Chapter 6-Love TriangleMature

Christina’s Point of View:
     Puck was there. Standing at my door, watching me with these puppy dog eyes. How did he even know where I lived?! Everything about me was nervous, scared, flustered. What do you do when your boyfriend is at the door and your friend that you happen to have been kissing lately is hiding underneath your bed? “May I come in?” Puck asked. I thought for a moment, I couldn’t go into the front room, just in case my Dad interrupted us talking. Awkward much. We could get interrupted in the kitchen which meant the only place we could go was my bedroom. The same room that Rory was hiding. “How did you find me?” I asked.
  “Got your records.”
  “Oh.” I say and stand out the way of the door and Puck walks inside my home and I close the door, to then walk into my room. He follows me and I close my bedroom door behind me and we both sit on the bed. Thankfully Rory is well hidden wherever he is.    

     We were silent for a long moment when suddenly Puck blurted out. “So I heard you kissed Rory.”
  “What? How did you find that out?”
  “The whole school knows after some big argument you had with him.”
  “Oh yeah.” I sigh. “I’m sorry.”
  “I can see it’s nothing more than I deserve after the way I’ve treated girls over the years.” He paused. “But for the first time ever I want this to work.” Puck states and takes my face in his hands and gazes at me. “Lately it seems your spending more time with Rory your friend than me your boyfriend. Well, I want that to change. I want us to sit next to one another in Science, I want to hang out with you in lunch, I want to sing songs with you in Glee, in fact, I want to sing songs to you in Glee.” There was a long pause. “You’re the Head cheerleader and I’m a footballer, if we make our relationship better something tells me we’ll be Prom King and Queen and it can be us. But for that to happen, we’ve actually got to start spending time together?”    

     I took in everything he said, I was shocked, just couldn’t believe it, but it was all a girl wanted to hear. “Ok, on one condition though.”
  “What’s that?” Puck wondered.
  “You stop stealing things like my personal records.”
  “Deal.” Puck grinned and move his arms around me and kissed me gently. I lay down on the bed as he pressed his mouth to mine that little bit more, before pulling away and looking around my room. “You know, I never expected someone like you to live in a place like this.”
  “No, you always seem quite classy and amazing at school that I assumed you lived in some mansion, but the truth is you’re just normal like the rest of us.”
  “Glad to hear it.” I smiled, “but I’d appreciate it if you didn’t tell anyone about me living in a place like this.”
  “No problem.” Puck grinned and kissed my cheek.    

     Suddenly his facial expression got very serious. “There’s something else I’m hiding from you I’ve not brought up.”
  “Really? What is it?” I wondered.
  “That you were pregnant at your old school.”
  “Oh, you found out about that.” I replied with tears in my eyes.
  “I understand.” He paused. “I got Quinn pregnant, she had my Daughter Beth and she got adopted. I’ve been there. We‘ve only just got back in touch with Beth.” Puck informs me and lies on the bed next to me and moves his arms around me gently. “I had an abortion.” I state. “I had to, I had to.” A tear slips down my face and suddenly I get absolutely frightened. “Please don’t tell anyone about this. I don’t want to be known as the girl that gets pregnant and aborts her kid.” I cried and Puck held me that little bit closer.
  “No matter what I’ll never tell anyone.” He paused. “No one should have to go through what you’ve been through.” He wipes a tear from my face and leans in and brushes his lips against mine gently and wraps his arms around me, as if he’s my cocoon.    

     He showers my mouth in kisses and I find my hands wandering up his stomach underneath his shirt, I close my eyes, allowing Puck to kiss me. Allowing myself to kiss him back. His hands wander up my back underneath my top, making their way up my bare back. I stop him and gently push him off of me. “No, not now.” I tell him.
  “It’s too soon. I get it.” Puck agreed. “Umm…” He began.
  “Umm… I’d like to be alone for a bit please.”
  “No problem, but I’ll see you at school tomorrow, ok?”
  “Ok.” I smile and he kissed my head, before moving away towards my bedroom door. I follow him towards the front door and he looks at my hair. “What’s in your hair?” He asks inquisitively.
  “Rotten milk.” I sigh.
  “How did it get there?”
  “Me helping Rory sort some bullies out.”
  “Well, next time the bullies lay a finger on you I’ll get them.”
  “Thank you.” I laugh,
  “Well, see you tomorrow.”
  “See you then Puck.” I beam and Puck nods his head then walks on out. I shut my front door and walk back over to my bedroom, hoping Rory is ok.    

