Chapter 13-Sobered UpMature

Christina’s Point of View:
     The following morning I woke up. In front of my eyes was this white ceiling and it was all dark. Phew, everything was ok. I hadn’t done anything stupid when I got drunk last night, I just went to sleep. It’s good that I’m responsible even when under the influence of alcohol. My body rolled over and I turned to face my chest of draws, only they weren’t my draws. And they weren’t my curtains. That dark green wallpaper isn’t mine. My mouth opened and I was lying there like a fish. My mouth wide open in shock.    

     And the next thing I know an arm moves around my waist. Oh my God, I’m in someone’s bed. I looked at the arm, that’s definitely a boy’s arm. Oh God, oh god, I left my house and slept with a stranger. What if we’ve actually slept together? I quickly took a peak underneath the covers and saw that I was still in my clothes from yesterday. It’s ok, nothing went on, you’re safe.    

     Ok, your in some strange man’s bed who could turn out to be a murderer, but it’s ok. Just have a look at the person and you’ll be ok. God, my head is banging, why does it feel this way? And why am I so hungry? I take a deep breath and roll over to see Rory lying down next to me. In that moment, images of last night came back to me suddenly. Me taking ages to get to his house, me throwing my arms around him upon seeing him. Him holding my hair back when I’m throwing up. Me asking him to kiss me and him turning me down.    

     A smile appears on my face and Rory’s eyes flicker open. “Hello.” He grins at me. “How’s the hangover?”
  “Umm… Not good.” I smile. “I’m so sorry about yesterday, I shouldn’t have come here and been all loud and throwing up everywhere and…”
  “It’s ok.” Rory smiled.
  “And being needy, god, I was so needy.”
  “It doesn’t matter.”
  “And I was a complete state, in fact I stink.”
  “It doesn’t matter.” Rory smiled and placed his hands on my shoulder. His expression then got serious. “You were pretty upset last night and you drank a lot of vodka.” When he mentioned that I saw a large empty bottle of vodka and I looked at it in shock. Had I drunk it all? As if reading my mind Rory then said: “You drunk just over half of it, but I poured the rest down the sink.”
  “Oh.” I say, feeling that little bit more awkward.     

     There was then a knock on the door. And that knock sounded like cymbals being crashed together. “Come in!” Rory called and in walked Brittany in these Cow pyjamas. I looked at the time and saw it was eleven in the morning. Were late for school great. “Brittany, why aren’t you at school?” Rory wondered.
  “I got a cold and like last time I took a load of medication and I forgot how to get to school. Do I walk? Do I run? What?” Both Rory and I were silent, it finally dawned on Brittany that I was in Rory’s bed. “I’m his girlfriend, so you shouldn’t be in his bed.” I rolled over and sunk my face into the pillow and let out a groan, the last thing I needed right now was Brittany when I had a really bad hangover. “She got very drunk last night.” Rory explained to Brittany.
  “Oh, that happened to me once and I threw up on Rachel Berry.” I sat up properly and stifled a laugh when Brittany said that. For some reason just imagining Rachel’s reaction made Brittany’s short story that little bit funny. I bet she went crazy.      

     It was then that Brittany sat on the bed and moved her arms around Rory and kissed him, he quickly pushed her away. “Look, we need to get Christina sorted.” Brittany seemed miffed about what he was saying and then said: “Rory, your not doing a good job of making Christina jealous.”
  “Not now Brittany.”
  “In that case, I’ll be downstairs if you fancy making her jealous again.” Brittany then walked out of the room. Rory turned to me. “I’m sorry about her.”
  “It’s ok, it’s nowhere near as bad as what I put you through last night.” I paused. “Oh God, I asked you to kiss me. What is wrong with drunk me?”
  “Hey. We all get a little silly when drunk.”
  “You were right though.”
  “Right about what?” Rory wondered.
  “I am going to thank you for not kissing me, so thank you.”
  “I didn’t want to ruin our friendship.”
  “I’m glad.” I say.
  “Right, I’m guessing you really want a shower, I tried to keep your hair out the way when you were throwing up last night, but it just went everywhere. I’m sorry.”
  “God, why are you apologising to me. I’m the one that’s sorry.” I paused. “Won’t Brittany’s Parents be about?”
  “They’re at work today, so it’s ok.”
  “Ok, that’s some embarrassment I’m saved from.”
  “Yeah.” Rory says and goes in his draws and finds a towel, a shirt and some boxer shorts. “You can borrow these whilst I wash your clothes.”
  “You’re a lifesaver.” I grinned.
  “Hey, you did the same to me and this is my revenge on you for making me wear a pink dressing gown.”
  “Thanks.” I laughed and grabbed the items. I brought them into the bathroom and turned on the shower. I then removed my clothes and left my top and skirt outside the bathroom. I kept my underwear inside the bathroom as I didn’t feel comfortable with the idea of Rory washing my underwear. I walk into the warm, walk in shower happily and start soaking my hair and putting shampoo in. It’s the best I’ve felt all morning. It helps soothe my head and makes my stomach feel better. Afterwards I set in some conditioner and that’s when the bathroom door opens and Brittany walks in. I scream and try to cover myself up and she just stands there in shock. Why do they have a walk in shower? I could’ve done with a shower curtain right about now!     

