Chapter 15-Drunk LoveMature

Christina’s Point of View:
     Friday had come way too quickly. And I was already back in my Cheerios uniform as head cheerleader and at practice. Sue looked my way. “Hairspray, do a back flip.”
  “Sue, my ankle hasn’t healed properly. I can do one with my hands, but not without using my hands.”
  “Of everything I’ve faced in my life a back flip is nothing, now do it and I expect a perfect landing.”    

     I let out a sigh as she said it and prayed that my back flip would be ok. That my ankle won’t be in pain when I landed. Sue watched me intently and then I jumped into mid air and brought my whole body backwards. And then I landed on both of my feet, before falling to the floor. Pain shot up my leg. “OW!” I complained.
  “I said perfect landing!” She yelled at me, I put a hand to my ankle and believe me it hurt like mad. For God’s sake, why do I bother with Cheerios when it injures me more than it does good? “Now stand up!”
  “I can’t Sue, my ankle genuinely hurts.” It’s then that leprechaun, I mean Rory walked past, god, Sue’s nicknames were rubbing off on me. “Oi leprechaun!” Sue yelled and Rory turned in shock. “Help Hairspray here to the Nurse’s office.”
  “Ok.” He responded and helped me up on to my one foot, as he let me lean on him.     

     We slowly made our way to the Nurse’s office and for the first time in days Rory and I were talking to one another. “You ok?”
  “No, I knew this was going to happen. Why did she make me do that stupid back flip?”
  “You did a back flip in glee club the other day.”
  “Yeah, but I used my hands, it’s a softer landing when you use your hands. We’ve not talked in days.” I state to Rory and he looks at me for a moment.
  “I was pretty mad at you for leaving glee club and breaking up with me.”
  “You had your hands on Santana’s boobs!” I complain.
  “And how is that any different to when Puck touches your boobs?” He asks me and I think for a moment and can’t respond. “And furthermore, whatever possessed you to leave glee club? You were good in there.”
  “Rory… I did it for you.”
  “What do you mean you did it for me?”
  “It was for the best.    

     We reached the Nurse’s office and we stared at one another for a moment. Rory knocked on the door and then left me in the Nurse’s capable hands. She explained that it was still sprained like before but even more so now and would take longer to heal and even less exercise than before would need to be done. Great!     

     When she left me with some ice on my ankle, Mr Schuster entered the room and saw me. “Hurt your ankle?” He asked as he took a seat.
  “Yeah, that’s what I get for going back to Cheerios too early.”
  “Yeah, look, I don’t understand why you quit Glee club. It doesn’t make sense, excluding Rachel and Finn you were probably doing the most songs in there. You’re clearly enthusiastic about it, so why leave?”
  “Because Sue made me!” I blurted out.
  “Tell me how she made you leave.”
  “I can’t.” I sigh.
  “Yes you can.”
  “If I tell you will you not tell anyone because I’ll be screwed.”
  “Yes, go ahead.”
  “I’ve been kissing Rory behind Puck’s back and she threatened to tell Puck if I didn’t stop seeing Rory and if I didn’t leave Glee club. And now she wants my help to disband glee club.”
  “Ok, she’s gone too far this time!”
  “Mr Schuster, I don’t want you to go to her about it, please.”
  “No! She’s being awful to you and it’s not on!”
  “Mr Schuster if everyone finds out then I’ll lose my reputation.”
  “Everyone won’t find out. Trust me.” He said and then walked out of the Nurse’s office.     

     Comforting I thought sarcastically to myself.

Will’s Point of View:
     I’d had enough of Sue constantly going too far with her plans to ruin glee club. The way she treated kids was inhumane and I was not down with it one bit. Sue needed to be taught a lesson and that’s why I was going to confront her about what she was up to in front of all her Cheerios.     

     My legs carried me over to her as I stomped my way across the football field. “Oh hello curly.” She smiles.
  “Sue, what is the matter with you?! Now you’re blackmailing one of the students!”
  “I’ve always blackmailed students with fear.” She responded smoothly, but it just tipped me over the edge.
  “Sue, you are a terrible teacher, why are you actually allowed to teach here? You are preventing a student from doing what she loves and injuring her in the process by the looks of her ankle. Your not going to be winning nationals for cheerleaders at all if you carry on!”
  “I resent that fact and you have no proof.”
  “I will not stand for this and I’m going straight to Figgins about this.” I informed her before storming off to the Principal’s office. She had to be stopped once and for all. I was not going down without a fight…

Christina’s Point of View:
     Great, I thought to myself, my big secret was going to come out and what did it matter anyway, I’d already lost the two things I cared about Rory and Glee club. I sighed and left the Nurse’s office and made my way to Spanish very slowly. Rory was sat there and I may have had a proposition for him. So I started to speak to him whilst I had chance since Mr Schuster seemed to be occupied with other things. “Rory, I’m sorry about leaving Glee club and breaking up with you. The truth is Sue blackmailed me, she said if I didn’t do those two things then she’d tell Puck everything about us, but I don’t want to stay away from you anymore. I was thinking we could begin what we started, but outside of school, so she won’t see us.”
  “That’s not a good enough deal for me Christina.”
  “But Rory!” I called out and Finn then turned around and cut in.    