     By the time I enter my bedroom Rory is already sat on the bed, still in my dressing gown, looking down at his lap. “You were pregnant?” He asked me shocked.
  “Why didn’t you tell me?” As he asked that I closed my door behind me and walked over to the bed and sat next to him. “Because I don’t like to talk about it.”
  “But you can trust me.”
  “I wanted some new, fresh start Rory. I didn’t want to talk about it at all. It’s a part of my past I prefer to keep hidden.”
  “What else have you hidden?” He asks exasperated.
  “Nothing.” I paused. “I’ve told you about my Father’s gambling problem, I’ve told you about my job at the weekends to pay the bills. What more do you want from me?!” I raised my voice as those last words left my mouth, Rory looked on in shock and ran to my side and moved his arms around me quickly. “Nothing.” He said and led me to the bed where we both sat. His arms around my waist as he hugged me sideways, as I leaned into him. He lay me down gently on my side and lay down himself, his arms still around me, his face facing mine. “I care about you and if you ever need a shoulder to cry on, to lean on. Anything. I’m here for you.”    

     I watched his deep blue eyes, with specks of green in them and my eyes welled up as this small smile appeared on my face. “I’ll never hurt you.” I leaned on him, as he stroked my hair out the way of my face which had some rotten milk left in it. He brushed his lips against my head softly and kissed my cheek, followed by my lips. It was a small, gentle kiss which he kept repeating over and over again. And I got lost in those small kisses that caressed against my mouth. Of course Rory and I got into a mini kissing session again, it seemed to be one of the main things we did lately when talking. I stopped the kissing session as usual though. “No, Puck.” I reminded him.
  “All he seems to be worried about is whether you two are Prom King or Queen, I don’t care about that.”
  “He does care.” I state. “He cares more than you think. Please don’t make me do this. Don’t make me choose between my best friend and my boyfriend.”
  “I’d never make you do that.” He tells me and kisses the top of my head, only to get rotten milk on his lips which he wipes away with the back of his hand.    

     A smile appears on my face, upon seeing him do that. It was the most adorable, but funny thing I’d ever seen. “Right, I’m going to dry your clothes, ok?”
  “Ok.” Rory said and I withdraw from his arms and make my way over to the kitchen where I remove his clothes from the washing machine and position them in the tumble dryer. I turn the dial and the tumble dryer starts doing it’s thing. “I like him you know.” I nearly jump out of my skin when I hear my dad speak those words.
  “What?” I asked him confused.
  “Rory, I like him.”
  “You do?” I wondered.
  “Yeah.” He paused, “I saw you two talking through the hole in the wall just now.”
  “What?! Dad you were spying on us?”
  “No, sort of, well, yes.”
  “Why? Umm… Did you see…” I began.
  “Yes, I saw you kissing and decided to leave at that point. So much for friends, huh?”
  “Leave it out, will you?” I asked agitated and Dad sighed.
  “I also noticed your boyfriend come by.”
  “You did??”
  “You didn’t spy on us, did you?”
  “Well, good.” I responded.
  “I don’t approve of this Puck dude.”
  “Have you seen his hair?”
  “Your basing this on his hair, really? Nice talking to you Dad.” I replied and he called after me, however, I was more than happy to ignore him as I walked into my room where Rory was sat.     

     We both sat on the bed and I gazed at Rory happily. “I couldn’t help but overhear your dad talking to you.”
  “Tell me about it, I give up.”
  “Nice to know he likes me now.” Rory grins my way and I beam right back at him.
  “Your clothes should be ready soon.”
  “That’s a shame?”
  “Why’s that then?” I wondered.
  “Because the sooner I get my clothes back, the sooner I have to go away from you.”    

     I blushed a little upon hearing him say those words and said: “You can stay for longer afterwards, if you want?” He nodded his head and a smile appeared on both our faces.

     The next day in Glee club Rachel and Finn performed We Belong Together by Mariah Carey with them both sharing the verses between them and Rachel belting out the loud high notes in the chorus, as well as the high notes at the end. It was honestly amazing. Breathtakingly amazing. Now I knew why they were such high competition. As usual Mr Schuster was clapping and laughing. “Brilliant guys. Isn’t this vote going to be tough? Santana and Brittany you’re next.” And they did a Britney number of course, they ended up doing Gimme More whilst dancing seductively round the piano. Rolling on it and doing a lot of dirty dancing that come the end of the performance the Glee club was sat up in shock. If any of us were tired before, we weren‘t anymore. “Right, well done.” Mr Schuster said awkwardly. “Now the vote.” He calls out and gets us all pieces of paper and pen. Everyone starts scribbling names down, I voted for me and Rory of course and when the vote was announced it was all very tense. “Drum roll please!” Mr Schuster called out and everyone tapped their hands on their legs. “And the winner is… Finn and Rachel!”
  “Yes!” Rachel called out and Finn put his arm around her. Rory and I smiled at each other from across the room, not caring. “And runners up were Rory and Christina.”    

     Rory and I hi-fived one another and I then settled back into Puck’s arms. “Right, for winning, Rachel and Finn can have a majority of the solos.”
  “Now there’s a surprise.” Santana said sarcastically.
  “And as runners up Rory and Christina can have a solo each.”
     Upon saying that Rory put his hand up in the air. “Yes Rory?” Mr Schuster asked.
  “I’d like to do a song which pretty much sums up my feelings perfectly.”
  “Ok, go ahead.” Rory stepped down to the front.
  “I bet it’s depressing as usual.” Santana tells Brittany.    

