Chapter 7-Becoming PopularMature

Christina’s Point of View:
     The bell went surprisingly fast, but that was probably because I bunked off the first half of the lesson to have this totally hot make out session with Puck. Completely worth it! I was still smiling at the thought of kissing him again.    

     As I walked out of the classroom, Puck walked by my side and moved an arm around me. We entered the corridors and of course everyone was staring at us. It took half a class and here we were, me and Puck the most hottest couple in school. Puck walked with me to my locker where I got everything sorted out.    

     And of course Rory was getting his daily does of being bullied by getting shoved into the locker. I looked his way longingly. Having this debacle with myself. I should help him, but I shouldn’t. Puck then turned to me and smiled. “I got this.” He said and walked over to Rory and the guys bullying him, I got in close to hear what Puck was going to say. “Ok, get your asses away from Rory before I kick your asses away from him and might I remind you I had a quick stint in juvy.” Straight away the bullies backed away and I smiled, finally, Puck was using his power around here for something good.    

     Puck helped Rory up and picked up his books. “Look, I’m sorry about earlier Rory. I thought there was something going on between you and my girl, but there obviously isn’t. I mean, I’m the Puckster and all that. I guess what I’m trying to say is that if you continue being her friend and nothing more than that then I’m on your side, I will help you everyday.”
  “Thanks man.” Rory smiled a big smile.
  “However, you try anything and then I’m back to not caring, ok?”
  “You got yourself a deal.” Rory responded and they shook hands.     

     I flashed a smile Rory’s way and Puck stood by my side. “Right, fancy getting something to eat?” Puck offered.
  “Yeah, but low fat, I’ve got to lose weight for Cheerios.”
  “Ok, salad it is.” He replied, moving his arm around me as we walked off to the cafeteria happily.

Rory’s Point of View:
     After Puck had finished talking to me I thought it was a start. I was no longer going to be bullied… for a while. It was only going to last a while, because no matter how hard I fought it I was attracted to Christina. After everything that had gone on between us I believed that she was attracted to me too. I knew all this wasn’t going to end well, in fact, I believed there were going to be a lot of tears. However, I just couldn’t stay away from her.    

     Plus, I’m always the guy that does everything right. I get my homework done on time, I be nice to everyone as I was always taught that manners never cost anything. I try to make friends and I go to bed at a reasonable time and what happens to me? Everyday I get shoved into a locker. Other days I get dumped in a dumpster or have an ice cold slushie in my face. As well as that, I never ever get the girl, I have never had a girlfriend in my life and for the first time ever I had a chance. And the fact that Puck was in the way wasn’t going to stop me from trying to win Christina.    

     He’s a thief, he’s gotten a girl knocked up, he sleeps around, he’s popular and he can always have his pick of the girls. All he has to do is tell some pretty girl with low self esteem that they look ugly and then boom! They sleep with him. Where was the logic in that?    

     However, Christina was different. She didn’t fall for that crap. Puck had actually resorted to being nice to her and I believed Christina hadn’t slept with him. So as I watched her walking down the hall, his arm around her, her short cheerleading skirt swishing about, I thought to myself there’s no other way. I’ve got to make that girl mine.    

     Suddenly Finn appeared by my side and looked to where I was staring. “Not going to happen Rory.” He told me.
  “What? Why not?”
  “No offence, your just a guy that’s in Glee club and that gets beaten up. She’s Head cheerleader and with Puck you don’t have a chance with her.”
  “I might do.”
  “Why don’t you go for someone a little more in your league.”
  “Like?” I asked.
  “Umm… Suzie Pepper?” He offered.
  “She is crazy!” I blurted out.
  “Ok, so even your higher up than her, but seriously don’t get involved with a cheerleader, more trouble than it’s worth. Trust me.”
  “How did you get with Quinn before?” I wondered eagerly. Surely there’s got to be some trick to it.
  “Well, I’m on the football team of course.” He states.
  “Oh, like soccer.” I smile.
  “No, like football, you know American football. Soccer isn’t really cool around here.”
  “Oh.” I paused and thought for a moment before looking up at Finn into his eyes. “I want to join the football team.”
  “I don’t know…” Finn began.
  “Please, she has cheerleading practice today and if she saw me trying out, maybe it’ll just get a slither of interest from her.”
  “Ok, you can come to practice with me, I’ll try and talk to Beiste.”
  “Ok, thank you Finn. That’s awesome!”
  “No problem, so what do you see in her anyway?”
  “She’s nicer than all the other cheerleaders. I’ve been round her house.” I paused and looked around to check no one was around before telling Finn this. “Look, don’t tell anyone, but Christina and I have kissed. A lot.”
  “Ok, there’s no need to lie now. Maybe she let you kiss her once, but nothing more than that.”
  “No, seriously, it’s all happened.”
  “Yeah, I believe you.” Finn told me in this annoyingly condescending voice. “Now let’s get you to practice.”
  “Ok.” I smile and off to football Finn and I went.

