Chapter 8-Date NightMature

Christina’s Point of View:
     I looked in the mirror, as I put on my light pink lipstick. I was wearing flat black shoes with a red dress. My make up was simple, my long blond hair was curled with plenty of hair spray to keep it in place. And as I looked at myself, looked at what I was getting ready for I realised something. What was I doing? I was going on a date with Rory purely because Finn had convinced me to. Was that grounds to go out with someone?     

     My legs carried me towards the door, not having Rory’s number was difficult. It meant that I’d actually have to walk to his house to cancel. My hand opened my bedroom door and then I walked over to the front door and pulled it open.    

     That’s when I saw him. His hand hovering, ready to knock on the door. A bunch of flowers in the other hand. “Wow Christina.” He paused. “You look beautiful.” Rory said, staring my way, I was stopped dead in my tracks. “These are for you.” He states and hands me the flowers. “I’ve just called a taxi, so that should be here soon.”
  “Ok.” I grin and take hold of the flowers. “Thanks for these, come in.” I say and slowly make my way to the kitchen, hobbling. I put the flowers in a vase with water in, before turning round to see Rory in the kitchen with me.     

     He’s wearing blue jeans, black shoes and a nice top, which he’s wearing a black blazer with. “You look smart.” I state.
  “Thank you. How’s the ankle?”
  “Ok, I’m still annoyed with it.”
  “I bet.” He smiled and my dad then decides to walk into the kitchen, making me feel awkward. Despite this, I suddenly felt I was no longer going to protest and will go out on this date with Rory.    

     Just stay calm Christina, just stay calm. He’s not going to say anything stupid. “When did you two start dating?” Dad wondered.
  “Umm…” Rory and I began confused.
  “I thought you were with that Puck guy?”
  “I am.” I smile.
  “And yet your going out with Rory?”
  “As friends.” Rory put in for me thankfully. I was surprised he was ok with saying that. I smiled and said: “Yeah.”
  “Ok.” Dad said and walked back into the front room.
  “Awkward.” Rory states.
  “Yeah.” I say, losing my breath slightly, only for Rory’s phone to ring.
  “Taxi’s here.” He informs me and walked towards the front door, he opens it and gestures for me to go out first.     

     I do exactly that and turn to Rory. “So are we just going out as friends tonight?“ I ask curiously.
  “Well, we’ll see where the date takes us.“ He grins my way. He walks in front of me and opens the taxi door for me, we both slip in, me followed by him and then Rory says to the driver: “Can we go to Breadsticks please?”
  “I’m sorry, what are you saying?” The taxi driver wondered.
  “Breadsticks.” Rory responded.
  “Breadsticks.” I cut in and finally, the taxi driver understood. I turned to Rory who moved his hand across the seat and slipped his hand in mine, like earlier on.    

     However, the difference was this time there was no chance of us getting caught holding hands. We sat there in a comfortable silence, just enjoying the ride when the taxi came to a stop outside Breadsticks. Rory paid the man and Rory helped me out the taxi with his hand. We walked over to Breadsticks. Rory’s hand leaving mine and instead his arm going around me. I could smell his after shave as well as his deodorant. Was that Lynx? “I can’t believe he didn’t understand me.” Rory states.
  “I know! I’m American, but I understand you completely.”
  “To be honest, I think the accent just makes you cuter.”     

     His cheeks blushed a little and then a waitress walked our way, before showing us to our table.     

     On the table was already a basket of Breadsticks and some menus, Rory and I looked at the menus simultaneously. Both of us deciding what we should have to eat. “The steak looks nice.” He states.
  “I’m thinking Bolognese.”
  “I thought you were worried about your weight?” Rory asked back.
  “Well, I’m not going to be a Cheerleader for two weeks, so that gives me two weeks to lose it and tonight I’m eating what I want.”
  “Good, maybe if you did that more often you wouldn’t fall off of pyramids.”
  “Oh, you went there, didn’t you?!” I laughed.
  “I had to have an argument.” He grins “And if I’m being honest it’s actually nice seeing you in something other than a cheerleading outfit.”
  “Really.” He agreed, nodding his head. “That’s sort of why my jaw hit the floor when I saw you.”

