Chapter 12-DrunkMature

Christina’s Point of View:
     That night was the worse for me. Since it was the return of my Mum coming back to the family, they got in a crate of 24 cans of lager and partied till three in the morning. The music was up loud, they were talking loud, singing loud. I could hear the metal clanging of the opening of each can. I could see when the light outside my room was turned on just so they could get to the bathroom to go to the loo for the umpteenth time. And I heard the sound of the bathroom light being turned on and off as they did so. They wouldn’t stop finding ways to wake me up. My Dad went to bed at about three in the morning, whilst my Mum stayed on the sofa drinking. Watching TV. I was getting annoyed. I’d tried everything from listening to my cheap MP3 player really quietly, to ear muffs, to shoving the pillow over my head.    

     Nothing worked.     

     I even went into the front room a few times to tell them to keep the music down as I had school in the morning and they’d be quiet for five minutes before becoming noisy again. It was aggravating me so much, especially since I knew going into school with bags under my eyes wasn’t an attractive look. People would probably end up talking to me and I’d have to get them to repeat what they were saying, I wouldn’t understand anything in any of my lessons. It was going to be awkward and difficult.     

So there I was at three in the morning, lying down, trying to sleep. Only for the noise of the TV to be keeping me up and my Mum talking to herself quietly. I got out of my bed more angry than ever. “Ok, it has just gone three in the morning Dad has gone to bed, that is what you tend to when the party is over, you don’t carry on drinking alone.” I told my Mother annoyed.
  “Are you happy I’m back?” My Mum slurred my way.
  “Stop changing the subject!” I complained.
  “Well, are you?”
  “Mum. All I want is to get to sleep, now for the love of God, just go back to bed.”
  “I will after this fag.” She told me as she flicked ash all over the sofa. I couldn’t be asked to argue anymore, so walked back into my room and got into bed. My heart was racing, I was clenching my fists. And like when I get angry I felt this urgent need to cry, but rubbed my eyes and told myself to stop this. It was going to be ok. She’ll go to bed soon. She’ll go after the fag.    

Ten minutes passed and it was clear that it doesn’t take ten minutes to have a fag. And that’s when I heard that same clang of a fresh can being open. I let out a loud breath, every single one of my muscles tensing, I stormed out of my room and returned back into the front room. “Ok, you said after the fag.”
  “After this programme.” My Mum said.
  “Mum, just please go to bed.”
  “I will, after this programme.”
  “You know what Mum, other families don’t have to beg their parents to go to bed at gone three in the morning.”
  “Well, our old next door neighbour drank a lot!” She informed me.
  “Yeah, but most of the time she was in bed by one! Is it so much for you to go to bed early for once?!”
  “Christina! You should be happy that I’m back.”
  “Just go to bed!” I yelled and slammed the front room door behind me, followed by my own bedroom door. I switched on my bedroom light, my breathing heavy from arguing, from shouting at her. Tears ran down my face with ease, they were literally like a fountain with the quick pace they were going at. I sat on my bed trying to calm myself down.    

My throat felt dry, I was starting to get a headache and my eyes were strained. Hairs stood up on my arms as my whole body felt chilly from being out of bed, however, despite that my face was boiling from all the anger from earlier on. I walked over to the bathroom and grabbed some toilet roll and looked in the mirror, my face was soaked with tears. Snot was unattractively running from my nose, I stared in the mirror for ages, my face was as red as a tomato.    

I need to calm down I thought to myself and blew my nose and wiped my tears away as best as I could. There were still wet patches on my face, but my eyes felt dry and zombie-like. I took some toilet roll into my room, just in case I might cry later on. I climbed back into bed, my damp cheeks immediately leaving a wet patch on the bed. The sound of the TV continuously stays loud annoying me, making my anger boil up to the surface again. As I try to calm myself with deep breaths again, more tears slip down my face.    

In my mind I start to contemplate whether I should return to the front room. Should I confront her about the noise and going back to bed? Or would it just make things worse and kick off an argument like in the past? If it did then that would make things worse for me as I’ll be shaking with fear, I know my body would be colder than before and my hands would probably hurt from clenching them tight. My jaw would probably ache from arguing too. Maybe it’s best I go, but then again I could convince her to go to bed like I sometimes do? Constantly for the next hour I think myself out of it and into it and don’t do anything. It’s ten past four in the morning. I’ve got to be up in a little over three hours. I could get a decent amount of sleep if she just went to bed now. I wouldn’t look so bad in the morning, I could recover from it. Just if she goes to bed now.    