     The next thing I know Rory runs in and takes her out of the bathroom. “I’m so sorry Christina!” He calls as he takes her out of the bathroom. Suddenly the shower didn’t seem so relaxing anymore. I quickly put some shower gel on my body and then washed the conditioner out of my hair, followed by washing off the shower gel. Afterwards I get out, dry myself with a towel and pull on my underwear followed by pulling on the boxer shorts and the shirt. I do the buttons up on the shirt and wrap my hair in the towel. When I walk out of the bathroom I hear Rory saying to Brittany. “For the last time Brittany, when you hear the shower is on you don’t go into the bathroom.”
  “But I needed to pee and…”
  “Then you wait.”
  “I needed to pee bad and now because of all the tablets I’ve taken I’ve forgotten how to pee, so I have to wait until I remember now.”
  “Ok, fine, whatever, but when you see someone is in the bathroom you tend to just walk straight out.”
  “But I was going to go to the bathroom anyway.”
  “Brittany, people feel a little uncomfortable when you do stuff like that, ok?”
  “Ok.” She said.
  “We’ll talk later, ok?”
  “Ok.” She responded and left Rory’s room, I walked into his room and he happily took the towel off of me and went downstairs to get my washing sorted.    

      Minutes later he returns upstairs to me sat cross legged on his bed. He walks in his room and closes the door behind him. “You spoke to my Dad last night too…”
  “I know.”
  “Is it alright if I hang out here for today, I want to avoid him as much as possible.”
  “Same, I don’t fancy a meeting with your Dad after I sort of told him off yesterday.”
  “Oh yeah!” I blurted out. “God, thank you so much Rory. You’ve been amazing. I couldn’t have asked for much more.”
  “You help me out with the bullies everyday, when you need help in some way I’m not going to sit around and do nothing.”    

     Upon hearing him say that I wrap my arms around him happily hugging him. I pull away and sigh: “My eyes hurt.” He smiles as I state that.
  “Come here.” I shimmy closer to him on the bed and he places his hand on my head, his fingers go to the side of my head, whilst his thumbs go on my forehead above each eye and he starts making little circles with them. “Is that better?”
  “It helps.” I reply. “God, why are you so nice to me when I’ve been an idiot to you storming in here drunk and all?”
  “Because I care about you.” He suddenly stops making the circles, my eyes open wide and we both lean in and kiss. Almost immediately, it’s as though fire breaks out and my hands are running up and down his arms, his hands are running up and down my back. Our lips are meeting continuously over and over again. I lie back on the bed and Rory’s body crushes against mine as the kiss grows. I smile and roll over, so I’m on top of him and the next thing I know were both constantly rolling on the bed. Until bang!    

     We’ve both managed to fall on the floor. “Ow, my head!” I complain.
  “My leg.” Rory replied and smiled at me.
  “Umm… When you got Brittany out of the bathroom, you didn’t see me at all, did you?” I asked worriedly.
  “No, I kept looking at the ground.” He paused. “Ok, I saw your legs pretty clearly and that was it.”
  “Oh, thank God.” I got closer and kissed him quickly, before lying back down with my head on the ground. “Yeah, friends isn’t going to work.” I admitted.

     I looked at him for a moment and then suggested: “That thing you said about seeing each other outside of school. That sounds good.”
  “I don’t know.” Rory began.
  “Look, it’s only temporary until I can finally break up with Puck and then me and you can be together properly. I wanted to be friends until then, but it obviously isn’t going to work that way.”
  “True.” Rory agreed. “And I’m so fed up of staying away from you.”
  “Me too.” I smiled and wrapped my arms around him and once again we fell into this breathtaking kiss…

Brittany’s Point of View:
     My phone started ringing and Santana’s name came up. I answered straight away.    “Hey.” I smiled as I spoke to her.
  “Hi Brittany, why aren’t you at school today?”
  “I’m ill.”
  “Oh, ok. Rory and Christina aren’t here today either, I just got a little suspicious.”
  “Oh yeah, she slept in his bed last night.” There was a long silence on the other end.
  “She what?!” Santana asked.
  “She slept in his bed, I’m cool with it since Rory and I aren’t actually dating.”
  “Brittany, we are supposed to be keeping them apart your supposed to be making them jealous.”
  “Well, I saw Christina in the shower today, maybe Rory’s jealous of that.”
  “Look Brittany, this isn’t working out. Just break up with Rory, there’s no point in doing this plan.”
  “I don’t know. I kind of like being his girlfriend, so I might just stay as that.”
  “Fine, whatever. If anyone’s going to make them jealous, then I am.”
  “But your gay and I’m pretty sure Christina isn’t.”
  “Well, maybe I’ll go after Rory.” She paused. “Right, we’ll talk later. Bye Brittany.”
  “Bye.” I reply.    