     Just what we needed… Not! “Ok, why are you two even friends? It seems your either not talking to each other everyday or you’re in some big argument. What’s the point on even trying?”
  “Your right especially since Rory’s happy to carry on living a lie going out with a bi-sexual girl as well as feeling a lesbian’s boobs, yeah very mature Rory!” I yelled and everyone overheard, only for Rory to look on at me in shock. He was quiet for a moment before saying: “Christina, you’re sort of screwing up my reputation.”
  “As it stands I don’t care. Ass.”    

     And just like that we weren’t talking again. Spanish went by slowly and so did the rest of the day.

     When night time arrived I was back to being miserable in my room because yet again there was the crack of a can opening. Mum was back on the drink. For the last couple of nights I lay in bed, worried that she was actually going to get back on the alcohol all over again, however, when she went to bed at midnight I remember having this big sigh of relief leave my mouth. She wasn’t drinking for the two nights and I felt safe, secure again like before she moved back in with us. And after she was in bed I slept soundly. Tonight would be different though, I knew it the moment I hear the can opening.   

     There was no way that this time I was going to let her keep me up all night with her drinking and me crying and arguing with her as I usually do. Of course there was the offer of staying at Puck’s, however, I knew that if I did the chances are some funny business would happen. Of course there was Rory’s, but the thing was it was Brittany’s parents house, not his parents, so I couldn’t go there and of course there was the not talking thing going on. So instead I snuck into the kitchen, returned to the cereal cupboard and like the other night grabbed the bottle of vodka. This time I’d make sure I wouldn’t drink as much of it, just enough to get me to sleep. This way there’ll be no throwing up and there’ll be no going round Rory’s drunk.     

     My ankle hurt as I walked across the wooden floors and took the bottle back into my room.    

     Almost immediately I sat on my bed, hugging the bottle to me, taking a sip out of it. I knew that I was being a little hypocritical, referring to my Mum as an alcoholic and then drinking a bottle of vodka. However, I’d gone through years of these problems and I couldn’t take it anymore. Plus, teenage years were meant to be the years where you experimented, particularly with alcohol which I barely drunk and so I gave it a go for the second time that week. I found it slightly easier to drink compared to the last time, but it was still hard.    

     Overall, I had approximately one quarter of the bottle, before I let my head hang outside the window, just so I could let the air get to me and make me even more drunk on less alcohol. And it worked like a charm. Unfortunately, it worked a little too much. I was hammered off a quarter of a bottle of vodka, admittedly I hadn’t eaten today, so that certainly contributed, but soon enough I was dialling Rory’s number. He didn’t answer at first, but after I called him a good three times Rory picked up. “Hey Rory.” I smile.
  “Oh, so were umm… Talking now?” He asked.
  “Yeah, so fancy coming over?”
  “Christina, it’s one in the morning.”
  “Rory, don’t be like that. You see I’m lonely here and I need someone to join me in my bed and maybe, just maybe we can get a bit crazy because I want to sex you up.”
  “You’ve been drinking again, haven’t you?” He asked.
  “Yeah, or maybe I could walk over to yours and we could get crazy at your house. There are so many things that I want to do to you…”
  “Christina! Don’t walk to mine alone when you’re this drunk. It’s dangerous. Look, it’s clear that the reason your drinking is because your upset about your Mum, so I’ll come and get you and you can stay with me.”
  “And then things can get crazy!” I giggle. I heard some ruffling on the other end of the phone, he must have been getting ready or something. “You know Rory, I care about you more than anyone. You know I had a dream about you last night?”
  “What was it about?” He asked.
  “I dreamt that I dropped the popularity, the cheerleading, everything and we were together. It was amazing. When I woke up in the morning I was upset it wasn’t true because just the idea of being with you drives me crazy. I love you.”    

     As I said that Rory started laughing on the other end. “You don’t love me.”
  “Yes I do.” I argued.
  “Chrissie, we’ve known each other a couple of weeks and one of your beliefs is that you can’t love someone until you’ve known them for a lot longer than a couple of weeks.”
  “Oh, well, do you think our feelings for one another will go away?”
  “No, at this point I don’t think they will, I’ve never really gotten this close to a girl, so I’m pretty sure my feelings aren’t going to change. What about you?”
  “I’ve had a lot of boyfriends. A lot! But never have I ever felt secure with any of those boyfriends, but you I do. I don’t know why, I just do. Hey! We should go get married!” I call out and he laughed. “Come on, it’ll be fun and it’ll shock everyone!”
  “No, I’m too young anyway.” Rory replies.
  “Ok, let’s just sleep together then.”
  “Come on, I’ve seen all those Victoria Secret catalogues you own, don’t tell me you don’t think about it.”
  “I’m not going to sleep with you when you’re drunk.”
  “Oh, we’ll see about that. Wait till you see that I’m wearing Victoria Secret underwear. I’ve got to get it on though, so I’ll see you soon.”
  “Bye.” He responds.    