Once again I hear another can open, followed by her walking to the toilet. Whilst she’s in the toilet I run over to the front room and grab the TV control where I turn the TV down to five on the volume and then hide it behind a cushion before running back to my bedroom. As I get back into bed and lie there I sigh in relief that I can no longer hear it. Instead it’s replaced with the noise of my Mum walking out of the bathroom, turning off the light and returning to the front room. It’s all quiet, just the sounds of her lighting yet another cigarette fills my room and that’s when it happens.    

She must have found the control and turns the TV up to twice as loud as before. The sound is deafening in my silent, average sized room. I punch my mattress in anger and roll over, starting to feel sweaty, damp on my face and completely disgusting. I make myself get out of bed and look in the mirror in my room, my nostrils flaring. I rub my head, wipe my tears to try to make sure it’s not evident that I’ve been crying. And then I make my way towards my bedroom door where I pull down hard on my door handle. I storm into the front room, where the door is open a crack. I grab the remote in silence and turn it down to four this time on the volume. “I didn’t turn it up Christina.” My Mum tells me in this fake oblivious voice.
  “Well, you’re the only one in the room.”
  “I swear I didn’t turn it up.”
  “For God’s sake! I don’t care if you turned it up. Just go to frigging bed like a normal family!” I complain her way, my voice isn’t powerful enough to shout, it never is.
  “Christina, I didn’t turn it up.”
  “I don’t care!” Finally, my voice gains enough momentum to get a slight shout out, but unfortunately goes to this high pitched shout. “Just let me get some sleep!” I say and once again go back into my room.    

My whole body shakes, my face feels as hot as a volcano, whilst my body feels like an ice cube as it shakes. I turn off the light and jump into bed, hugging the covers close to me. It feels as though there’s spaces in the covers letting the cold in, but the truth is, my anger and fear is making me shiver. Calm down Christina, your never going to get to sleep if you feel this way. Calm down. However, it’s no use, I hope and pray it’ll go away, this terrible feeling at the pit of my stomach. This feeling of sickness and coldness. After about half an hour the feeling of being cold goes away. Unfortunately my stomach still has this dull pain as well as my waist. My mouth and throat become dry all over again and I down half a bottle of water before settling back into my warm bed. Once again I have deep, long, large breaths. It’s going to be ok, it’s going to be ok. In the morning you’ll feel better about this situation like you always do. Maybe you’ll feel tired, but you’ll feel less angry and less stressed. I keep repeating this to myself in my head and eventually at five to five in the morning I hear the TV go off. I hear my Mum walk out of the front room, into the hallway. She obviously stumbles and falls into my door as she is completely drunk, paralytic is a word I’d use to describe her. She picks herself up and finally makes her way to the bedroom where she’ll inevitably fall asleep.     

A large sigh of relief leaves my mouth, I think I can finally get some sleep. It’s five, I’ve got two and a half hours of sleep to hopefully get me refreshed and ready in the morning. Unfortunately that pain in my stomach, my heavy beating heart weighing me down keeps me up for another half an hour until finally I fall asleep at half five in the morning…

My alarm clock goes off at half seven and I wake up and tap it before sitting up in bed. There’s this tiny pain on my head suggesting I’ve got a headache coming on. I feel ill, like that feeling when you’re really hungry. My eyes feel as heavy as a 500 tonne stone ball and I aimlessly make my way to the bathroom, to look in the mirror at my face. My eyes look tiny, underneath my eyes it looks grey. I look tired, but go to the toilet and do my business before returning to my bedroom. I throw on some short, blue skirt and some brown boots that go up to the knee followed by a strappy pink top. I then put on a long sleeved black cardigan and slowly look in my small mirror. I put on some mascara in hope that it’ll help hide the fact I’m tired.     

Afterwards I brush my hair, curl it and pull on a necklace and spray some perfume on my neck and wrists, hoping my good fashion and perfume smell will help distract people from my tiredness. I grab my bag and make my way downstairs. I pack some food and drink before leaving for school. Glad to be away from the house.     

However, on my way to school I keep thinking of the night before and tears well up in my eyes, but I think stop this and wipe underneath my eyes with my fingers. Stopping the trapped tears from rolling down my face. A large sigh leaves my mouth and I soon arrive in school.    