Christina’s Point of View:
     I took a bite of some lettuce and pushed the plate away from me. “Ok, that was positively awful.”
  “I hear that they serve us prison food.”
  “Really? Nice.” I say sarcastically to Puck. “I think I’m just going to skip food and go straight to practice.”
  “Great.” He smiles. “I love it when your at cheerleading practice.”
  “Why is that then?” I asked curiously.
  “Just the way you stretch your legs is amazing.”
  “I see.” I smile.
  “And I should get off to football.” He states and so we both walk to practice and soon were both on the field. On one side is the Cheerios and on the other is the football team.     

     As I watch the football team for moment I notice something. Rory’s there. Is he trying out? And suddenly seeing him try out for the football team makes him so much hotter in his shorts and short sleeved top. He waved my way from across the field and I waved back happily. Only for Sue to interrupt the moment. “Right, today I want a better pyramid than before, it is going to be twice as good. I don’t want no quivers, no nothing. Hairspray you will continue to be at the top of the pyramid.” She told me.
  “I don’t know Coach.” I responded. “I’m not feeling too good!”
  “Not feeling good, I once had the plague, but I somehow managed to get through a week of school.” I looked at her in disbelief. “Now get on top of the pyramid otherwise you’re no longer Head cheerleader.
  “Yes coach.” I said unenthusiastically and as the pyramid of Cheerios was getting built, I once again risked a glance across the football field. Rory didn’t seem to be doing so well. His kicks of the football were way off target, he was an ok runner, but not extremely fast. And he kept tripping over things. “I’m sorry Rory.” I heard Coach Beiste say. “Your not on the team.” She had a loud voice which meant it was possible to hear her from across the field. I saw Rory’s mouth moving before he walked away, mud all over him, a frown on his face as he made his way over to the Bleachers.    

     I felt really bad for him, it seemed as though he could do nothing good at this school. However, as he sat on the Bleachers and glimpsed me, his never faulty smile returned. I smiled back his way and as the pyramid was already built up I started climbing it. However, my eyes felt a little tired and my body a little run down. I was dizzy, but still climbed the pyramid and moments later I was on top of it, my arms in the air.    

     My legs then buckled slightly. “I saw a quiver!” Sue complained my way. “That is not what Head Cheerleaders do Hairspray!” She yelled and once again my legs buckled underneath me and I was soon falling forwards off the pyramid onto the grass. As I landed I felt winded and my ankle was in awful pain. The Cheerios had come down from their pyramid and Coach Beiste was by my side in moments, as well as Sue. Followed by Puck and Rory, who I saw raced to my side the moment I fell. “Are you ok?” I heard Rory call, but I was out of it, really out of it. I think the truth was, I was hungry. That piece of lettuce really hadn’t done it for me earlier on. Moments after that thought I blacked out…

     When I woke up I was in the Nurse’s office, a bandage was around my ankle which was throbbing. I turned to see Rory and Puck in there and the first thoughts that entered my mind was: This is awkward. “What…” I began.
  “You’ve sprained your ankle after falling off of the pyramid.” The Nurse informed me. “You’ve got low blood pressure, so I suggest you eat something sugary.”
  “Ok.” I sigh annoyed and the Nurse leaves the room for a moment…
  “What were you thinking having nothing to eat?” Rory asked me.
  “Well, it’s not my fault they serve prison food around here and it’s not my fault that I used to be thinner and that I need to lose a little bit of weight to be a cheerio.”
  “You don’t need to lose any weight at all.” Rory told me.
  “Hey!” Puck complained. “Lay off her, if she wants to lose weight she can.”
  “Yeah, fine, but if the results are this then I’d rather she didn’t bother.”    

