Chapter 14-Hanging In The BalanceMature

Christina’s Point of View:
     The following day when I woke up in my own bed at home the first thing that was on my mind was Rory. I wanted to wear something nice, which I hoped Rory would like. So today I wore this teal coloured dress that reminded me of the colour of his eyes and slipped into these black high heels, followed by grabbing my book bag. When I walked out of my room, my Dad stopped me. “Wow, we still haven’t talked about you disappearing in the middle of the night.”
  “Yeah, to Rory’s.” I responded.
  “You went to stay the night at a boy’s house and you didn’t warn me beforehand.”
  “And? You got back with an alcoholic and you didn’t warn me.”
  “Look… I know that things with your Mum are…”
  “Promise me she’s not going to drink tonight.”
  “I…” Dad began.
  “There you go, she don’t drink I won’t go staying round boys houses. Oh and I’ll tell you something if she drinks tonight, I won’t be staying round Rory’s who you actually like I’ll be staying around Puck’s.” I flashed him a cocky smile and then walked out of the house, but he followed me and asked: “What’s the matter with you?”
  “What’s the matter with me is that we have got to pay the mortgage this month which you and me are earning money for. So why should she continue living with us when she hasn’t got a job and any money she does have is being spent on alcohol. I’ll let you pass that little nogging onto her.” I smiled and continued walking.
  “Christina!” Dad called and I turned around.
  “Look, I care about you, I respect you, you work hard and because of that I can promise you nothing happened that night I stayed at Rory’s. All he did was look after me and I can tell you that I had the best night’s sleep there than I have here ever since Mum’s come back. I’m not saying you have to make her leave, I’m not saying she has to go cold turkey on the alcohol. All I’m saying is she needs to get a job to help us out and if she’s going to drink then she should start at an earlier time, so that she doesn’t stay up till five in the morning. I think that’s fair.”    

     My Father couldn’t dispute with that as I made my way to school and this time it was silence that followed me, no more hollering.

     At school the moment I laid eyes on Rory there was a small smile on my face. There he was in blue jeans, a red top and some red converses. His hair was all gelled up. Wow, he was something. He looked my way and I pretended I wasn’t looking at him and was concentrating on my locker combination. I got my locker open and got my books sorted, only to then see Rory standing next to me. “We may have Spanish next.”
  “I think you might be right.” I grin.
  “Walk with me?”
  “Sure.” I reply and we walk to Spanish together, pretending were just friends, talking, like any normal day. We walk into Spanish class, take our seats next to one another followed by Mr Schuster walking in. I then rip a piece of paper out of my book, so that we can write notes to one another.

Hey Rory, I have to say when I saw you this morning I just wanted to run up to you and kiss you when I saw how cute you looked by your locker. Red really suits you, you know…  ;) xx

       He read the note and I saw the smile on Rory’s face form, yep, that’s what I was going for. He wrote something back and then handed me the note.

Your seriously commenting on what I was wearing? Saying I look good? What about you in that dress and those heels? You look amazing! Do you think anyone would notice if we held hands right now?

Rory, I sort of need this hand to write with, but to make up for it you can put your hand on my leg.

      After he reads that note, I feel a hand on my leg and can’t help but go red and smile. Rory then starts to write.

Ok, I really can’t stay away from you today, we’ve got to find some time at school today for each other.

Yeah, how does break and lunch under the Bleachers sound?

Yes! I’ve never kissed anyone under the Bleachers before, god this is so exciting!

I know. Maybe I should get drunk more often if it means great things happen between us.


     I only begun writing my note when Mr Schuster says: “Rory, Christina.” Rory’s hand immediately moves away from my leg. “Passing notes to each other in class. I don’t expect you want to read them out?”    

     Suddenly my face went a bright red and the worry set in. Were we going to be caught out about our secret relationship before it had even begun. “I’m fine thanks.” Rory replies.
  “Me too.” I agree and shove the piece of paper in my pocket and the rest of the Spanish lesson just goes really slowly…

     Come break time Rory and I are under the Bleachers, my arms around his neck, his arms around my waist. Were both grinning at one another and keep having the odd kiss. “This feels amazing.”
  “I know.”
  “You certainly know your way around a kiss.” Rory tells me.
  “You too Mister.” I say and then think for a moment. “Oh God, we’ve just turned into the worst couple ever.”
  “We have?” Rory asked.
  “Yeah, were one of those mushy couples.”
  “Well, I always knew I was destined to be part of a mushy couple.” Rory informs me.
  “Good to know. I’ve always been obsessed with becoming Prom Queen.” I paused. “Hey! After we come out about our relationship do you fancy going for Prom King and Queen?”
  “Does that really matter?” Rory asks me.
  “Hey! I was talking about how being with you would ruin my rep last week, this is a good thing.”
  “Well, I wouldn’t mind being Prom King.”
  “Then we shall run for it.” I say.