     And so, just like that I go straight for my draws, trying to find my Victoria Secret underwear. I chuck loads of underwear on the bed before finding the right underwear set and then I pull on the bra over the top of my pyjama top and the knickers over my pyjama bottoms. After that I pull on some shoes, turn off my bedroom light and then open my bedroom window and jump out. Since my ankle is numb from the alcohol, or so it seems, it doesn’t hurt when I land. I then wait outside my flat, waiting for Rory to come along. After about five minutes I see him walking up the street and upon seeing him I run over to him and throw my arms around him. “Why can’t you be this happy to see me normally?” He asks and I pull away.
  “See, I wore the underwear.” I state to Rory, pointing out the underwear over the top of my pyjama set. He looked at it for a moment: “Hey, that was in the catalogue… You look ridiculous.”
  “Ooh, we should sleep together now. Look that hedge, let’s dive in there, no, not enough time. The wall, no, umm… Just where were standing.”
  “Come on Christina. How’s your ankle?”
  “It feels great!” I laugh.
  “Something tells me that’s not going to be what you’re saying in the morning.”    

     He moved an arm around me. “How much have you drunk?”
  “A quarter of a bottle, but I hung my head out the window and I’ve not eaten.”
  “So do you reckon you’ll throw up?”
  “No, that’s why I only had a quarter.” I paused. “Are you still mad at me?”
  “No, I can understand why you did what you did, I just wish you hadn’t said what you said today about me in Spanish, I got laughed at. I got slushied, thrown in the dumpster and shoved into my locker. Today has got to be some sort of record.”
  “I’m sorry.”
  “It’s ok.”
  “Why do you forgive me so easily? I’m such a bitch to you.”
  “Because you have a difficult life at home and I can get why you’re the way you are.”
  “Hey… In the morning fancy starting our affair again?”
  “I don’t know, I’m not that guy.”
  “Please, I’ve not kissed you for days and it’s driving me insane. That’s what I feel when sober by the way, I know because I felt that way when I woke up yesterday morning. My exact thought was: I wish Rory was here and talking to me, I miss him, I could really do with having someone to kiss and hug and talk to right now.”
  “That’s sweet Christina. And no offence but you talk a lot when you’re drunk.”
  “It’s a talent.” I say.

     We arrive at Rory’s house and he locks the door behind us then puts a finger to his lips and makes a shushing sound. I nod my head and we tiptoe up the stairs into his room. The bra I put on over the top of my pyjama top I get annoyed with, so take it off and throw it, only for it to hit Rory in the head before hitting the floor. I then try to take off the knickers that I put on over the top of my pyjama bottoms, but have trouble and start hopping around the room. Rory runs over to me and puts his hands on my shoulders to stop me from hopping, because I’m obviously making a lot of noise. He walks me over to the bed and gets me to lie down before removing the knickers that are hanging on my knees over the top of the pyjamas. “This still seems wrong somehow.” Rory states and drops them to the floor. I pull him towards me.
  “Let’s do this.”
  “No.” He replies and pulls away from me. “Ok, you’re going to get in the bed and lie down, ok?”
  “Ok.” I say and climb underneath the covers. He then takes off his shirt and I take this as an opportunity. “Hey! If you sleep in just your boxers then I promise not to try and have sex with you.”
  “Deal.” He responds immediately and removes his shoes and socks, followed by his jeans and vest.    

     I look on in amazement at him and can’t stop staring at his stomach, his chest. He goes to turn the light off and I look at his lean back. “Please don’t turn the light off.” He let out this cute little Irish laugh, but despite what I said turned off the light. The next thing I know he gets into bed next to me. “Hey! Can we kiss for a bit?”
  “Can we do something in the kissing department?” Rory sighs and leans in close and presses his lips to my forehead, before pulling away and suddenly I fall silent. Rory giggles a little. “What’s made you go so quiet?”
  “The hottest guy in school just kissed me on the head.”
  “Ok, you being here is not good.”
  “Because you’re not good for my ego. You’re making feel unstoppable tonight.”
  “Well, maybe it’s because you are.” I smile. “Rory, do you want to be with me?”    

     Within moments of asking that question. He takes hold of both my hands. “More than anything I want to be with you.”
  “What’s your idea of a perfect life with me?” I wondered.
  “One where there’s no bullies to do anything bad to us. That you can do both cheerleading and Glee club and that no one will batter an eyelid if we walked hand in hand down the corridor. That you’d have a decent Mother, so you could be happier too.”
  “Oh Rory.” I say and lean in quick and hug him tight. “You do not know how crazy I am about you.”
  “It’s probably pretty similar to how crazy I am about you…”    

     We both simultaneously let out a sigh and after that just stay completely quiet before falling asleep in each other’s arms…

The End

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