Chapter 11-WeekendMature

Christina’s Point of View:
     The weekend had soon come after an hectic first week at school. It had been a total of five days and I’d already kissed two guys and gone on dates with each of those two guys. Something told me I was falling into my old habits. However, there was no way I was going to go back to that, I’m not going to go back to sleeping with different men all the time. If anyone ever found out how many men I’d slept with then they’d realise what a slut I was.    

     So far my total was twenty. First there was the jock guy that got me pregnant and the other nineteen happened after I had an abortion and during the midst of my Father getting bankrupt. All I kept thinking right now was at least I keep turning down Puck, there’s no way you want to start sleeping with guys on a weekly basis all over again.     

     I planned on having a boy free weekend this weekend. Maybe I could do my nails and have a long, hot shower and just pamper myself all weekend. That was the plan anyway. Until there was a knock on the door and Rory was on the other side with this backpack. “Rory…” I began, surprised to see him. “Thanks for that card yesterday.”
  “No problem.” He agreed. “Umm… I’ve got nothing to do all weekend and…”
  “You live with your girlfriend and you have nothing to do.” I replied.
  “I do, but Brittany and I sometimes need some space, so I was thinking bring my Nintendo Wii and my karaoke games and me and you can just belt out songs all day.”
  “Your kidding?” I asked surprised.
  “Come in.” I smile. “You’ll be glad to know that my Dad is at work so won’t be able to hear us singing.”
  “That’s good, on some of the songs I sound atrocious.”
  “I’m sure you sound amazing.” I inform Rory and he follows me into my room where we set the console up to the TV.    

     He puts one of the games in and hands me a microphone which I take hold of. “Pick a song then.” Rory tells me. After having a good look through I decide to choose Bruno Mars, I think I Wanna Marry You. Rory turns to me and I turn to him and were soon belting out the song. “Come on girl!” We sing loudly and point to one another. I swear the neighbours must have been complaining. We get to the chorus and sing to one another: “I think I wanna marry you.”    

     Come the end of the song, I’m laughing because I beat him. “It’s only because you chose the song.”
  “Fine, you choose a song Einstein.” I reply and in the end he chose: I’ve gotta be me. He was obviously going to win because I only knew certain parts of the song. “Whether I’m wrong, or whether I’m right!” We began and that was the part I knew, until the song changed and I was soon singing quietly and Rory started laughing. “Knew I’d win on this one.”
  “That’s it!” I complain, determined to beat him on a song I don’t know.

     However, he beat me as expected, in fact he sort of hammered me. Afterwards I sung Amy Winehouse-Back to Black with Rory and we were both good at this one. It was close to his music and it was also my sort of my music, so we were always over taking one another on the scores. “I go back to… I go back to black…”  We sang with our arms around one another. Come the end I beat him by a measly ten points. “That’s so unfair!” He complains.
  “I think it’s completely fair.” I laugh.
  “Well, you would.” He paused. “Umm… There’s a song on here I was thinking of singing for Glee club, if I sing it to you, will you tell me if it’s any good?”
  “Sure.” I smile. He looks across his music and eventually finds the song.    

     He turns on the song and stands in front of me, starting to sing Adele-To Make You Feel My Love. “When the rain is blowing in your face, and the whole world is on your case. I could offer you a warm embrace. To make you feel my love.” He walks across my room ever so slowly, his eyes, looking towards the floor. “When the evening shadows and the stars appear. And there is no - one there to dry your tears…” He sits on the bed next to me and moves an arm around me. “I could hold you for a million years.” He pauses and gazes into my eyes. “To make you feel my love.”    

     He moves his arm from around me and gets up from off the bed and watches me as he sings. “I know you haven't made your mind up yet, but I would never do you wrong.” As he looks into my eyes, I feel him staring right through them into my soul.
“I've known it from the moment that we met, no doubt in my mind where you belong.” He then gently tilts my face upwards, by lifting my chin up with his hand for a brief moment before walking around with a hand on his stomach. “I'd go hungry I'd go black and blue. I'd go crawling down the avenue. Know there's nothing that I wouldn't do. To make you feel my love.” As he says that line he gets down on his knees in front of me, whilst gently taking hold of my hand.    

     Rory stands up and walks around the room, not having any eye contact with me this time.

