Chapter 9-The AftermathMature

Christina’s Point of View:
     The following morning I woke up with this big, silly smile on my face. It didn’t matter to me that my Father had been gambling again. It didn’t matter to me that he’d been accusing me of things that I hadn’t done. All that mattered was that I went out with Rory last night and I was starting to see a new perspective on life. I grabbed a bandage from my draw, which I placed around my ankle and then I opened my wardrobe, looking what to wear for today. In the end I settled on a nice top and skirt that stopped at the knee with some black boots which went up to my knee and had a small heel on.    

     Ok, my ankle wasn’t going to be a fan of the heels, but I had a bandage round it and that would have to be enough. It didn’t matter that I was hurt. I had to look good now that there was no point in me wearing my cheerleading uniform for the next two weeks.

     And that morning when I walked into school, I got loads of looks from people in the corridors. Just what I was expecting. I had this massive smile on my face, showing off my perfectly proportioned, white teeth. In that moment, Brittany, Santana and Quinn started walking by my side. Had I somehow magically become the Queen Bee round here because of the clothes I was wearing? Well, I’m sure Quinn wouldn’t agree with that. “You look totally hot, will you go out with me?” Brittany asked.
  “Brittany, please don’t ask out other people in front of me.” Santana says.
  “But it’s true.” Brittany replies.
  “You’ve gained status quickly round here.” Quinn told me. “Don’t screw it up.”
  “Believe me, I won’t.”
  “That means whilst you’re out of your Cheerios uniform you have to continue dressing well, just because you’ve hurt your ankle doesn’t mean that’s an excuse for lazy fashion.”
  “I know.”    

     We all stopped by my locker and before I looked towards the locker. I looked across the corridor, over at Rory. Instantly remembering last night. A smile reached my face, as well as his. It was like one of those moments in the movies where your eyes meet across a crowded room. However, Quinn cut in. “And that means you can’t date losers because that’s out of fashion too.”
  “Ok.” I say and turn to my locker, beginning to hate these rules.
  “Well, we’ll see you later.” Quinn smiled and so did the others before walking away.    

     I looked over at Rory and was about to walk over to him, but then Puck got in my way and moved his arms around me in a tight hug. “Hey hun!” He called to me and I sighed and looked over his shoulder at Rory. We both still had a smile for one another as he turned towards his locker and sorted out his things. Puck had a quick grope of my bum before I pulled away from him with this smile on my face. “Fancy going to the cinema tonight?” He offered. “We could watch Breaking Dawn or whatever chick flick you girls like.”
  “I don’t know…” I began.
  “Hey, we’ve not even been on a date yet. You can’t let me down.”
  “Ok.” I concede.
  “Yes. I’ll meet you at yours.” He informs me before walking off.

     When Puck is gone I can’t help but notice that Rory is gone too and soon Finn is by my side. “So how did it go with Rory last night?”
  “It was amazing. I couldn’t have asked for a better date.” I smile, so pleased with the way my love life was currently going. Finn smiles this small smile too. “So your going to dump Puck then?” He asks.
  “No.” I reply.
  “What, why? I thought you liked Rory now?”
  “I do, but I’m actually going out with Puck and we’ve not been on a date and I don’t think it’d be right to choose until I’ve gone out on a date with both of them.”
  “What? You can’t do that to Rory! He really cares about you.”
  “Yeah and I care about him too, but as it stands were dating, it’s not like he’s my boyfriend at the moment.”
  “Your just like every other cheerleader. You’re using him!”
  “I’m not using Rory at all. When I’m with him, I really enjoy myself. We both do, but staying with Puck is the only way to keep me popular. If I get with Rory then I’m going to be chucked into dumpsters. Do you know what Rory had chucked over him yesterday? Fish guts. I’m not having the same happen to me.”
  “You know, if the roles were reversed Rory would choose you in an instant. You don’t deserve him!” Finn yelled at me and stormed off. I rolled my eyes and walked off to English.    

     Just another lesson with Brittany. She looked my way and said: “Did you know beds can give you cancer?”
  “No.” I sighed.
  “Did you know that cats can cure cancer?”
  “I’ve had cancer three times but I touched my cat and I was cured.”
  “Wow, shocking!” I say. “It’s a miracle.”
  “No, it’s not a miracle, it’s medical.” She says and I nod my head.     

     Oh Brittany, how hard is life going to be when you leave school? I think to myself.