     Santana’s plan didn’t make any sense, both Christina and Rory knew she was gay, so how was she going to make either of them jealous? Lord Tubbington climbed onto the seat on the sofa next to me and I looked at him: “Lord Tubbington, you know your not allowed on the sofa as this was where I caught you smoking.”    

     Upon saying that I looked at Lord Tubbington. “Oh, I can’t stay mad at you.” I smile and pick him up. Only to smell smoke on him, oh, this was not on!

Christina’s Point of View:
     Rory and I were lying in the bed, under the blanket, our arms around one another smiling. “This is so strange.” I say.
  “I know.” Rory agrees.
  “Were actually dating.”
  “I know. God, it feels like I’ve been waiting ages for this.”  
  “I know what you mean.” I say and move my arms around Rory, hugging him tight. “God, this is the best feeling ever.”
  “Isn’t it just?” He grinned. “I just want to say you look gorgeous in my shirt.”
  “Well, you look gorgeous in your boxers.” I reply. “When are you going to break up with Brittany?”
 “The plan is by the end of the week.”
  “Ok.” I say and in that moment there’s a knock on his door, we pull away from each other as if we’ve been electrocuted and Brittany walks in.     

     She walks over to the bed and sits on the edge. “I’m bored.”
  “I’m tired.” I say, pretending the reason I’m lying down in bed next to Rory is because I want to sleep, not because I was having this big make out session with him. Brittany moves her arms around Rory. “Rory, I’m no longer with you to make Christina jealous, now I’m with you because I love being in a relationship with you.”
  “That’s great Brittany…” Rory extends that last word, showing me he doesn’t mean it.
  “I know!” She smiles and gives him a peck on the lips, ok, now that were dating and he’s going to be breaking up with her, I suddenly feel myself becoming less jealous because now I know it’s me and him…

     Soon enough Brittany left and when she did I shoved my face into the pillow fed up of this awful feeling I had of being ill. “Still ill?” Rory asked, placing a hand on my shoulder. I let out a groan and say: “I’m dying, I’m never drinking again.” He laughed when I said that and pulled me up to face him. He grinned at me. “But you drinking helped get us together.”
  “True.” I say and lean my head against his forehead. “How can you want to kiss me when my mouth tastes like sandpaper?”
  “I’d want to kiss you if your mouth tasted of blood.”
  “Eww…” I complained and pressed my lips to Rory’s for a brief moment before pulling away. “All your clothes are probably done.” He states.
  “And I should probably get home, ready for the fireworks.”
  “Do you want me to stay with you?”
  “No, that’ll just make them madder.” I admit.
  “Ok.” Rory says and pecks my forehead before fetching my clothes from downstairs.    

     I get changed and Rory walks me home like a complete Gentleman, we kiss on my door step for this most perfect moment and then I walk inside my home. Only to find my Mother standing in the hallway with her arms crossed. “Where have you been?”
  “Rory’s.” I respond.
  “You better not have been up to your old tricks.”
  “Oh Mum, I’m thrilled about how much faith you had in me.”
  “Well, I got a phone call from the school.”
  “I didn’t know you cared, you never usually do.”
  “Of course I care.”
  “Is that why you were drinking till five in the morning the other night?”
  “Look, young lady.”
  “Don’t young lady me! I’m barely sixteen years old and even I’m more mature than you!”
  “Oh yeah, says the girl that got pregnant and sleeps around.”
  “At least I’m not an alcoholic. And you know what I’m actually doing well at school, I’m back on the cheerleading squad and Head cheerleader at that, I’m in Glee club and on top of that I’ve for good friends like Rory. Also, if it weren’t for your obscene drinking in the first place then maybe I wouldn’t need to stay at guys houses so you should think about that.” I tell her and storm over to my room.
  “Christina!” Mum called after me, but I turned to her annoyed.
  “Mum, give the caring thing a rest, it doesn’t suit you, because it makes you… Oh, what’s the word I’m looking for… FAKE!” I complain and slam my door in her face.    

     As soon as I’m in my room I kick off my shoes and climb into bed, hoping my dreadful hangover will just go away…

The End

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