Chapter 10-JealousyMature

Christina’s Point of View:
      Date night with Puck had begun. Despite what was said earlier he came to my house and walked with me to the cinema and bought the tickets for us to see Breaking Dawn. “It’s good we came to see this now since it’s going to be out of cinemas soon.”
  “Yeah.” I agreed and he bought a massive tub of popcorn and carried it into the cinema.     

     As usual the cinema screen was bombarded with adverts first, before the film began. And in that time Puck and I were eating the popcorn like there’s no tomorrow. We were literally putting shovels of it in our mouths at once. As the adverts came to an end, mine and Puck’s hand met in the tub and we turned to one another. I burst out laughing. “Ok, we are not going to kiss after a cheesy thing like that.” I state.
  “I know.” He said, in this as if voice, before crossing his arms and watching the movie.

     A couple arrived at the cinema late and took a seat next to us. “Brittany, Rory?” I began.
  “Oh hi Christina, I didn’t think you’d be here.” Rory tells me and Brittany leans over towards me and looked into my eyes. “Yeah we did. So… Are you jealous yet?” I raised an eyebrow really confused and turned to Puck, who just like me didn’t seem happy about this. “You know we could leave and get something to eat?” Puck suggested and unfortunately Brittany heard and interrupted our conversation. “Yeah, me and Rory could go somewhere to eat. Where were you planning on going so we could you know, follow you?” I looked at Brittany in shock and Rory was just leaning back in his chair looking at the ceiling in disbelief. “We’ll just stay.” Puck intervened.
  “We will too.” Brittany smiled before twirling her hair round her finger as she watched the film. For once it was down and curly, instead of up in a hair bubble.    

     The film started and straight away we were thrown into a wedding scene. And Puck was quick to do the old stretching and yawning thing before putting an arm around me. Can he get anymore obvious? That’s when I thought why Rory was here with Brittany, to make me jealous, she had sort of blown their cover, so I thought what harm could it do making them jealous right back? I leaned closer to Puck and caught his eyes until finally Puck leaned in and kissed me. On the film Charlie, Bella’s Father, was giving the speech and talking about how he’s a cop, however, that didn’t interest me now, or make me laugh like it did the rest of the audience.    

     Instead I was caught up with Puck in this long extending kiss, the way his mouth pressed and stroked against mine. The way his strong, muscular arms wrapped around me. It was like I was in Heaven. That’s when I heard Brittany say: “Rory, I know you like to touch my breasts, but not in public.” I immediately pulled away from Puck and turned to them, both of them oblivious to me looking their way. “I didn’t touch your breasts!” Rory complained.
  “Don’t lie Rory, why are you lying? That’s so not cool.”    

     As they were having this mini argument, I turned to Puck and whispered: “Isn’t Brittany gay?”
  “No, bi.”
  “Oh.” I said and nodded my head, before continuing to watch the film. The person sat in front of Rory and Brittany turned around and shushed them. “That’s incredibly rude.” Brittany told the person that shushed them. “You tell us to be quiet, but then to do that noise you have to make a noise yourself, so shouldn’t you be the one that should be quiet?”    

     Ok, even I wasn’t following this train crash of a date anymore.     

     However, I was going to sit through it. Well, that was until the birth scene came up and Brittany decided that would be a good time to have a long make out session with Rory. She was also being super weird. “Do you think that if we kiss enough I’ll have a Vampire baby?“ Brittany asked Rory and Rory shook his head. I turned to Puck. “Pretend to go to the bathroom and wait outside, maybe we can get away.”
  “I like the way you think.” Puck responds. There’s silence for a moment and Puck and I pretend to watch the film. “Just off to the bog.” He told me, charming I thought to myself as he walked on. Rory managed to get Brittany off of him and turned to me when Puck was out of earshot. “I’m sorry about coming here, somehow Brittany found out you were coming here and got us to come too.”
  “It’s ok.” I said. “I get it. You’ve moved on which is great because I’ve moved on too and I’m starting to see that Puck can be quite nice.”
  “Oh, ok.”
  “Yeah, well, I’ve got to use the bathroom, so I’ll be back in a minute.”
  “Ok.” Rory replies and I make my way out of the cinema, only to find Puck waiting for me outside.    