     Come the end of English I wait by Rory’s locker, hoping he’ll go to it, which he does. “Christina, you know it’s not good to be seen talking to me.” He tells me in a sarcastic voice.
  “I know, but look I’m going to go in that janitor’s closet over there and you’re going to follow me.”
  “I am?”
  “Yes.” I smiled.
  “Ok…” He began.
  “But do it inconspicuously.” I tell him and make my way to the janitor’s closet. I get inside it and close the door before waiting for Rory. Moments later he’s in the closet too. “It’s dark in here.” He states.
  “I know.” I smile and throw my arms around his neck before kissing him again. His lips meeting mine, mine meeting his. However, he’s quick to pull away. “What are we doing?” Rory asks.
  “Having a hot making out session.” I state smiling.
  “In a janitor’s closet.” He reminds me.
  “Look, what happened between us last night was right, it was real, but now were sneaking around. Your cheating on Puck. This isn’t right.”
  “It is right Rory.” I inform him. “It’s me and you. This is the answer to us being able to talk at school as well as other things.”    

     He let’s out a long sigh before speaking again. “I care about you, I do, but what are we doing? I hate being the other guy, I’m never the other guy. I want you and I don’t mean in some janitor closet kind of way. I want you, all of you. I want to hold your hand down the corridor, I want to kiss you by my locker, but this. It’s not right.”
  “Wait, you are actually turning down the chance to have a make out session with me in the closet?”    

     Rory didn’t answer, instead he just left the closet. Once he was gone I went out myself and caught up with him. “Rory!” I called after him and walked by his side. “I’m sorry.” I tell him. “It’s just a difficult time at the moment, my Dad’s been gambling again and…” He immediately pulled me into a hug, which I fell into willingly. He stroked my back and had one hand at the back of my head. “What is this then?” I hear a man say before moving out of Rory’s hold. “Oh, the loser has got himself a girlfriend.” The footballer laughs before pushing Rory into the locker, followed by me. I look at him annoyed.    

     God, how much does it take to stay popular in this place?! This morning I was the most popular girl in school and now for talking to Rory I’m the most unpopular girl. “I’d beware of her.” One of the guys pals said to him.
  “Please, a little girl that can’t even stand on the pyramid without falling.”
  “Screw you!” I shouted and did my move of wrapping my hand around his belt, taking hold of his wrist and flipping him on his ass. As he lay on the ground I placed my foot on his crotch area. “Now you’re going to leave us alone otherwise I may have to slam my foot down on something hard?”
  “Please don’t.” He asked me.
  “Well, from now on you and all of your other friends will not lay a finger on Rory, you hear me?”
  “But… Why him? He’s…”
  “A nicer person than you. Now leave us alone!” I yelled and walked by Rory’s side to the next class.    

     Rory looked my way. “You’ve really got to teach me that move.”
  “One day.” I grin.
  “And something tells me they’ll still come after me despite what you keep doing.”
  “Well, then they’ll have me to deal with.”
  “Can I ask you something?” Rory wonders.
  “Sure.” I agree.
  “Why are you so worried about becoming unpopular when it’s pretty clear you can defend yourself?”
  “I may be able to defend myself from locker shoves but not when a slushie is thrown in my face. Not when they pick me up and attempt to throw me in a dumpster.”
  “Good point.” Rory agrees.

     Before our conversation can continue, Puck sees me. Great! How am I going to spend time with Rory when Puck keeps randomly appearing out of nowhere. “Hey Chrissie.” He smiles my way, giving me this new nickname that I’d never heard him or anyone else say before. He leans in and whispers in my ear. “Fancy going over to the Bleachers?”
  “Why not?”
  “You know why not.” I respond obviously and Puck looks at me in shock.
  “Were a couple, who’s to say we can’t make out here and there?” Puck asks, placing his hand on my ass. I move his hand off my ass and look him in the eyes. “Puck, if you want me to continue being your girlfriend then you’re going to have to work hard tonight.”
  “What, why?”
  “The whole make out sessions, trying to touch my breasts and butt all the time, it’s no the way to a girls heart.”
  “But…” He began.
  “I don’t care what got other girls into bed, but I’m not one of the easy ones.”    

     Just as I was taking control of the situation Rory decided to join in. “Look, maybe you should treat her with a bit of respect. No girl likes to have hands placed in inappropriate places.”
  “Ok, I’m getting fed up with you always getting involved!” Puck complained.
  “Puck, what’s the matter with you?” I ask him.
  “Well, it’s him, isn’t it? He’s always around. I can’t get five minutes with you because he’s always going to be there, isn’t he?”
  “Your being crazy.”
  “Am I?” He asks.
  “Yes, there is nothing going on between Rory and I.”
  “Good, well, in that case I’m taking you out on a killer date tonight.”
  “That’s all I wanted you to do anyway.” I state and Puck nods his head before walking off into a classroom.     