“The storms are raging
on the rolling sea
and on the highway of regret
the winds of change
are blowing wild and free.”

     A small smile passes his lips as he looks my way and sings: “You ain't seen nothing
like me yet.”    

      Once he smiles at me, he goes over to the bed, takes a seat next to me, once again places his hand underneath my chin, so I’m looking at him and he’s looking at me. “I could make you happy, make your dreams come true, nothing that I wouldn't do. Go to the ends of the Earth for you.” He paused. “To make you feel my love.” He leans in closer to me, so that our lips are inches apart. “To make you feel my love.” He extends love longer than he’s supposed to, but soon he’s letting go of the microphone and his lips meet mine in this sweet, delicious kiss. Our mouths move to this rhythm that we only know, slow, steady and just all round nice. I taste something so exquisite from kissing him, it’s like these sweet apples that have been dipped in sugar. They’re addictive and making me want more. I slide my arms around his waist, his arms do the same and I feel his slick tongue slowly move across my top lip, followed by my bottom lip.    

     My stomach gets butterflies, my heart gets heavy as though it weighs a kilo. I fall deeper into this kiss, bringing my hand to Rory’s cheek, just so I can feel the warmth of his skin against my hand. I become breathless, unable to breathe because I’m so consumed by passion, lust and a speck of love… Well, not quite love, but something close to that. I feel my mouth get warm and it gets completely engulfed by his sweet, kind kisses.     

     Suddenly, I want a little bit more from this kiss, so I allow myself to make it go that little bit further. I start by allowing my tongue to just lightly brush past his lips to get more of a taste, before I start to slowly explore his mouth with my tongue. Suddenly having all these different flavours explode in my mouth. Strawberries, cream, sugar, all these amazing and bewildering tastes all there. I take the kiss back a notch and just allow our mouths to tenderly brush. A light moan leaves my mouth. “Rory…” I sigh gently. Being completely taken in by this kiss.
  “Umm…” He responds in the midst of kissing me and finally, eventually, unfortunately we move away from one another…    

     For just a moment my eyes linger on him, but then quickly look towards my lap as my cheeks burn a bright red and a large smile appears on my face. “That was nice.” Rory told me.
  “Yeah, I think it’s probably the best kiss I’ve ever had.” I admit and then think, oh sugar why did I just say that. Stupid brain has got to start working around him. “Really? Even Puck?”
  “Yeah.” I reply. “I’ve kissed a lot of guys, some awful, some not bad, some terrible and some really good, but that… That was something else. That was just wow.” Ok brain, just keep quiet, stop talking like that. “I feel completely the same.” Rory tells me pulling me to him, so that I’m lying in his arms. Once again that sense of guilt sets in as I lie in his arms. “But were supposed to be friends.”
  “I know, but I just can’t stop myself. When I’m with you… God, it’s impossible to resist you when I’m with you.”
  “Same, when I’m at school and not able to touch you, it drives me crazy.” I admit.    

     Rory turns to me. “Look, Glee club is about accepting people for who they are. And whether I like it or not, being popular is about who you are and you like it, so I feel that I shouldn’t judge you for that. If you want to see Puck at school then go ahead.”
  “Where did this all come from?”
  “I’ve just had a lot to think about.”
  “Ok. But this us thing, we can’t keep doing this.”
  “Why not?” Rory wondered. “Liking me in this way is apart of you, can’t you just accept who you are and be with me outside of school.”
  “So you want me to date you outside of school and Puck inside school?”
  “Well, sort of…”
  “Rory, no. Ok, I admit sometimes I want to just kiss you, but I can’t just have a full blown relationship with both you and Puck, that’s strange.”
  “Your right. It is a little.”
  “I just need some time before making a decision, ok?”
  “Ok, in that case for the rest of this weekend, we are going to just hang out, nothing more and maybe that’ll hopefully influence your decision.”
  “I can live with that.” I grin.    

     And so that’s what we did, we went back to singing and trust me when I say we were singing for hours! I threw a pizza in the oven and this time I was certainly having a piece or two and Rory didn’t comment otherwise. He just ate with me and drank his glass of cola.     