     Everyone in the Nurse’s office was quiet now and I looked at Rory awkwardly. “Rory, I’d appreciate it if you left now.”
  “Me?” He asks shocked.
  “Yes.” He looked at us both for a long period of time and I then added: “Please.” He nodded his head and left the Nurse’s office.    

     As Rory left I turned to Puck. “Do you think I need to lose weight?” I offer.
  “No, of course not, but in cheerleading terms maybe because you’re competing with Quinn, Santana and Brittany and it’s a challenge to get to their size.”
    The Nurse soon returns. “I suggest that you stay off the Cheerios for two weeks and that you don’t do any hard work in general for that amount of time.”
  “What?” I complained.
  “Sorry, that’s all I can do.” She replied.
  “Thanks.” I say and carefully stand up and start hopping along to the door. Thankfully though, Puck puts an arm around me, making walking more achievable. He walks with me to my locker and helps me get my stuff. “Do you want me to walk with you to your next lesson?”
  “Yes please.” I say and he takes hold of my Spanish books, as well as help me get to my next lesson. “I can’t believe earlier on I was head cheerleader and now I’m an invalid.”
  “Your not an invalid.” Puck laughed and we reached the end of the corridor to Spanish. “Thanks.” I smile. “I’ll see you later.”
  “You bet.” Puck agreed and let me go, followed by handing me my things and as I walked into Spanish class I tried to calm the hopping down a bit. However, the more weight I put on my foot the more pain I felt.     

     My one leg eventually got me to my seat next to Rory. Finn was first to turn around and ask me how I was: “So how’s the ankle after the fall?”
  “Ok, I’m not going to be a Cheerleader for two whole weeks. It’s too long.” I sigh and in that moment Rory turns to me and changes the subject completely. “So what do you think of football? Well, what you over here call Soccer?” He offers.
  “Umm… A bit crap to be honest, don’t those players just roll around all the time? No real man plays soccer.” I laugh and Finn flashes Rory an ’I told you so’ look. “What was that?” I asked.
  “What was what?” Finn was quick to respond, too quick for that matter.
  “That look you both just shared.”
  “Just some football debate.” Finn smiled. “So did you see Rory out on the field today?” Finn offered.
  “Yeah, your not the best football player.” I laughed. “Why did you try out for that anyway when your British?” I asked Rory.
  “I’ve no idea.” He paused. “All I know is that that sport is more painful than when I’ve been shoved into a locker.”
  “Aww… Hey! Maybe you should join the Cheerios!” I suggest.
  “No, I’m about as flexible as a ruler.”
  “Well, I’m sure you’ll find something.” I reply.
  “Yeah.” Rory began and looked down at his books. “Damn, I forgot my Spanish book. Be back in a minute.” He responded and left the class.   

     What’s up with him? He’s usually so organised. Finn was still looking my way and smiling. “What?” I asked worried. “Is there something on my face?”
  “No, just when you were at cheerleading practice I saw you.”
  “Yeah, everyone sees me.” I respond a little confused.
  “I saw you looking at Rory from across the field. Puck thought you were looking at him, but I think we both know who you were really looking at.”
  “Ok, what’s this about?” I wondered.
  “You like Rory, don’t you?”
  “I do not.”
  “Why are you denying it when it’s written all over your face?”
  “I’m not denying it because it’s not true.”
  “Look, I see, your with Puck and because of that you can’t be with Rory, whatever, but you’d be better off with him.”
  “Why is that then?” I asked.
  “Because when I was with Quinn, he slept with her and got her pregnant. He knew the baby was his, yet allowed me to carry on thinking the baby is mine. He was my best friend, so can you really trust him if he can do that to his best friend?”
  “Why are you doing this?”
  “I’m just looking out for a friend.” Finn states. “Honestly, just give him a chance. Ask him out for pizza or something.”
  “Fine. Whatever, done.”
  “Great.” Finn grinned and turned back round.    