Everyone’s wandering around without a care in the world, whilst me, I’m caught in my own head at the moment. Wishing I could make it so I was no longer tired. I reach my locker and pull out my books for English and my pencil case before finally making my way to my lesson. In the lesson I’m sat next to Brittany and of course she’s talking about things I don’t really want to talk about. For example, her relationship with Rory. “You know, we were kissing for a whole hour yesterday.” She tells me.
  “That’s great.” I lie.
  “I think he’s going to tell me he loves me.”
  “You’ve been going out a few days.” I state.
  “Love travels fast.” She tells me. “We were thinking of doing a song in Glee club today, however, he wasn’t interested, but I’ll convince him.”
  “That’s great.”
  “Did you know that he gets on really well with Lord Tubbington?”
  “Well, he does.”

Thankfully the teacher then asked a question which usually gets Brittany distracted for a little bit. “Can anyone tell me what an advert is?” Brittany put her hand up and the teacher looked around before looking at her. “Yes Brittany?”
  “Another name for my breasts.” She states.
  “No…” The teacher began and suddenly Brittany was back to me.
  “Umm… So are you jealous of me and Rory yet?”
  “No.” I replied.
  “What? Why not? Were a totally hot couple. Well, me with anyone is hot, but why?”
  “Because I’m with Puck probably one of the hottest guys in school.”
  “Oh yeah, but Rory’s a virgin and I was thinking he could lose that to me. I’ve slept with almost everyone else in this school.” Ok, now I was jealous and a little annoyed. Something like that didn’t mean very much to Brittany, she’d slept with loads of guys, but Rory, he cared about losing his virginity, if he didn’t he would’ve lost it already.    

I decided not to bring it up and thought it be best to zone out, which was pretty easy in my tired state.     

That day lessons went by like a blur and I was relieved when it was lunch because I could buy something to eat and drink. I grabbed a carton of milk and the curry special today before sitting with the cheerleaders as usual. Santana was sat without Brittany for once and Quinn was just there. Puck joined me and Santana looked at me followed by looking at my food. “Your seriously eating something that’s got carbs in it.”
  “Umm… I’m hungry and didn’t get much sleep last night.”
  “I can tell, what’s that underneath your eyes… A tea bag?” I looked down at my food unhappily, people have obviously noticed. I started eating the stale tasting curry slowly. “Aren’t you getting much sleep?” Puck asked caringly.
  “It doesn’t matter.” I smile his way and then get back to my curry.
  “Well, it does because maybe I can help with that.”
  “How… How can you possibly help with that?”  I wondered and looked over at Rory’s table, only to see him looking my way. His eyebrows furrowed, what was his problem? “I was just saying…” He began.
  “Look, it’s none of your business.” I snapped and took my food and drink to another table. An empty table.     

I continued to eat it, as well as sip at my drink. A few minutes later Puck joins my table and looks at me intently. “Seriously, what’s the matter?”
  “Nothing, like I said, I didn’t get much sleep last night.” Suddenly he took hold of my hand and gazed into my eyes for a long moment. I stopped eating and looked back at him. “Look Chrissie, I know that I can sometimes be an idiot, saying stupid things and being unintentionally mean. I know that sometimes I can be a bit full on like the other day after our date. But I just want you to know something, the whole keeping me at a distance and not moaning and saying no to me for trying it on with you well that’s what’s got me a little bit hooked on you. It’s what all girls should be like, not easy.” He squeezed my hand and said. “You strike me as someone who don’t get upset and angry all that easily, so please talk to me about what it is that’s making you feel this way because I really do care about you.”     

For the first time ever Puck had really surprised me. A small smile appeared on my face and I looked down thinking back to the awful night I’d had last night. My smile is quick to disappear. “My Mum is back with my Dad.” I admit.
  “Isn’t that a good thing?” Puck wondered.
  “In the normal world it would be, but not when your Mum is an on and off alcoholic and my Dad chose the moment to get back with her when she’s back on the alcohol.”
  “Oh, how does that connect with you not sleeping?”
  “She was up till five this morning drinking and just being all round loud.”
  “I didn’t fall asleep till half five.”
  “Oh, well in that case, next time that happens you can stay the night at mine.”
  “Really?” I asked him, surprised at his offer. What had this man been drinking today to make him be really nice? “Yeah, I figure this way you’ll get a better sleep.”
  “Are you sure your not just saying this to get in my pants quicker?” I grin.
  “Very perceptive of you to think like that, but no. I really mean it, I care about you, so I’m not going to just let you deal with this alone.”
  “Thank you Puck.” I smile and lean across the table and press my lips to his.     