     He grinned at me and linked his arm with mine. “So I need food.” He states.
  “Same, I could kill for a pizza.”
  “Are you sure you want pizza?”
  “Yes, why?”
  “Well, you’re injured for two weeks keeping you from Cheerios and believe me that’s the easiest time for a girl to put on weight and I don’t think Sue would be happy with you staying as Head cheerleader if you were to gain weight, but it‘s your choice.”
  “I’ll have salad.”
  “Good idea, should we go to Pizza Hut?”
  “Yeah.” I agreed solemnly and as we started walking to Pizza Hut, I turned around one last time to look at the cinema. Just so I could remember that there was a much nicer boy in there who didn’t make me feel bad about eating pizza.     

     I let out a sigh and I finally walked a little quicker to catch up with Puck. When we got to pizza hut Puck ordered this massive meaty pizza, whilst I went straight to the salad bar and grabbed a large plate of salad. When I returned Puck said: “I’m sorry tonight hasn’t been the best night.”
  “That’s ok.” I smile.
  “It wouldn’t have been so bad if that Rory dude hadn’t shown up.”
  “It wasn’t his fault, it was Brittany’s idea.”I attempted to defend him.
  “Oh, well, at least he’s got a girlfriend which means I feel a lot safer about him hanging out with you.”
  “Yeah, but like I said before there’s nothing going on between Rory and I.”
  “I believe you.” Puck grinned my way and I grabbed a fork and took a small bite of some cucumber. “You look very nice tonight.”
  “Thank you.” I reply.
  “Maybe I should dedicate a song to you in Glee club.”
  “Really?” I laughed. “Like what?”
  “Umm… Sex bomb.”
  “Oh.” Suddenly, I wasn’t overjoyed to have a song dedicated to me.
  “Yeah, I’m going to dedicate a song to you on Monday.”
  “It’s not going to be sex bomb, is it?”
  “No, something better than that.” He informs me and I nod my head a little worriedly.    

     His pizza soon arrives and it smells so good, the smell itself just lingers in the air and I start to feel hungry. “Do you think it would hurt if I had one piece?” I wondered.
  “Your welcome to, but you’ll be surprised at how much running you’d have to do to burn it off, which you can’t do at the moment with the condition of your ankle and all.”
  “Yeah, true.” I agreed.
  “I’m just looking out for you.” Puck smiles my way and I nod my head.
  “I know.”

     So I tucked into my tasteless salad and nearly managed to finish it all, whilst Puck had the whole pizza, apart from one piece. The one piece I would’ve had if he hadn’t made me feel guilty about eating pizza. “Guess what we are going to do now?” Puck asked.
  “Were going to run out of here without paying.” He whispers.
  “That’s stealing Puck.”
  “Hey! I had a stint in juvy, this is nothing.” He paused. “On the count of three.” He then started counting to three not knowing that underneath the table I was already getting my purse out, ready to pay. On three he ran, I threw the twenty on the table and went after him a lot slower because of my ankle. The waitress smiled my way and I returned her smile and slipped my purse back into my pocket.    

     I got by Puck’s side eventually and he looked at me: “You do realise you need to be quicker.”
  “The ankle, remember?”
  “Oh yeah.” He says. “So what do you want to do now?”
  “Is it alright if I go home? My Dad is expecting me.”
  “Sure. Unless you want to come back to mine?” Puck suggests and kisses my cheek.
  “I should get back. He’s not happy about me going on a date after what happened before.”
  “Of course. Well, I’ll walk you home.”
  “Thank you.” I say.     