     Unfortunately a waitress came to us and broke the moment up. “Are you ready to order?”
  “Yeah.” Rory said and ordered us the food we’d discussed and asked me what drink I wanted. I just wanted water and soon enough the waitress brought a big jug filled with water as well as a glass and Rory just had cola. I looked at Rory for a moment and was amazed at how in shape he was. What the Hell was that man’s secret?! “What’s your secret?” I wondered.
  “My secret?” He asks.
  “Yeah, how do you stay so thin?”
  “Umm… Nothing.”
  “Surely there’s got to be something.”
  “Well, I perform a lot.” He informs me. “But I eat whatever I want and that never affects me.”
  “I’m jealous.”
  “Why?” He laughs. “You’re the most gorgeous girl in school.”
  “But not the thinnest.”
  “Just because you aren’t the thinnest girl in school doesn’t mean your not thin. I think you should love your body a lot more, if it’s good enough to get you Head of the cheerleading squad then believe me it’s just fine.”
  “Thank you.” I said. “Your very sweet. Puck doesn’t say things like that.”
  “That’s because the one thing Puck loves more than thin girls are thinner girls.”
  “I heard he went out with a big girl last year.”
  “So did I. I wonder if it’s true.”
  “Yeah.” I agreed.     

     I twiddled my thumbs for a moment and looked Rory’s way. “So do you ever miss you family?”
  “Yeah, everyday.”
  “I’m sorry.”
  “No, don’t be, it was my choice to be here and when I’m with you I find that I don’t think about them as much. You help distract me in the best way possible.”
  “I’m glad.”

     Once the food arrived I realised something. Rory was a very messy eater. I watched him in surprise at the way he managed to get steak juices on his chin. Ketchup on his cheek, as well as spill some of his drink down him. I let out a little laugh. “What?” He asks me in this cute, clueless voice.
  “Your eating habits are atrocious.”
  “I’m not talking with my mouth full.” He states as a good thing.
  “That’s something.” I smile.
  “I see that one is more than happy to criticise other people’s eating habits, but they’ve not started eating their food, so I can’t see what she may look like when eating.”
  “Great, now when I’m eating this I’m going to be self conscious.”
  “I could close my eyes while you eat.” Rory suggests.
  “What? And weaken your chances of actually eating properly. Knowing you if you ate with your eyes closed I’d probably have a piece of stake on my head.”
  “Well then I guess you’re going to have to be self conscious.” Rory grins and I look at him for a brief moment, before grabbing hold of my fork and carefully twirling the spaghetti around it.    

     I managed to get a little Bolognese with it before putting the food into my mouth slowly. Taking little bites. “Well, aren’t you a little posh?”
  “Me? Posh?” I laugh.
  “You eat as if you’re the Queen or something.”
  “That’s a little bit overdramatic, don’t you think?” I offered.
  “No. Not at all.” He smiled and I grabbed my tissue and rolled it in a ball and threw it at his head. “One is not amused I see?” He jokes in this weird half Irish, half posh voice.
  “Stop it!” I giggled.
  “Never because I absolutely love your laugh!”
  “You do?” I asked.
  “Yeah, it’s funny.”
  “Gee, thanks.”
  “Well, it is. It changes every two seconds.”    

     He leaves me blushing yet again and I’m soon eating my food to fill up the time I’m feeling shy. We both eat quietly for a short while, having calmed from our little laughing fit. By the time we’ve finished eating, Rory having ate all of his whilst me only managing half we start up the conversation again. “Couldn’t eat it all then?”
  “No, I’m stuffed like a turkey at Christmas.”
  “Ok, the pictures forming in my mind right now aren’t pretty.” He laughed.
  “I love the way you take everything so literal.”
  “It’s one of my many talents.”
  “You mean besides singing?” I offered.
  “Yeah, I’m a pretty good dancer too.” I was about to say something to that, as if I was surprised, but then he said: “Ok, complete lie. I have two left feet. I think once I actually tried to walk sideways in a song really slowly and I tripped and fell on my ass.”    