This time he doesn’t get carried away instead he allows us to just brush our lips gently together before we pull away from one another. “Thanks.”
  “What you saying thanks for this time?”
  “For just being great.”
  “Good, well come on, I’ll walk you to class.”    

He did exactly that and kissed me on the cheek before walking away. Suddenly I felt as though Puck and I were getting close for the first time. His reputation was no longer preceding him. I walked into Spanish more happy than ever. Was it possible that I could stay with Puck and be happy as well as stay popular? Suddenly I was seeing things from a different point of view. Well, until Rory walked into the classroom and sat next to me. He didn’t seem happy. However, I was determined to plaster a smile on my face and be happy to see him after the weekend we spent together. “Thanks again for the weekend Rory, it was brilliant.” He didn’t answer. “Rory?” I asked. “Rory?” I paused. “Look, what’s the matter?”
  “Firstly, you promised to sit with me at lunch today, but I got over that. What was that with Puck in the lunch hall today? It actually looked real what was going on.”
  “It was real Rory, he was being so nice, I’ve never known him to be like that.”
  “Yeah, in other words he wants to go to bed with you.”
  “Look Rory, it was real. And how can you say otherwise when you didn’t even hear the conversation we had and see everything that had happened?”
  “I saw everything perfectly fine. He was sweet talking you round.”
  “Rory, have you noticed something? Number one, you haven’t asked me what the announcement was last night. And despite knowing about my past you haven’t asked me why I look so tired?”
  “What has that got to do with anything?”
  “It’s to do with what Puck and I spoke about, so there you go… What’s the point in us getting close when all we do is fall out all the time?”     

Finn turned around and looked at us both. “Ok, will you guys stop fighting, I swear you have a fight a day and you’re sort of causing a scene.”
  “Sorry.” I sigh and Rory and I start being quiet. The lesson begins as Mr Schuster gets through the door and just like that we don’t talk for the rest of the lesson and yet again I’m zoning out…

With the end of the day also comes Glee club and it’s the one place I’m actually happy to be today. I was unhappy at home and I was unhappy in lessons, if there is a salvation then this is it. Or so I thought…     

Because it turns out Brittany and Rory were doing a duet. “Ok, what’s the duet?” Mr Schuster asked them.
  “Well, it’s actually by a solo singer.” Brittany finished.
  “Cheryl Cole.” Rory smiled.
  “Blame Rory for the bad song choice, he was the one that wanted to sing a song by a failed X Factor judge.”
  “Well, she only failed on the American X Factor and was very successful in Britain.”
  “Whatever, my cat can sing better than her.” Brittany paused. “But I feel this song speaks a lot about mine and Rory’s relationship.” Brittany admits.
  “Ok, start.” Mr Schuster says, obviously getting a little annoyed they’ve not started yet.     

And the song began, Brittany stood in front of Rory in this good dancing pose. She then started to sing. “I don't tell anyone about the way you hold my hand.” She sings and takes hold of Rory’s hand. “I don't tell anyone about the things that we have planned.” She says and takes hold of both his hands, before gazing into his eyes: “I won't tell anybody. Won't tell anybody. They want to push me down,” Brittany let’s go of Rory’s hands and falls to the floor. “they want to see you fall.”    

Rory walks over to Brittany and holds his hand out to her and then he starts singing in this amazing, deep, Irish voice. It sounds like velvet. “Won't tell anybody how you turn my world around.” He helps her up off of the floor and then places his hand on her cheek gently. “I won't tell anyone how your voice is my favourite sound. Won't tell anybody. Won't tell anybody. They want to see us fall.” He sings and they both lean back putting their right arm in the air before leaning forward again, followed by backwards and this time put their left arm in the air. “They want to see us fall.”      

On the chorus they both sung together. “I don't need a parachute, baby, if I've got you, baby, if I've got you.” They were doing good dancing too. Particularly Brittany, who moved her leg around his waist, followed by moving backwards as if she’s doing limbo. “I don't need a parachute, you're gonna catch me.” He pulls her up into his strong arms before spinning her around. “You're gonna catch if I fall. Down, down, down.” They were both then on their knees. Brittany then sang alone. “I won't fall out of love. I won't fall out of, I won't fall out of love. I won't fall out of, I won't fall out of love. I won't fall out of, I won't fall out of love. I'll fall into you.” As she sung this Rory and Brittany stood up, followed by Rory spinning her round over and over again and she leaned backwards, before falling backwards into Rory’s arms.    