     Suddenly there’s shouting. “Stop it!” I hear Sue shouting and going down the Bleachers, tearing couples apart and then she reaches me and Rory and pauses. “I’m very disappointed in you Hairspray.” She tells me upon seeing me with Rory. “Since you obviously aren’t going to tear yourself away from this little weirdo, I expect you to keep this forbidden relationship secret.”
  “Ok.” I say.
  “Good for you for cheating on the football player though, I would rather it be with another footballer and not someone from Glee club.” She said the words: ‘Glee club’ with such hatred that I was surprised she was letting Rory stay here with me. “But what can you do. I did once have a fling with no other than Will Schuster, but afterwards I wanted to chop his head off. So maybe there’s still a little bit of Sue Sylvester in you yet Hairspray.”
  “Thanks Sue.”
  “That’s ok and I expect you back at practice on Friday.”
  “But that wouldn’t give me enough time for my ankle to heal.”
  “If you’re well enough to kiss some leprechaun who’s probably going to end up flipping burgers for the rest of his life then you’re well enough to cheer.”
  “Ok.” I say and Sue nods her head before leaving.
  “You let her talk like crap to you.” Rory informed me.
  “I didn’t see you do anything when she insulted you.”
  “She’s a scary woman.” Rory said and that was that, we got back to our long kissing session.

Sue’s Point of View:
     I got into my office and immediately started writing in my journal, I needed to get all this off my chest.
Dear Journal
     Today when I did my usual routine of shoving couples away from each other horror struck!    

     My Head Cheerleader was going out with a member of Glee club and not just some popular Glee club member… A member that is probably below the disgrace that is Will’s hair!    

     Oh Journal, how that Glee club just keeps coming back to bite me in the ass is infuriating. I need a way to prevent what happened last year from happening again. I can’t have my best cheerleaders walking away from cheerleading to Glee club, but what can I do? Actually… Come to think of it, maybe there’s something I could do.   

     Blackmail is such a harsh word, well, actually no, it’s just perfect. I’m going to black mail my new Head cheerleader to the point where she’ll want to leave Glee club. I’m sure she doesn’t want everyone to know that she’s going out with miniature Will Schuster. I say that because of the kid’s awful hair.    

     Now that plan is sorted Journal, my final act should be to destroy the Glee club. Oh, I’ve had many great plans, but somehow I’ve got to find a plan bigger and better. I’ve been too nice and now I’ve got to work and put that Glee club on its ass. And one Sue Sylvester may have just thought of a plan…    

     Oh it’s going to be bloody journal, like  when I won a sword fight with Xena in 1999. However, I’ll be the one who ends up superior. Not Glee club.

Christina’s Point of View:
     After having such a great kissing session under the Bleachers with Rory I had this big smile plastered on my face as I made my way to Science. Puck saved me a seat and I sat next to him. He kissed me on the cheek as usual and I knew I was just blushing a bright red from what had happened. Hiding this big secret from Puck was going to be hard. “So I saw you and Rory heading out of the Bleachers together.”
  “You did?” I asked surprised.
  “Yeah, what did you go under there for?”
  “Oh… It’s really embarrassing.”
  “You can tell me.” Puck responds.
  “Well, the night before last I got drunk on a bottle of vodka and I sort of terrorised him and woke up all his family by banging on the door. He was telling me how he didn’t appreciate me doing that and I knew what he was going to talk about so asked him if we could discuss it under the Bleachers.”
  “You got drunk?”
  “Yeah, I was upset at home, but it’s ok now.”
  “Ok.” Puck nodded his head. “I trust you.” I grinned when he told me that, just what I needed to hear.     

     Something told me that I was getting better at this whole lying thing, maybe having an affair with Rory and dating Puck wouldn’t be so bad after all. I bit my lip gently and then listened to the teacher for the rest of the lesson explaining chemistry.

     Come the end of the lesson, I almost immediately bumped into Sue, she cornered me by a wall and saw Puck, then said: “Keep on walking Mohawk.”
  “Ok…” He replied uneasily, but still carried on walking. I turned to Sue annoyed. “What do you want Sue?”
  “I want you to stop seeing that Leprechaun and I want you to leave Glee club.”
  “Not going to happen.” I said.
  “Well, if you don’t do that, then I’ll call Mohawk back over here and tell him the truth about you and Leprechaun.”
  “Are you blackmailing me?” I asked her.
  “Blackmail is such a lovely word and yes.”
  “I’ll leave the cheerios if you do that.”
  “Oh, ok.” Sue said and then called out: “Oi Mohawk!” Puck turned around and then Sue yelled. “There’s something you should know!”    