     I burst out laughing, whilst simultaneously snorting, which led to Rory laughing and us receiving weird looks off the people sitting around us. “Ok, snorting not sexy at all.” I laugh.
  “I don’t know, somehow you manage to maker snorting sexy.” Rory tells me and I roll my eyes.
  “You find anything sexy.”
  “I do not!” Rory protested.
  “Please, if you think that’s sexy then you really need you head checked.”
  “I don’t think your Dad is sexy.” He states.
  “Oh, don’t even go there!” I complain.
  “Why not?”
  “Just my Dad and the word sexy in the same sentence. Eurgh!”    

     In that instant the waitress placed the bill on the table. I reached out to get it, but Rory picked it up first. “I appreciate you doing the cheque dance with me, but it’s honestly on me.” Rory explains.
  “Are you sure? I have the money.”
  “I am very sure. Now put your purse away.” He states and takes his wallet out, pulling out some money which he places inside. Afterwards, we leave Breadsticks together. Rory turns to me. “I’ll call that cab.”
  “Oh, no you don’t.” I tell him.
  “Why not?”
  “What was missing on the ride over here was good old chatting, so your not going to buy me a cab, you’re going to walk me home instead.”
  “Oh, am I now?” Rory laughs. “What if I refuse?”
  “Then we’ll never go out again.”
  “We can’t have that then, can we?” Rory smiles and looks at me. “So if your walking home then you’re going to have my blazer.” He states and takes it off and slips my arms in the arm holes, the blazer is way to big for me, but it’s warmer. And soon Rory’s arm is around me.    

     I look at him. “Oh, I see, the cheesy guy act thinking it’ll convince me to go on a second date with you.”
  “As if I need to convince you for a second date.”
  “Oh… That’s it, from this moment forward I’m playing hard to get.”
  “Well, go on then. Storm off or whatever it is you girls do to play hard to get.” Rory tells me and I think for a moment, realising there’s no way out of this, so I conceded defeat. “Ok, I’ve hurt my ankle, there’s no way I can storm off away from you when I’m using you to lean on.”
  “Oh, that’s all I am is it? Someone to use.”
  “You know you’re a lot more than that.” I smile and lean in that little bit closer.    

     The walk goes into silence as our conversation dies down. So now seems like a good time to talk about earlier on. “Umm… I noticed you trying out for football earlier.”
  “Yeah.” Rory looked down. “It didn’t go too well.”
  “I noticed, but someone like you doesn’t need sports.”
  “I don’t?”
  “No. Your fine and cool without the sports.”
  “You think I’m cool?”
  “To me you are.” I grin. “So why did you try out for football?”
  “To seem cool.”
  “Why do you want to seem cool?”
  “I thought maybe if it helped get me cool then I could stop getting bullied and then go out with whoever I want. You know, all the good things you can achieve at school.”
  “Well, if you wanted I could help you with football.”
  “Really? What do you know about football?”
  “I’m American, you’re British. I know a little more than you do.”
  “No offence, but I don’t think a Cheerleader is good enough to get me on the men’s football team.”
  “Do I have to remind you that those male footballers who you think are cool, well, I did put them on their asses the other day?”
  “Ok, point taken.” Rory agreed.    

     We reached my house and I moved away from him slightly. “Right, I’m going to go on the grass and I want you to run over and just take me down.”
  “What?! I can’t do that!”
  “Why not?”
  “Because you’re a girl and you look amazing in that outfit without getting mud all over it and do I have to remind you that you’ve hurt your ankle?”
  “Rory, I don’t care about all that stuff. Just run over to me take me down. It’s harder than it looks.”
  “But this feels wrong.”
  “Rory, you’re the one that wanted to get on the football team and failed.”
  “Fine…” He sighed and the next thing I know he’s running and then boom!    