     And right on time Rory walked into Spanish with the book in his hand. “Got it.” He smiled my way.
  “Hey Rory.” I began.
  “Hey Christina.” He smiled, a little confused.
  “I was thinking at some point would you like to umm… Go to Breadsticks with me?”
  “Really?” Rory asks surprised. “Where’s this coming from?”
  “I just thought it could be fun.”
  “Cool, do you want to go tonight?”
  “Sure.” I smiled.
  “And Christina…” He began.
  “Yeah?” I wondered.
  “The food is on me.”
  “Ok.” I grinned and it was then that Mr Schuster arrived in class late, followed by Rachel who looked aggravated. “Rachel, you’re never late.”
  “I’m sorry Mr Schuster, I was giving the homeless tips on how to sing.” She says confidently before walking over to her seat next to Finn.    

     I looked on in shock at what she was saying, wow, conceited much. And then I saw the way she was dressed some reindeer jumper with a skirt that a blind woman could have picked out. What was it that the star Quarterback saw in this girl that no one else could?     

     After assessing her awful fashion I turned to Rory who was smiling my way. “What is it?” I asked him.
  “Nothing, just you look pretty today.” He states.
  “Thank you.”  I say, suddenly feeling my face flush and underneath the table I allow my hand to take hold of his. What did it matter? We were already going on a date tonight. Rory’s hand slipped into mine, our fingers intertwined and a knowing look and smile appeared on our faces. I turned back towards the front of the classroom to where Mr Schuster was stood at the front explaining verbs yet again. As if everyone actually got verbs into their heads. Instead everyone else was too busy with their own lives. Well, apart from Rachel who seemed to think she was perfect in every way.    

     Suddenly I felt Rory’s foot brush against mine underneath the table, a flicker of a smile appeared on my face, as I allowed my foot to move up against his. And soon we were playing footsie under the table. Sometimes his foot brushing against my ankle, as well as my leg getting jumbled with his. It was all gentle and soft, nothing too heavy and we both were just looking forward pretending to listen.    

     Moments later the class had to discuss Spanish and so Rory and I turned to one another. “Verbs are important in sentences.” I state.
  “Yeah.” Rory agreed, as he slipped his foot up the front of my leg ever so gently. “They help describe sentences.” He tells me in an obvious tone, as usual not concentrating on the Spanish of it all. “Without them sentences would be lost.” I finished and carefully, gently wrapped my leg around the bottom of his leg, only for Brittany then to turn my way. “Hey!” She called and Rory and I moved our legs from each other’s legs immediately, both our knees hitting the table hard and making a loud bang. I begin to blush and rest my head on my hand and my elbow on the table, as I pretend nothing’s going on. “Yes Brittany?” I smile sweetly, as if I’ve done nothing. She looks a little confused and then the words pass her mouth: “What’s a verb?”    

     At that point I was ready to give up on Spanish altogether…

     Come the bell Rory and I turned to one another. “Umm… I’ll see you later at Breadsticks. What time do you want to meet?” I offered.
  “Umm… How about I’ll be at yours for six?” Rory suggests.
  “You don’t have to, I can get to Breadsticks myself.”
  “You’ve hurt your ankle today, neither of us have a car which means you will have to hop over to breadsticks. So I’m going to walk to yours and I’m going to call us a taxi, which will drive us to Breadsticks and I’ll call for another taxi, which will take us both back to yours. I’ll say goodnight and then I will walk home. And everything tonight is honestly on me.”
  “Rory, that’s all too much. Taxi fares, food, everything. It’s all too much to pay.” I state.
  “I’ve not had the courage to ask you out, so now I’m making up for it. Anyway, in the mean time, would you like me to walk you to your next lesson?”
  “I’ll be ok.” I smile. “But I will see you tonight.”
  “Ok, meet me outside after school. I want to walk you home.”
  “Ok.” I blushed and started hopping to the door. “Thank you Rory.” I paused. “When did you get so in charge?”
  “The moment I realised I had a chance with you.”    