     It was all happening right in the middle of the corridor where students were walking past including my boyfriend and Rory. I could not do with this right now. If she told Puck in front of everyone it would be the most humiliating experience for me and Puck would introduce Rory to his fist. “Sue stop.” I say and she turns to me. “I’ll do it. I can get into a fight with Rory and Glee club’s going to take a bit more time.”
  “You’ve got till the end of the day for the leprechaun and the end of the week for Glee club.”
  “And that’s not all I’ll be asking for either. You, Hairspray are going to help me take down Glee club.”
  “I can’t wait.” I fake a smile and Sue thankfully leaves me to it. I make my way over to my locker and sort out all my books.     

     Only for me to then see Rory by his locker, it’s going to be hard breaking up with him, really hard. Just when we were happy as well…    

     As I sorted my books out I continued to watch him, it was cute how he was oblivious to me watching him, only for Santana to then tap him on the shoulder. She started speaking to him and he looked a little confused. She then took hold of his hands and placed them on her breasts, he looked on in shock and she then let go of his hands, whispered in his ear before walking off. Her skirt swaying behind her.    

     I slammed my locker door shut and stormed over to Rory. “What was that?” I asked him aggressively.
  “Nothing.” He responded.
  “You felt Santana’s boobs.” I state.
  “Christina…” He began.
  “No, don’t Christina me. What did she say to you?”
  “Oh, nothing, it seemed like a lot more than nothing to me.”
  “She basically forced my hands on her boobs and then she whispered to me if I’d like to have some fun tonight. Look, it’s obvious what she’s trying to do what with her being gay and all.”
  “Rory, despite that she has slept with other guys before. She’s slept with Puck.”
  “Am I seriously going to jump into bed with her? Someone I have no feelings for.”
  “I don’t know, you might do.” I counteract.    

     Rory takes hold of my hand. “No, I won’t because I care about you.” I snatched my hand back annoyed and gave him my worse look and believe me, if looks could kill then that would be the look that killed. “Or maybe not. If you want to jump into bed with Santana that’s fine because we are over.”
  “What?” He asked and I stormed off back to my locker so I could close it and lock it and then I made my way to lunch where Puck and I discussed ideas for our Christina duet in Glee club.    

     And believe me I had a good idea up my sleeve…

     Glee club came around and we decided to do Christina Aguilera-Ain’t No Other Man. Mr Schuster introduced us and I flashed Rory a fake smile before turning to Puck and flashing him a real smile. “I could feel it from the start!” I sang and placed my hands on his shoulders. “Couldn’t stand to be apart.” I tuned around and faced the audience before looking back at him. “Something about you caught my eye, something moved me deep inside…” I sang and then moved backwards and used my hands to go into a back flip. Landing perfectly despite my ankle still being sprained. I smiled his way and then walked sexily over to him. “I don’t know what you did boy, but you had it… And I’ve been hooked ever since.” He supports my back as I lean backwards, before he brings me back up.     

     And then Puck started singing. “Told my Mother, my brother, my Sister and my friends…” He spun me out with his hand. “I told the others, my lovers, both past and present tense that every time I see you everything starts making sense.” He spun me back towards him and called out: “Just do your thang honey!”    

     I shimmied to the right and then to the left and started singing: “Ain't no other man, can stand up next to you. Ain't no other man on the planet does what you do
(what you do).” I pointed towards Puck and blew him a kiss. “You're the kinda guy, a girl finds in a blue moon. You got soul, you got class. You got style with your bad ass - oh yeah! Ain't no other man its true - all right -Ain't no other man but you.” I get closer to him and move my arms around his neck he picks me up and spins me round for several lines before putting me back down again. “Break it down now!” He called to me. “Ain’t no other, ain’t no other.” I sung, moving my hands in and out. “Ain’t no other, ain’t, ain’t no other. Ain’t no other, I, I, I need no other!” I pointed at myself and then pointed towards Puck. “Ain’t no other man but you! Ohhhh!”    

     Puck started walking over to me and pulled a black top hat off the table and placed it on top of his head, before singing: “You are there when I'm a mess. Talk me down from every ledge. Give me strength, girl you're the best.” I remove his top hat and place it on my head then we both sing together: “You're the only one who's ever passed every test…” Come the end of our powerful note, he grabs the top hat off of my head and throws it into the audience and then we sing together. “Ain't no other man, can stand up next to you. Ain't no other man on the planet does what you do
(what you do). You're the kinda guy, a girl finds in a blue moon.” I run away from him and then start running towards him… “You got soul, you got class. You got style your bad ass - oh yeah!” And like the move in dirty dancing I jump and he lifts me in the air for three seconds. “Ain't no other man it's true - all right -” He brings me to the floor and we stand there and put our arms around one another and sing: “Ain’t no other man but you.”    