     After pizza was finished we just ended up talking for hours. About everything and anything. “So how are you finding it living in America?”
  “Strange, but I quite like it.” Rory smiled.
  “What do you do when your at Brittany’s?”
  “Oh, everyone’s usually sat around the table watching TV. There’s some good TV over here.”
  “Bones, that’s quite funny for a crime drama.”
  “Oh my God! I love that show!”
  “No way.” He laughed.
  “I’ve seen every episode. Well, until we had to get rid of cable because of the bankruptcy thing.”
  “Oh yeah, so what have you seen up to?”
  “Umm… I’ve seen the moment where she’s admitted to being pregnant and nothing more.”
  “Oh, so you aren’t far behind then.” I shook my head and smile. “Maybe I could get the DVD’s and we could have this big marathon.”
  “Yeah, that’d be great.” I smile and Rory moves closer to me on the bed. “So umm… About your past, fancy sharing anymore about it?”
  “I don’t know…” I begin and look away suddenly embarrassed, however, he then takes hold of my hand. I look at him. “You can trust me.”    

     I took a deep breath when those words left his mouth. “When I was at my old High school I was the most popular girl in school. I was captain of the cheerleading squad, I was rich and me and my boyfriend Tom had just become Prom King and Queen. We’d been dating for about half a year and on Prom night I lost my virginity to him. I thought that he was a nice guy, that we were in love and were going to spend the rest of our lives together. I was completely naïve. About a month later I found out I was pregnant, I was throwing up and feeling ill all the time and took a test and of course it was positive. When I found out I went into shock and decided to find Tom at school. I found him and took him behind the Bleachers, he was expecting this big make out session, but instead I told him. I told him the truth. He couldn’t believe it when he heard it. So he said: ‘Christina, this isn’t for me, I think it’s best we break up.’ He walked away and I shouted after him that this was his baby too, but he didn’t listen.”    

     I paused, trying to think of the story I’d gone over in my head a million times. Rory squeezed my hand encouraging me to carry on and so I did. “After our talk in the Bleachers I finally found out that he’d been telling all his friends about us hooking up all along. At first I didn’t get the things people were saying, but it was pretty clear everyone knew what had happened and after that talk on the Bleachers he’d told everyone he’d gotten me knocked up. Everyone was laughing and joking that he’d managed to get the most popular girl in school knocked up and soon it spread to the teachers. They tried to deal with it, but there wasn’t much they could do. At this point I thought there was still a chance for me and Tom, so I was going to keep the baby. Only to then get kicked off the cheerleading squad because they couldn’t deal with a pregnant girl as Head cheerleader. The next thing I know my acting has gone down hill, so I lose my lead part in the plays and get to be some backing dancer. I was starting to get really depressed and my Dad soon found out about my pregnancy. He went mad and we decided I’d get an abortion, so I went and got it done, only for everyone at school to know that I had. I don’t even know how they found out. Anyway, I was known as the baby killer and no one talked to me. Even nerds turned me away from me because it was too embarrassing to be associated with me.”    

     Rory moved his arm around me and continuously watched me, I took a deep breath. “And that was when I started sleeping around. I felt numb all the time, just completely numb. I slept with all my boyfriends mates, I slept with anyone to be honest, except this time I had the common sense to use protection. The next thing I know I’m the new school slut and I started getting really depressed which meant I had trouble sleeping at night and the Doctors prescribed me on some sleeping pills which I stayed on for about a month. Only to find that my Dad had gambled all our money, as well as the house. The only thing we had left was the car and his well paid job. Mum left him and me, abandoned us, whilst Dad and I had to sleep in the car for a week. He went to work, I went to school, pretending everything was normal, after about a week Dad got fired. He was going into work scruffy and started to smell since we couldn‘t shower anywhere. We couldn’t afford my sleeping pills anymore and since the only thing we had left was the car and our stuff that was in it from the house.”    