     I made my way back over to Rory’s side. “So where were we?” I asked him happily.
  “Well, apparently there’s nothing going on between us, so I’m just going to go towards my lesson.” He tells me and turns around and starts walking.
  “Rory!” I complain, shocked at where all this is coming from. What is it with the men today? God! I catch up with him and place my hand on his shoulder. “Rory, you know I can’t just tell him the truth.”
  “There’s nothing going on between us. So our date, that kiss last night. That was nothing, was it?”
  “I’m ready to admit to the world that I have feelings for you. Why can’t you do the same?” He asks and storms off, it was the first time I’d seen him really angry, yet he still didn’t raise his voice to me. However, I couldn’t help but feel bad.    

     And unfortunately with PE next I had a lot to think about as I sat there bored whilst everyone was running round. My ankle had changed my life too much since spraining it yesterday.     

     Once again I was a at point where I wished I’d taken down Rory’s number, so I could text him, maybe win him round, but not having it meant I was at a lost. Maybe I could wait for some bully to come along and then I could help him again that always gets us talking and back on track. Yeah, that should work.    

     I looked across the room to see Quinn flirting with Finn, her plans of trying to get him back were certainly in place. Why couldn’t she just leave him be, he was probably better off with Rachel. Yes, Rachel was crazy and often a little psychotic at times, but she didn’t strike me as manipulative, which Quinn could be if she wanted to.

     After PE had finished Finn made his way over to me to talk. “Look, I’m giving you one more chance. Break up with Puck or you lose Rory forever.”
  “Who died and made you call the shots? The last I heard that was Rory’s decision.”
  “I’m one of his good friends, he’ll listen to me. I can tell him to try to be with you or I could tell him to just leave you to it. It’s your choice.”
  “I’m not breaking up with Puck.” I say.
  “It’s not worth it using him to make you popular.” Finn states.
  “It is.”
  “Well, I guess you’ve lost Rory forever then.” As those words leave Finn’s mouth a tear slips down my face.
  “Yeah, that’s right. I’ve lost everything else in my life and now you’re going to make me lose him too.”
  “I didn’t make you lose him, you did.” Finn informs me before walking off into the changing rooms.   

     It had annoyed and upset me what Finn was about to do and I wanted him to stop it, but what else could I do? It seemed that nothing I did would stop Finn from doing what he pleased.    

    My legs carried me to Spanish very slowly where Rory was sat down. “Hi Rory.” I say, as I look towards him and he doesn’t respond. Perfect, just what I need is the silent treatment. “Rory, I’m sorry, ok? Can’t we just be friends?”
  “We tried that remember?” He replied. “It didn’t work out so well.”    

     And unfortunately Mr Schuster saw us talking. “Rory, Christina. Quiet please.” He said and so as we had to be quiet I pulled out some paper and wrote a note for Rory.

     Rory, I’m sorry that this Puck thing is difficult for you, but you know as well as me there’s nothing I can do about it.

     I passed Rory the note who read it and thankfully replied. He handed me the piece of paper back.


     Yes you can, all you have to do is break up with him and admit that you have feelings for me too.
     Upon reading this I wasn’t happy with where this was going, but I had to keep on until Rory understood.

     Rory, if I do that think. We’ll both be screwed. We’ll both get bullied all the time, Puck won’t be able to help us, in fact he’ll probably join in. Our lives would be worst than ever. None of that is worth it. Plus, think of the fall out with Puck when he finds out I’ve broken up with him to be with you? There’s so many things that could go wrong, why can’t you see that? I hate seeing you get hurt by the bullies and I wouldn’t be able to bare it if that got worse for you all because of this thing between us going out.

     As I handed Rory the paper he took a long time to read it and think about it. Before once again replying.

     I don’t care about the bullies, I don’t care how Puck will react. He’s going to find out sooner or later and it’s better to make it sooner. I hate this, I hate lying and sneaking around just to go on a date with you, it’s all happening so fast between us and I feel this us thing isn’t heading in the right direction if we continue to lie. And if we backed each other up round the bullies then they wouldn’t matter because come the end of the day we would’ve won and can spend time together like a proper couple.

     A sigh left my mouth as I read that, how the Hell was I supposed to reply to something like that? In the end I took the angry and most likely the wrong approach.

You know what Rory, the only reason I asked you out was because of Finn. Things were fine between us before that date, you weren’t putting so much pressure on me. I never even wanted to go on a date with you because I knew something like this would happen. Now if you don’t mind I’d rather go back to being friends, that way we can talk and I can continue with Puck, ok?

     It took mere seconds and he replied with an ok.    