     We finish the song there and Mr Schuster claps his hands and walks over to my side. “Wow! It seems we’ve got ourselves a great dancer and singer here. Rachel, you better watch out.” Rachel crossed her arms over annoyed.
  “Actually Mr Schuster. I have a song by Christina which can showcase my talent perfectly.”
  “Ok, go ahead.” He said and Puck and I walked to our seats, our arms around one another, happy that we both did the number. It’s then that Rachel does a beautiful mash up of Christina’s songs the Voice Within and Hurt. Taking the verses of Hurt and the chorus of the Voice Within, followed by mashing together the two middle eights. It was completely breathtaking and by the end of it everyone was spellbound. Even I knew I did not have a chance of taking any solos from her because boy, could she sing. If I had done the same clever thing she had, it would have sounded bad, but when she sang it. It was note perfect. “Fantastic as always Rachel.” Mr Schuster says and she trots back over to her chair and then looks to me and pulls a bit of a face at me, giving me this I told you so look. In that moment I felt as though her personality took away from the performance.     

     Mr Schuster then looked at everyone excitedly. “Right guys, I’ve thought of a good Christina number we can do together and I was thinking of Fighter. And Prinicipal Figgins wants us to do an assembly, so Fighter is what we are going to do there.”
  “Oh! I love that song.”
  “I’m thinking Rachel and Mercedes could go and work together as I would like them to be lead vocals. As for Mike Chang and Brittany, I would really like you both to work with Christina so we can get some choreography in there. It is no secret that we bring it when singing and dancing, so that’s what we are going to do at the assembly.”    

     Suddenly a smile appeared on my face, was this really happening? Was I really getting noticed for my dancing and that’s when I realised what I had to do. The assembly would come too late, I won’t be able to perform as I have to leave Glee club. “Umm… Mr Schuster. Can I say something?”
  “Sure.” He replied and I made my way to the front.
  “I won’t be performing in the assembly with you guys and I won’t be performing at regionals or nationals with you.”
  “Why not?” Mr Schuster asked.
  “The song I did with Puck will be my last performance and it’s because this just isn’t me. Cheerleading is me, so I’m sorry.” I tell them all, before making my way out of the choir room.     

     Tears slip down my face as I make my way to the bathroom. Not only did I have to dump the guy I cared about today, but I had to dump the one extra curricular activity I care about. As I was in the bathroom, someone walked through the door and that one someone was Sue Sylvester. “Hairspray, I’ve been watching you. It’s not even the end of the day and you’ve broken up with that weird green man and you’ve left Glee club. I’m proud of you.”
  “Why does making you so happy have to make me miserable?” I asked her.
  “That’s the way it goes Hairspray, now the disbanding of glee club unless you want Mohawk to find out about your affair with the miniature green man.”
  “Rory is tall.” I state.
  “Sorry, I was referring to his leprechaun roots.”
  “Look Sue, can we talk about the disbanding of glee club another time. I’ve done enough today.”
  “Ok Hairspray, I’ll let you off, but soon we’ll talk this through and glee club will collapse.”

     She then left the bathroom and when she was gone I wiped my tears and made my way to my lockers. I opened them and just as I was about to sort my books and bag out, my locker door slammed shut. Of course it was no other than Rory Flanagan. “What was all that about in there?” He asks.
  “I don’t know what you mean.”
  “Ok, break up with me because of the whole Santana situation I get. Singing a stupid song with Puck just to make me jealous I get.”
  “It wasn’t to make you jealous at all, me and Puck have found love.” I lie.
  “As I was saying… I get all that, but why leave Glee club? Ok, you may not have the greatest voice in there, but you can dance and sing which is more than the others can do in there. You help give everyone a chance of winning nationals here, so why are you bailing on them because of some silly fight we’ve had.”
  “Rory, me leaving glee club has nothing to do with you, to be honest my life has taken a better direction. I’m Head cheerleader, I’m popular and I don’t need glee club one bit.”
  “Your being selfish.” He states.
  “No, I’m not. I’m being honest.” I reply and open my locker and grab my bag, then put it on my back, before closing my locker again. “Really? Because I don’t think you are.”    

     I rolled my eyes and stormed off away from Rory. Ready to go home.    

     After the day I’d had I needed to get away from that damn school…

The End

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