     As we walk towards my house I can’t help but notice that it’s really cold and I start shivering. Rory had given me his jacket before I’d even shivered and I’d thought it was cheesy at the time, but it was nice and it would be nice if Puck gave me his jacket now. “It’s quite cold out, huh?” I asked him.
  “No, but I like to think the cold makes you stronger.”
  “I see. I’m still freezing, I should’ve brought a jacket with me.”
  “Yeah, you should of.” Hinting for the jacket had failed and I couldn’t be asked with anymore hints, so just walked home cold.

     To be honest I was relieved when we both arrived at my house because it meant that Puck would kiss me and of all the things Puck was bad at on a date, well this was one of the good things. “Thank you for tonight.” I tell him.
  “No problem.” He replies and is already getting in close to me, his arms folding around me. His lips meeting mine, his body crushing against mine as we get caught up in this steamy kiss. The next thing I know, his tongue goes down my throat, his hands are moving up my top, going up my back and I feel extremely uncomfortable. I pull away from Puck in shock. “Puck…” I begin.
  “I can’t help it, you drive me crazy.”
  “Yeah, well, good night Puck.”
  “Night Chrissie.” He responds and I enter my house a little relieved to be away from that awful date.     

     On the floor was an envelope with my name on the front and something inside it. I opened it, only to reveal a card that had the word sorry on the front. Inside the card was written:

To Christina
     I’m ever so sorry for Brittany and I intruding your date with Puck, it was inappropriate and won’t ever happen again. I hope it went well and after everything you’ve told me about your past and your Dad, well you’re always welcome to confide in me. Night or day, so here’s my mobile number for just that…

     He wrote his number down in the card followed by the card saying:
Love from

     Well, I eventually managed to get his number after all the times I‘ve needed it lately. That’s a start.    

     The moment I entered my room I placed the card on top of my draws and pulled on some pyjamas and got straight into bed. I needed to sleep after everything that had been going on today…

Rory’s Point of View:
     After watching Breaking Dawn with Brittany, I walked her home and told her I was going to go to church. She wished me luck with the Angels, but the truth was I wasn’t going to church at all. I was going over to Christina’s. I bought her a card and wrote in it for her. It was my way of making friends properly again with her and deep down I thought that by putting my number in the card would mean she’ll text me and maybe, just maybe she’ll start to see me in a different light if we texted one another a lot. We could get to know each other better and we could go round one another’s house easier. It was an option and I knew that the number could mean bad news for Puck, but I just didn’t care anymore. I was always the guy that got bullied, that would never be popular, that would never get the girl, well, for once I wanted to change that. For the first time ever I was going to get the girl, well, at least try to get her.     

     I was going to try even if it meant that I’d be cheating on my “girlfriend” Brittany and even if it meant that Christina would be cheating on Puck. It was wrong, I knew that, but I just couldn’t let her go and I was so tired of trying to resist her all the time. Trying to stay away from her. Things had to change.     

     So I posted the card through her letterbox, only to hear her and Puck approaching her flat. They couldn’t see me now, so I quickly hid behind a bin. It was far from the door and it was dark out which meant it’d be difficult to see me. Thankfully, Christina was too busy looking at Puck to even notice me and Puck was just facing the door. “Thank you for tonight.” She says.
  “No problem.” Puck responds and the next thing I know they’re kissing and his hands are all over her. I just wanted to jump out and pull her away from him. I wanted to tell Puck that he should be showing her some respect. However, with the exception of one girl, Puck had trouble showing girl’s respect.     

     When she pulls away from him a sigh of relief leaves my mouth. Puck…” She says.
  “I can’t help it, you drive me crazy.” Puck responds and I think women in general make you crazy, not just her. “Yeah, well, good night Puck.”
  “Night Chrissie.” She walked into her house and Puck left and there was soon a smile on my face. She actually stopped what was happening between her and Puck and basically walked away from him. Maybe I was in for a better chance than I first thought.     

     Suddenly, trying to win Christina wasn’t enough anymore. I had to win her round, I needed to win her round. And I wasn’t going to stop until I was the one she’d walk down the corridors with holding hands. I didn’t care how long it was going to take. I was going to get her…

The End

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