     I stopped in my tracks for a long moment and nodded my head, happy, but pleasantly surprised at the same time. And after thinking and being extremely happy for a long moment I realised I’d been standing in the same spot staring Rory’s way for ages, so quickly made my way out.

Rory’s Point of View:
     In my whole life I’d never been this happy. I was over the moon, I was on the clouds. Everything about the Spanish lesson went right. The date, the confidence I had; it was the most confidence I think I’d ever had. And somehow Finn had made it happen after I’d asked for his help.    

     When Rachel left the classroom I made my way over to Finn and stood by him. “How did you make it happen?”
  “Make what happen?” Finn asks.
  “Getting me a date with Christina. I’ve been dying here.”
  “It was easy, I just told her how much of a great guy you are and how much of a jerk Puck was.”
  “But you and Puck are like, best friends?”
  “We are, but I hate seeing you get down on yourself and you asked for my help, so I was going to give it to you. Plus, Puck has been a bit of a douche to me in the past.”
  “I see. Thank you so much, I literally owe my life to you.”
  “It was nothing.” Finn smiles.
  “No, it seriously was.”
  “Wow, you really like this girl.”
  “Yeah, she’s just… Just…” I began.
  “Ok, getting mushy on me now.” Finn laughed.
  “Sorry.” I said and suddenly hugged him tight, Finn was quick to pull away and put his hands in the air. “Ok wow, guys don’t have hugs like that in America.”
  “I’m sorry. I’m just so happy.”     

     After saying that we walk into the corridor and I’m still talking. “Nothing can bring me down right now!”     

     And then it happened. An ice cold slushie was thrown in my face followed by me getting shoved into the lockers again. I fell, but got up, with Finn’s help. “Jerks!” Finn called after them, it seemed that no one in Glee club around here could actually be happy without having the bullies do something to balance it out. “Are you ok, man?”
  “Yeah, nothing a good rinse won’t sort.” I smile and make my way to the men’s bathroom where I wash the slushie off my face and out of my hair, as well as out of my eyes which were stinging.    

     When I looked in the mirror, my eyes were red and I suddenly felt annoyed, here I was not long from meeting up with Christina and I looked awful. It was something I’d have to plough through though and something that would be worth it come the end of school.

     As the end of the day approached, I walked out of school, past the gates and that’s when I lay eyes on her. Standing on one leg, looking around her as if she’s searching for someone. A curious look on her face. Suddenly the slushie, the locker shoving from earlier on didn’t seem so bad. And as I neared her, a hockey player just grabbed me, they picked me up and I saw Christina look my way. Trying to get towards me, but to no avail, hopping on one foot. In that moment I was thrown into the dumpster, followed by having fish guts thrown all over me. “What’s the matter?!” One of the jockey players asked. “Haven’t got your girlfriend to protect you this time?” The hockey player and his team-mates all burst out into cruel, noisy laughter as they walked off.    

     I saw Christina approach the dumpster. “I’m sorry, I couldn’t get to them in time.”
  “It’s ok, I don’t expect you to fight my battles. I never have.” I tell her.
  “I’d give you a hand out there, but you smell of fish guts and I can’t put my own weight on my ankles, let alone yours.”
  “Don’t worry. I got it.” I say and place my hands on the brim of the dumpster and pull myself out, landing my feet on the concrete ground. “I’m sorry about this.”
  “That’s ok.” She said.
  “I’m going to need a lot of showers before tonight.”
  “You are. That smell is awful.” She giggled this most adorable giggle, as she ran her fingers through her long blond hair.

     And you know what made me like her that little bit more, as I walked her home? You see, a lot of cheerleaders would ditch friends if they smelt slightly bad. Well, Christina, she let me walk her all the way home and she gave me a kiss on the cheek, before offering me the chance to get my clothes sorted round hers again. I declined though and explained I had to get ready for a date.    

     I had to get ready for a date with her.

The End

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