Rory then started singing. “I won't fall out of love. I won't fall out of, I won't fall out of love. I won't fall out of, I won't fall out of love. I won't fall out of, I won't fall out of love. I'll fall into you.” He spun her outwards then brought Brittany towards him as he sang the last words and placed his hand back on her face
     They then sang together as Brittany did some expert dancing.

“I don't need a parachute
Baby, if I've got you.
Baby, if I've got you.
I don't need a parachute.
You're gonna catch me,
You're gonna catch if I fall,
Down, down. Down.”

At one point Rory grabbed her underneath her arms and spun her round before letting her go and she then went down into the splits whilst he was behind her with his arms around her waist smiling.      

It was a sweet song and the dancing was great, as well as the chemistry… I was completely and utterly jealous. “Wow! That was fantastic guys!” Mr Schuster clapped and so did everyone in Glee club. Great, just what I need right now! It was then that Puck put his hand up in the air and Mr Schuster looked at him. “Yes Puck.”
  “I also have something I’ve been working on.”
  “Ok. Go ahead Puck.”     

Puck stood at the front with the guitar in his hand. “This is dedicated to a girl I care about very much.” He started playing the guitar and the moment he started I knew what he was playing. “There where your laying!” He sang and continued to sing and play the guitar whilst I look on embarrassed. However, the worst part was the chorus when he sang: “Woahhhhhhhhhhhh! Your sex is on fire!” He was now playing the guitar right in front of me, as well as pointing right at me. I looked around the Glee club very embarrassed. Would this song make them think that I’ve slept with Puck when I clearly haven’t.     

Come the end of the song Mr Schuster still clapped. “Well, your vocals and guitar playing was good Puck, but I’m not sure the meaning of the song is what we are after for regional’s.”
  “That’s ok.” Puck said and took a seat next to me, moving an arm around me, I looked his way and smiled and just leaned into him. I was ready to give into the embarrassment, not caring anymore. Mr Schuster spoke out: “Ok, I’m sorry to say that I’ve not been able to find any Journey songs, so this week I’ve got a new assignment for you. This week were going Christina Aguilera. You can all sing solos, duets, whatever you want, but come the end of the week we’ll be doing one of her numbers together. So operation X-Tina starts now guys!”
  “Don’t worry, I’ve got this Mr Schu.” Mercedes smiled.
  “Actually…” Rachel began. “I have you know Christina is an idol of mine, since both our voices are powerful and were both very creative people.”
  “Rachel, not everyone can be your idol.” Mercedes responded and Glee club was officially over for the day.    

Puck followed me out of Glee club and walked by my side. “What did you think of my song?” He asked.
  “It was good, but now people are going to be thinking we’ve slept together already.”
  “Oh, do you want me to sing you Like A Virgin or something?” He offered.
  “No, because we both know I’m not.”
  “Well, what would you like me to sing?”
  “Look, sing what you want, I just hate being the centre of attention like that, ok?”
  “Ok, I’ll keep that in mind.” He paused. “Hey, fancy doing a duet with me for Christina week?” Puck offered.
  “Sure. We’ll talk about it at lunch tomorrow.”
  “Oh, I was thinking you could come to mine now.”
  “I’ve got to actually try and get on with my Mum. I’m sorry.”
  “Oh, ok.” Puck paused. “Well, good luck and like I said my door is always open.” He pecks my cheek and I smile at him and take hold of his hand and entwine my fingers with his. “Thank you Puck.”
  “No problem. I’ll text you later.”
  “Sure.” I grin and make my way to my locker.     

As I’m putting my books together and into my bag Santana walks over to me. “So things seem to be going well with Puck.”
  “Yeah, they really are.” I smile happily.
  “I think that’s brilliant. You and Puck make a good couple.”
  “Thanks…” I responded shocked at how nice she was being, she walked off as she usually does, but it was so weird how she was being really nice and actually meaning it. As I grabbed hold of the dial on my locker I looked over at Brittany and Rory who are currently by his locker. Some bullies as usual came over to Rory and started pushing him around. He attempted to do the move I taught him, but he wasn’t quick enough as the bullies arm went around his neck and they pulled him to the side and shoved him into the locker. “What’s the matter? Taking tips off a girl not working for you.” Rory just looked at the ground as the bully asked him that.
  “Leave him alone.” Brittany said unenthusiastically.    