     It was getting close to the end of the story, so I paused for a moment allowing myself to take a breath, to think and get my head sorted. “So we came here and found a way for Dad to get a flat here. “Dad sold his really expensive car for about 7,ooo which is a steal for how much it actually cost him. We got a deposit on a flat and now were just trying to get the mortgage sorted each month which is the reason I should be at work now and had to book a holiday because of my ankle. And that’s pretty mucheverything.” Rory looked at me for a long moment.
  “How many guys did you sleep with?” He wondered.
  “I’d rather not say.”
  “I’m sure it’s not as bad as you think, it’s not like you hit triple digits.”
  “Please don’t make me admit it.”
  “Trust me.” Rory whispered.
  “Twenty.” I finally admitted.
  “See, that’s not too bad.”
  “It is… That’s a lot.” I state.
  “No, it’s really not. When you were telling me this story I was thinking it was fifty or something.”
  “Gee, thanks.”
  “No, I mean, you’ve come out really well from this. I mean, you had to get off those tablets and you seem very normal to me, not depressed at all.” A tear slipped down my face as he said that. “You had so much happen to you in a short amount of time. I mean, your Mum left you…”
  “To be honest I’m glad she did she was always on and off the alcohol wagon, Dad never noticed because he was always at work.”
  “Oh… Well, that’s something. She’s no longer in your life.”
  “Yeah.” I agreed. “And at least I’ve got you in my life now.” I admit and Rory smiles and moves his arms around me and the next thing I know were just lying down on the bed. My head buried in his chest, his arms around me tight. I take in a deep breath, taking in the scent of him.     

     We stay like that for ages, for hours. Just in silence, staying close to one another. The only time we move is when it’s time for Rory to go home. We get up off the bed and he gives me this long, extended hug before leaving for home.

     When he’s gone I quickly get into my pyjamas and go straight to bed and surprisingly, I fall asleep the quickest I’ve ever fallen asleep…

     The following day Rory comes round again and this time we don’t have the heart to hearts and the singing. This time we get a massive bowl of popcorn and have a movie marathon of all the Scream movies. Each of them make us laugh and jump in places. The fourth one had to be the one that made us jump in the most stupid places. You kept thinking the serial killer was just going to come out and kill, for example one of the characters walks into a plant pot and you just jump. However, it was fun and come the end were no longer eating the popcorn anymore, were just throwing popcorn pieces at one another and laughing. “You were terrible in those films?”
  “Me?” I asked, giggling. “You were jumping every second.” I laughed.
  “So were you.”
  “Well, it is a very jumpy film.”
  “And you hogged all the popcorn!” Rory states.
  “No, I did not! You’re the one that was hugging it tight to you when you got scared.”
  “Fine, I’m going to have nightmares about that because of you.” I laughed when he said that and looked at the time. God, it had gone quickly. “It’s seven in the evening.” I state.
  “Wow, those films were long.”
  “I know.”
  “I can’t believe we’ve got school tomorrow.” Rory said.
  “I know. And tomorrow I promise to hang out with you a lot more.”
  “Yeah, I’ll eat lunch with you.”
  “Ok, but beware Brittany will probably be there. I swear she’s turning into a stalker.”
  “Well, she is your girlfriend.” I laughed.
  “Yeah…” He began, but didn’t finish his sentence. “So what are you doing tonight?”
  “Don’t know. Probably homework, having a shower. You know, the usual Sunday stuff.”
  “Yeah, I’m really behind on my homework, usually I’m so far ahead.”
  “We’ve been spending too much time together.”    

     Rory nodded his head and smiled. “Well, to be honest, I don’t think I could ever spend enough time with you.”
  “The feeling is mutual.” I beam and suddenly we catch a glimpse of one another’s eyes, before leaning in and were just mere inches apart when there’s a knock on the door. “Come in.” I sigh and move away from Rory, only for my Dad to walk into my room. He looks at us both for a moment, before speaking. “I just wanted to say I’d appreciate it if Rory goes home in a minute, because I’ve got an announcement for you.”
  “Umm… Sure.” I say.
  “Make sure to be in the front room in half an hour.” Dad says.
  “Ok.” I nod my head and he leaves.    

     Once Dad is gone I turn to Rory. “What do you think that’s about?”
  “No idea.” He responds.
  “It’s never good when my dad has an announcement.”
  “Oh, well, I guess I should go.”
  “Yeah and I’m walking with you. I’m going to avoid this announcement as long as possible.”
  “That’s fine by me, the more time we spend together the better.”
  “Agreed.” I tell him and we both leave my house and start walking over to Brittany’s and on the way back I start quizzing him on his relationship with her. “So isn’t it a little weird being in a relationship with her when you live with her?”
  “Not really it feels the same as before.”
  “Oh, so did you understand any of the Spanish homework we got?”
  “No, I was too busy talking to you. That’s why.”
  “Sorry.” I say.
  “It’s ok, at least all my other subjects are good.”
  “Yeah. That’s a start. So is Santana still giving you trouble?”
  “As usual. She’s making comments about my hair these days.”
  “Oh, I like your hair.”
  “Me too.” Rory laughed.     