     My body hit’s the grassy ground, his body hits mine. I’m surprised for a moment, until Rory says: “I’m sorry. I was too harsh and…” I turn over to face him, his body on top of mine. I flashed him a smile, happy with his progress. “That was great Rory, that’s exactly what you should be doing as a football player.”
  “Thanks, I guess.” He pauses. “But I’m sorry if you’re muddy.”
  “Don’t worry about it.” I inform him.     

     Rory nods his head before stroking some hair out the way of my face. “You really do look beautiful tonight.” Before I can think, before I can even respond, his lips are on mine. My arms wrapped around him, his wrapped around me as I fall deeper and deeper into this kiss. Brushing my mouth against his, just lightly touching. God, kissing him that little bit more made me want more of him. I let out a light moan as the kiss became deeper, sweeter even. And that’s when Rory pulled away. “I guess we didn’t go out as friends after all.” He smiles my way.
  “Nope.” I reply with a smile on my face and move my arms around his neck, pulling his face down towards mine again, so I can kiss him again. His mouth tenderly brushes against mine, just these soft strokes. Making me glad I’m lying down because my legs were officially turning to jelly. His hand went to the back of my head, bringing me softly into the kiss that little but more. Making our lips meet over and over again. My breathing becomes heavy and I feel my cheeks get hot with anticipation.    

     This time we both simultaneously pull away and I see the streetlight shine in his eyes, making them glisten. Sparkle even. He strokes some hair our the way of my face and presses his lips to my cheek before pulling away. I’m surprised, usually when I’m with Puck in one of our make out sessions he’s tried to cup my breast. However, Rory didn’t try to do any of that once.    

     He got up and pulled me up too, before walking me to my door. “I’ve had a really good time tonight.” He informs me and I look at him, still in surprise. It’s been a good five minutes from us kissing to getting to the door and he’s not trying to do anything more. Was he a guy that actually didn’t just think about one thing? “Me too.” I grinned. “Thank you so much for this date it’s given me a lot to think about. And I’ll see you at school tomorrow.”
  “Yeah, same. See you then.” Rory replies, leaning in, pressing his lips to my cheek. I catch my breath for a moment and close my eyes as his lips graze against my skin. Before finally slowly moving his mouth away from my cheek. “Goodnight Christina.” He tells me breathlessly.
  “Night, do you want your blazer back?” I offer.
  “Keep it.” He told me, before walking away slowly. I make my way into my home.    

     Completely and utterly happy with the way the date went. I couldn’t have asked for anything better. That’s when my Dad walked into the hallway though. “Did you have a good date?” He asks me.
  “Yeah, it was amazing.” He looked me up and down as I spoke.
  “You’ve got mud all down you.”
  “Yeah… It’s a funny story. Rory…”
  “I don’t want to hear it.”
  “Daddy!” I spoke his name in shock.
  “I thought I could trust you, despite what happened, but obviously not since you’re more than happy to sleep with anyone.”
  “I’ve not slept with him.”
  “Why do I find that so hard to believe?!”    

     As he yells at me I see the slip of paper on the side and pick it up to have a look, my eyes glaze over. “Oh, I see what this is about.” I begin and roll the slip into a ball, before throwing it at him. “Had a bad day at the bookies, have we? So if you’ve fallen off the wagon of course I have!”
  “No! You lost us everything! Everything! Because of you we live in this crappy house, in this crappy town and I have to keep our poor lives a secret. And now here you are gambling again, the one thing that lost us everything in the first place. What’s wrong with you?”
  “What’s wrong with you going after two men?”
  “I’m making a decision, it’s not like I’m sleeping with them.” I tell him and go to walk towards my room, which is when that one, harsh word leaves his mouth. “Yet.” Dad says and it rings in my ears and I feel the anger boiling up to the surface.    

     However, I let it go and instead just storm into my room closing the door behind me. For that one moment my ankle no longer hurts, I was too hyped up on adrenaline and anger to even notice.     

     I got the argument out of my mind quickly and got changed before climbing into bed. I’d had a bad night, but I knew it was nothing a good night’s sleep couldn’t cure. Well, at least I hoped so…

The End

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