My legs carry me over to the bullies. “Leave him alone.” I told them, this was really becoming a daily dose, helping Rory from the bullies. The bully just laughed. “No, guess what? We know how to sort out your little trick now, so you won’t be getting the better of us anymore.”
  “Oh really?” I asked.
  “Yeah.” I turned around and quickly turned back, ready to kick the bully in the stomach hard. However, he caught my ankle in his hands and pulled making me slip and fall on my back. “That’s what you get for defending losers like him.” The bully said and spat on my face, he laughed and hi fived his friends before walking off. Things weren’t going great, my Mum was making me tired and bullies were finally getting the better of me. “Ow.” I complained and “Ew!” I said as I wiped the spit off of my face and wiped it onto the floor. I then sat up slowly and got up.
  “Thank you.” Rory said to me. “Despite our differences you always look out for me when I need you most.”
  “It’s ok.” I smile and Brittany then moves an arm around him.     

Immediately, I decide to leave them to it, so make my way out of the school where I return home to my Mum and Dad.    

When I arrive home, I realise that Dad is at work and that it’s just me and Mum in the house. She’s sobered up and is back to cooking and smiling. “Hey honey, how was your day at school?”
  “Crap. No thanks to you.” I respond shoving my bag on the floor. She suddenly goes quiet as she continues to cook. “I’ve made you Hot Dogs for tea.”
  “Are you really going to pretend nothing’s happened?” I wondered.
  “Well, nothing did happen.”
  “You mean, staying up till five in the morning and turning the TV up so loud so that I can’t sleep is nothing?”
  “I don’t remember that.”
  “Why drink to the point you don’t remember anything? You’re an awful person when your drunk. You better not be drinking tonight.” I state.
  “Oh, I’m drinking tonight.” Mum replied.
  “What?! You drunk last night.”
  “And I have school tomorrow. How am I supposed to get work done when you keep me up till the early hours?”
  “Just give it a rest Christina.”
  “Give it a rest? Give it a rest?! You’ve been home two minutes and I’m already miserable.”
  “Don’t talk to me like that.”
  “Maybe if you stopped drinking I’d have a bit more respect for you to talk to you better. Stuff the Hot Dogs. I’m not even hungry.” I say and go into my bedroom and close the door behind me.    

I collapse on my bed and start crying. This is a great start to the day, isn’t it? I think sarcastically to myself. I hug myself on the bed, wanting this awful feeling to go away. Suddenly, my headache comes on worse than ever so I quickly take some aspirin and lie back down. I hear Mum walk into the front room and watch TV and I have this moment of madness. My legs carry me into the kitchen and I check the breakfast cupboard and behind the cereal I pull out a bottle of vodka. I quickly sneak back into my room and close the door behind me.     

Once again I’m on my bed, I’m staring at the bottle for ages, thinking about what I should do, what I shouldn’t do. All my common sense goes out the window and I unscrew the cap and have my first taste of the vodka. It catches my throat and I cough a little, I pause and then take another sip. For the rest of the day I play music loudly, I dance and take even more sips of vodka. Once I’ve gotten halfway down the bottle I sit in the corner of my room, hugging the bottle and crying. I grab hold of my phone to check the time and see it’s midnight. Mum or Dad hasn’t checked on me since coming home from school because they’re too busy having a party of their own. I then try and text either Rory or Puck, I don’t care, either of them will do. However, it takes forever and I keep pressing the wrong button.     

So I quietly make my way out of the room followed by leaving the house. And then my legs carry me all the way to Rory’s house. I stumble every five seconds and it seems to take forever to walk there because of the state I’m in. However, I manage to take some swigs from the bottle on my way there.    