     Of course the friends thing doesn’t work like that though and for the rest of the day things were awkward between us…

Brittany’s Point of View:
     When Spanish was over relief swept over me. Why do they even make us say weird vowels that no one can understand? I actually understand Lord Tubbington more than I do the weird Asian language that is Spanish.     

     Santana and I were walking side by side, but I couldn’t concentrate on her. I was worried about my cat. He’d been smoking again and I wasn’t happy about it. I’ve gotten him off the cigarettes before, so I’m just going to get him some patches after school.     

     Lord Tubbington and I had been having a lot of conflicts lately. He’d been smoking, reading my diary and stealing my books for school. I tried to tell him that cats don’t need an education, but he just purred at me as if he was bored and so I gave him the silent treatment. The attitude of him! However, I was missing him, maybe I could make a tribute to him in Glee club. I could write a song about Lord Tubbington and perform it. The words could be like: you smoke, you joke you’re my only Lord Tubbington. Some cats like cat nip, but you like to read my diary. Oh Lord Tubbington!    

     Ok, so it needs a lot of work, but I’ll get there. Santana let out a loud sigh and looked my way. “Are you even listening Brittany?”
  “Sorry, my cat is smoking again.”
  “Cats don’t smoke Brittany.”
  “Well, lord Tubbington does.”
  “Look, whatever, we need to stop Christina and that loser Rory from getting any closer, it’s bad enough that they’re even friends.”
  “How are we going to do that?” I wondered.
  “Well, it’s clear that Rory is jealous of Puck, so all we need to do now is make Christina jealous and so pissed with him that she won’t give him the time of day.”
  “What’s the point on keeping them apart?” I wondered.
  “Remember, Quinn wants Finn back and the only way of doing that is by keeping Puck occupied with Christina. If that falls apart then Quinn is screwed.”
  “Oh! I know how to make her jealous.” I smile.
  “I’ll bring Lord Tubbington into school and Rory could hold him, Christina would be so jealous.”
  “Ok, if you think we are going to carry your overweight cat into school think again.”
  “He has a lead.” I state.
  “No, here’s my plan. You can go to Rory, pretend we’ve broken up and then go out with him.”
  “I don’t know.”
  “Brittany… He knows I don’t date losers and am lesbian, so it’s going to have to be you.”
  “Ok.” I agreed. “Do I have to sleep with him?”
  “I’d appreciate it if you didn’t, but you can lie about sleeping with him.”
  “Ok.” I smile and tighten my ponytail.


Rory’s Point of View:
     I’m standing by my locker, leaning against it as I’m watching Puck and Christina talking and laughing. He keeps trying to kiss her neck. Which is really aggravating. I wish it could be like in the movies where they see how sad you are that they’re with someone else. So they choose you. However, this wasn’t the movies and the one thing more important than me to Christina was her popularity.    

     Who was I kidding anyway? I never had a chance with a girl like that in the first place.     

     My hands opened my locker door where I was about to grab my bag when suddenly Brittany appeared by my side. “Hi Rory.” She smiled.
  “Hey Brittany.”
  “So you know a while back I was going to give you my pot o’ gold.” She began.
  “Yeah?” I asked.
  “Now I’d like you to have it.”
  “What about you and Santana?”
  “Oh, were supposed to be broken up.”
  “Supposed?” I asked.
  “I mean, we are.” She grinned and got closer to me. “Your so hot.”
  “Thanks umm… I’m sorry, but I’m interested in someone else.” I state.
  “Rory.” She began. “You were asking for my pot o’ gold, which would mean that I’m technically your first crush so Rory you can’t turn your back on me.”    

     I turned around and literally did turn my back on her as I grabbed my bag out of my locker and closed it behind me. She was still standing there grinning at me. “You can kiss me you know.”
  “No, it wouldn’t be right.”    

     The next thing I know Brittany gets in close and literally lays one on me, I’m shocked at first, but then sort of go with it before she pulls away. Christina is now the one by her locker alone, looking my way. Brittany leans in close and whispers in my ear. “You see Christina over there, I think me and you could make her jealous.”
  “I don’t know…” I began.
  “Come on, she’s already seen us kiss.”    

     As Brittany said that I looked over at Christina, who quickly turned away and looked in her locker. I looked at Brittany and said to her: “No thanks.” I then made my way over to Christina and smiled at her. “Heya.” I said.
  “Yeah, just kiss the first girl that comes along to make me jealous. Very mature Rory!” She yelled and stormed off.    

     Ok, had today I’d woken up and ended up in bizarre world?! What was going on? As I watched Christina walk off Brittany went to my side. “So my offer…” She began and I thought about my options as I continued to watch Christina walking, with the click clock of her heels behind her.     

     Was it a good idea for me to get a girlfriend? A girlfriend that would make Christina jealous…

The End

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