. If you’d rather be with him than me then I get it.” As he spoke these words to me, I quickly clasped Rory’s hands and intently looked into his eyes. “No, I’m not going to lie. There’s something with Puck, there is, but with you… With you it’s real.” As I inform Rory of this there’s a little glimmer of hope in his eye, there’s this little flicker. He nods his head and says. “I’m going to break up with Brittany by the end of the day. I want to be with you and I don’t need Brittany when I’ve got you.”
  “Ok.” I smile. “Umm… I can’t break up with Puck just yet, he’s given me this necklace and he wants me round his house. It’s all very complicated.”
  “We’ll get there.” Rory responds.
  “Yeah.” I paused. “I’m so glad we have a free lesson together.”
  “Me too.”
  “Fancy finding somewhere we can kiss?” I offer.
  “I would, I really would Christina, but I’m going to find Brittany, I believe she has a free lesson now and I’m going to break up with her. Get it out of the way.”
  “She usually hangs out in the lunch hall with the other cheerleaders, so I might just go and discuss ideas with them.”
  “Yeah.” He smiled.    

     And so just like that Rory and I walked to the cafeteria together, talking. Just about anything in general and when we reached the cafeteria, we pretended we weren’t talking to one another one bit. I joined Quinn, Brittany and Santana at their table and they smiled at me. “How are things going with Puck?” Quinn wondered.
  “Great, I’m going round his house today.” I state.
  “Slow much!” Santana put in.
  “What do you mean?”
  “It’s the first time you’ve gone to Puck’s house. When Puck and I were together we were round his in his bed in the first week.”
  “Comforting.” I state.     

     As we were talking about my sham of a relationship, Rory approached the table we were at. Santana clocked him and got annoyed: “Ok, no nerds!”
  “Leave him alone. He’s alright.” I reply in my most cool way, hoping they don’t realise that my heart is racing and that I just want to grab him and lay one on him right now. “Umm… Brittany, I was wondering if I could talk to you?”
  “Talk away.” Brittany said.
  “Umm… alone.”
  “Ok.” She responded and they both sat at another table and they had this long, quiet conversation.     

     After they had their little conversation they both stood up and Brittany made her way over to our table, whilst Damian made his way over to the double doors to leave the cafeteria. When Brittany returned, curiosity immediately got the better of me. “So what happened?” I wondered.
  “Oh, he broke up with me.”
  “And what did you say?”
  “I said that was cool because I’m still with Santana anyway and I didn’t mind because he never let me get to second base anyway.” Despite the fact Rory was with me, I’m sure that it would’ve hurt him that Brittany had lied and was still with Santana. I knew him and I knew that he could take the unpopular stuff most of the time, but the fact his sort of girlfriend didn’t think he was cool enough to have a proper relationship with then that was bound to hurt him.    

     And I saw that he was unhappy as he left the cafeteria with his head down. “Oh.” I say and look at the table for a moment, before saying: “I’ve got to go.”
  “Oh…” Quinn began and I walked quickly out of the cafeteria. For some reason I expected Rory to go over to his locker and so I went that way and sure enough he was right by his locker. I ran over to his side and took hold of his arms in my hands. “Are you ok?” I wondered.
  “I’m a bit gutted, I thought that someone cool like Brittany was into me, you know? But what can you do. I guess I’m not girl’s types. Plus, I can see Puck and you are getting close. It’s only a matter of time and you’ll probably choose him over me, not the other way round.”
  “Hey!” I complained. “Where’s your optimism gone? I care about you Rory and only you. All those times I was drunk and you tried nothing do you think Puck would’ve done the same? No. It’s you I’m going to choose Rory. You. No one else, just you.” He didn’t look convinced and so I pulled his face down to mine and allowed my lips to meet his for a long moment. We were in a corridor where anyone could walk out at any moment and spot us kissing. It was dangerous and silly, but in that moment I just didn’t care. In that moment I had to prove a point to Rory. After doing exactly that I pulled away from him and our amazing kiss. He smiled, as if he realised that yes, I did prefer Puck to him.    

     It’s then that I heard a round of applause, both Rory and I turned around to see Santana clapping her hands with Brittany and Quinn behind her. “Oh, aren’t you the little slut!” Santana proclaimed. “As if Puck wasn’t enough, you had to have him as well, for some reason…”
  “Santana…” I began.
  “Shut up! You’re supposed to be cool. People like us don’t go out with people like him.”    

     Brittany then spoke up. “You know, I don’t understand why you’re all surprised. I saw them kissing in Rory’s bed before.” Santana turned to Brittany for a moment.
  “And you didn’t think to mention it?”
  “It didn’t seem important.” Santana swivelled back round and made her way over to me, wagging her finger in the air. “We need Puck to stay away from Quinn and that’s not going to happen if you’re going off with fish face here.”
  “Hey! Leave her alone!” Rory complained.
  “Shut up fish face!” She warned him. “I heard what you said and don’t even think about breaking up with Puck for him, because you’ll have me to deal with.”
  “Ooh, I’m so scared.” I responded sarcastically and before I’d even closed my mouth from saying those words Santana had slapped me across the face hard. It made a loud sound that reverberated pas the corridor walls. “Now, I know you don’t like us or like this plan, but believe it or not Puck actually likes you. So if you carry on this stupid affair you better keep quiet about it because if he finds out Puck won’t be the only one that’s mad. We will too.”
  “I never wanted to go out with him in the first place!” I protest.    

     All three of the cheerleaders walked past Rory and I, Quinn turned to me and said: “If I don’t get Finn back it’s on you.” Rory moved his arms around me when they were gone, but I pulled away from him quickly and stumbled forwards. “Christina.” He began.
  “Not now Rory.”
  “Your upset.”
  “I knew this was a mistake…” I began and was about to wander over to the girls bathroom.    

     However, Rory chased after me and took hold of my hand and swivelled me round. I looked up at him for a moment and the next thing I know his lips are on mine. Passionately, but gently. He then pulled away. “This isn’t a mistake.” He told me defiantly and as he said that, I quickly folded my arms around Rory’s waist and leaned my head against his chest. To only have him stroking my head.    

     Too many people were finding out. Sue, Will, Santana, Quinn and Brittany. This affair couldn’t go on for much longer, eventually everything would have to come out into the open…

The End

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