I eventually reach his house and start knocking on the door. Everyone’s taking forever to answer, so I call out. “Rory! Rory! Rory!” There’s nothing for ages, I keep on banging, until the light by the door goes on and there, standing at the door is Rory. “Christina, what are you doing here?” He looks down at the bottle of vodka in my hand. “What are you doing here drunk?” He rephrases his question and I just climb onto the doorstep and throw my arms around Rory’s neck. “She’s back.” I cry.
  “Who’s back?” Rory wonders.
  “My Mum.”
  “Oh, come in.” He tells me and helps me inside before closing the door behind him. He moves an arm around me. “She’s keeping me up all night and yours seemed the best place to go.” I tell him and go to take another swig of vodka, however, Rory takes the bottle from me. “I’ll take hold of that.” He says. “Right, be quiet until we get to my room, ok?”
  “Ok.” I sighed and Rory helps me up the stairs, which also seem to take forever. He’s slow and steady and leads me into his room for the first time ever. “Your rooms pretty!” I call out.
  “Shh…” He says quietly.
  “I’m sorry.” I whisper.
  “Sit down.” He tells me and leads me to the bed. “I’ll be back in a minute.”
  “Where are you going? Don’t leave me.”
  “I’ll be back.”
  “Ok.” I say.    

My body starts rocking from side to side and out of the blue I just fall back onto the bed. The next thing I know Rory is in the room, closing the door behind him and placing a bucket on the floor. “Why have you got a bucket? I’m not going to throw up.” And I threw up into the bucket. I was now on the floor whilst Rory held my hair back. For ages I was throwing up into the bowl, loudly and messily. Rory rubbed my back and every time I stopped I always turned to him and said: “I’m so sorry about this, I’ve never drunk before and your eyes are so nice…” I turned and puked again. After puking for what seems like hours, I finally stop and my arm is just hanging onto the bed. Rory has his hands on my waist and is watching me. “Is that it?” He asked and I nod my head in response, barely able to speak. “Are you sure?” I nod my head again.
  “Right, let’s get you into bed.” He tells me and takes off my boots and socks. I let out a laugh as he does so. “Rory, why are you undressing me? Are you trying to seduce me?” I slur.
  “I only took off your socks and boots.” He replies and helps me up off the floor, before helping me into his bed and pulling the covers over me. “Stay.” I say, taking hold of his arm.
  “I’ll be back in a minute.” He informs me and takes hold of the bucket full of bile and leaves for a good five minutes.      

When he returns he’s in his boxer shorts and a black vest, I try to whistle his way, but fail and just end up blowing out air. He turns off the light and gets into bed next to me. I turn to him in the dark, placing a hand on his bare arm. His hand goes onto my arm too. “I know your Mum is back and everything, but whatever possessed you to drink?”
  “I don’t know… Maybe I thought I’d get so drunk that I’d be able to come round here and make such an idiot out of myself that you’d let me spend the night with you.” Rory let out a small laugh as I suggested this.
  “Well, if that was the case then your plan worked.”
  “I’m crazy about you Rory.” I inform him, placing a hand on his face.
  “I’m crazy about you too.”
  “Kiss me.” I whisper and he shakes his head.
  “No, I’m not doing anything you might regret in the morning.”
  “We’ve kissed before.” I respond.
  “Hey! I am going to do nothing more than hug you tonight and you’ll thank me for it in the morning.”
  “I’m sorry I didn’t join you for lunch today.”
  “That’s ok.”
  “I forgot after what my Mum did.”
  “What did she do?” Rory wondered.
  “Well, she’s an alcoholic and kept me up all night because of it.”    

Suddenly my phone on top of his draws started ringing. Rory picked it up and showed it to me. “It’s your Dad.” He informs me.
  “I don’t want to talk to him right now.”
  “Ok.” Rory says and takes a deep breath. He answers it. “Hello?” He asks and I can just about hear my Father talking.
  “Hi, who’s this?”
  “Rory.” Rory replies.
  “Can I talk to my Daughter?”
  “I’m sorry, she doesn’t want to talk right now.”
  “Oh, well, where is she?”
  “She’s round mine.”
  “Can you send her home?”
  “No.” Rory replied.
  “Look, you better not be taking advantage of her…”
  “I’m not. The only reason she’s here is because she can’t get any sleep round there, so maybe you should have a word with your wife.” Rory then hanged up on my Dad and I looked at him in shock. “I can’t believe you spoke to my Dad like that.” I giggled after saying that, like a kid that had done something naughty. “Well, what I said was true.”
  “Thanks for not telling him I’m drunk.”
  “No problem. Now get some sleep.” Rory tells me and hugs me tight.
  “Ok, night Rory.”
  “Night Chrissie.” He replies.    

The room spins for a moment, but soon enough it stops and I’m falling asleep in Rory’s arms…

The End

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