     We finally reached Brittany’s house and Rory smiled at me. “Suddenly the roles are reversed, you’re walking me home and not the other way round.”
  “I can take care of myself.”
  “That’s probably true, you’ve done more to those bullies than I could ever do. For the last time you’ve got to teach me that tripping move.”
  “Ok. I’ll show you now.” I smile.
  “Yeah.” I paused. “I’ll do it gently though as I don’t want to hurt you.”
  “Ok.” He says.
  “Right, you stand in front of the person and you take a firm hold of the person’s wrist with your weaker hand.” I do this by taking hold of Rory’s right wrist with my left hand. “And then with your stronger hand you put your hand on their belt by their back and you just grab it, if they aren’t wearing a belt then grab their jeans.” So I then grabbed his jeans.
  “Why do I get the feeling that you’re just copping a feel?” Rory asked and I let out a laugh.
  “I’m not, I swear. However, if you do practice the move enough then all you have to do is place your hand on their back, but your safer going for the jeans right now.”
  “Ok.” Rory nods his head.
  “Right, I’m going to do this slowly with you, but if you want it to actually hurt them you’ve got to do it fast and with all your strength.”
  “At this point I have a choice. If I think I’m strong enough I could flip you on to my back and then over. However, it’s pretty clear that all those bullies are stronger than both of us. So instead I move my right leg out, my body goes to the left slightly and I pull you forward with my hand on your wrist and sort of pull your jeans and push forward and…” In that moment, he tripped over my foot and flipped slowly and fell onto the grass painlessly. “There you go.” I smile.
  “Wow, that’s really good.”
  “Yeah, now you try on me.” He nods his head upon hearing me say that.    

     He then stands in front of me and takes hold of my right wrist with his left hand. He moves his hand to the back of my jeans pulls on them and brings his foot out towards me. “Remember to move your body to the side so you’re out of the way.” Rory does exactly that after I say it and moments later I land on the grass, but pull on him as he does the move, so that he flips too and lands on top of me. “How did you do that?” He asks.
  “You did everything right, but when it’s done slowly it’s easy for the person to pull the other one down. Plus, I know this move too well.”
  “Ok, point taken. Fast is the only option.”
  “Yeah.” I say and suddenly feel his heavy breath on my face and once again were both in a position where we could nearly kiss. However, I stop it and gently push him off of me and get up. “I best find out what that announcement is.” I admit and Rory nods his head.
  “Thanks for the lesson.”
  “No problem. I’ll see you tomorrow at lunch.” I grin and Rory nods his head.
  “See you then Chrissie.”
  “Why does everyone keep calling me that?”
  “Maybe because it suits you.”
  “Whatever. Bye.” I laugh.
  “Bye.” He replies and I’m soon on my way home. Happy with the way my first weekend off in a long time has gone.     

     Suddenly booking a holiday for two weekends in a row didn’t seem such a bad thing, especially if next weekend was going to be the same. I smiled all the way home and then as I walked through the gate to my flat, I saw someone through the window. A woman. My Mother. Oh no, this wasn’t what the announcement was about, was it? Please don’t say they are back together. Please don’t say it. My heart beats loudly and quickly as I take each tentative step towards my front door. Please don’t be back together. Please. I open the door and walk through the front door aimlessly, followed by the front room. As I enter the front room, my Mum and Dad look my way and smile. “Christina, were so glad your back.”    

     Were. Did he just say were? “We have some news for you.” My Dad said. “Me and your Mother have decided to give things a go again. We can be a family again.” No, this isn’t happening, we were fine on our own. We were happy enough. Of course there was the odd argument, but it was better than having some on, off alcoholic that abandoned us returning. “Isn’t that great?” My Mum asked me, but I didn’t respond, I just watched them both. Happy.    

     And I knew now that they were back together, I was going to go back to being miserable…

The End

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