     However, Rory doesn’t let Santana’s attitude get in the way. “This song is by Robert Pattinson and it’s called Let Me Sign, I hope to put my own spin on it.”
  “Oh my God, I love Robert Pattinson!” Brittany blurted out.
  “He’s sex on legs.” Santana agreed.
  “He’s what all guys should be like.” Mercedes smiled and just like that Rory started singing the song.

     “Oooooh… Ooooh… Ooh.” There was a pause as it took a while to get to the main part of the song. And if you ask me I think his Irish twang gave a little something different to the song. “She was standing there… By the broken tree.” He paused and looked my way and started staring at me intently. “Her hands are all twisted. She was pointing at me.” He looked down. “I was damned by the light coming… Out of her eyes. She spoke with a voice that… Disrupted the sky.” suddenly his voice got that little bit louder and that little bit more powerful. “She said ‘walk on over here to, the bitter shade!’” He paused, taking a deep breath for the big note and stared my way intently. Really intently, kind of the way Edward stares at Bella in the movies, but it looked cuter on Rory in my opinion. “I will wrap you in my arms… And you will know that you have been saved.” His voice went quiet again. “Let me Sign.” And then loud and powerful for the last three words. “Let me Sign!”    

     Just watching him perform that song left me breathless and we were sharing this long lingering look from across the room. Both of us smiling as usual. He could always so easily put a smile on my face. Especially when he sang as beautiful as he just did. “Is anyone else seeing Rory in a different way?” Kurt asked, whilst fanning himself, only for Blaine to give him a look of disapproval. And in that instant Puck jumped out of his seat and ran over to Rory and punched him hard on the face.    

     My jaw dropped almost instantly. “Leave my girl alone!” He yelled and continuously punched him, I was first to move, to get him away from Rory. However, Puck was too strong, too muscular, there was nothing I could do. Only Finn, Mike Chang and Mr Schuster were able to pull him off. As soon as they pulled Puck away from him, I went to Rory’s side letting him lean his head on my lap. “Are you ok Rory?” I asked, worried for him.
  “I’m fine.”
  “I’m so sorry, this is completely my fault.” I cry and Rory stares up at me and takes hold of my hand. “No, you could never do anything wrong.” He told me seriously and I smiled at him surprised.
  “Take Rory to the Nurse Christina.” Mr Schuster told me and I helped Rory up, putting my arm around him.    

     He hanged onto me and I could imagine it was because he felt a little dizzy. “Your going to be ok Rory.”
  “I know.” He smiled. “Your overreacting.”
  “You just nearly got knocked out by Puck, there’s no way I’m overreacting. And your bleeding.”
  “Calm down, I’m the one that’s hurt not you.” He laughed.
  “It doesn’t stop me from feeling guilty and upset.”
  “You’ve done nothing wrong.”
  “But I have, I’ve led you on, I’ve led Puck on. This is no different to last year.”
  “Yes it is. Your not pregnant.”
  “Yet.” I respond.
  “You won’t get pregnant. Trust me.”
  “Ok.” I sigh, getting worried and finally we reach the Nurse’s office, where she sorts out his bleeding nose and his cuts and marks on his face.    

     Despite all the pain Rory must be feeling from being bullied and getting punched by Puck, he still manages to save a smile for me. When the Nurse leaves the room for a moment Rory is sat on the bed whilst I’m sat on the chair, watching him, unable to look away. “Have you ever noticed how short those cheerleading skirts are?”
  “Yes.” I laugh.
  “Every time I see the girls bend over I swear every guys eyes are popping out of their sockets.” I let out a laugh and snorted in the middle, so not attractive, but Rory found it funny. “God, you sound well weird snorting.”
  “It was completely by accident.” I grin his way and Rory suddenly takes hold of my hand and strokes the back of it with his thumb. “You don’t know what I’d do to kiss you right now.”
  “Rory were in the Nurse’s office anyone could come in and see and as if Puck isn’t angry enough as it is.”
  “Well, if getting beaten up is the price I have to pay to be with you then so be it.”
  “No, I won’t let you.” I tell him and pull my hand away from his, only to then have the Nurse walk in. “Right Rory, are you sure you’re ok? You’ve got a history of being bullied and you don’t look as though you can take any more beatings. I could send you home.”
  “No, all I want is to stay in school.”
  “Ok.” She paused. “Well, if you need some aspirin to take the pain away or something come and see me, ok?”
  “Ok, thank you Nurse.” Rory replied and walked out of the Nurse’s office. “Right, I should get to Music.”
  “Ok, have a great lesson.”
  “Thanks.” Rory responded and instead of going to class I decided to go and find Puck.    

     And knowing Puck, after getting sent to the Principals office, he probably went to stand underneath the Bleachers, so that he could look at some young cheerleaders legs. Sure enough I was right when I saw him sulking under there. I made my way over to him and called out: “Puck!” He turned to me and I placed my hand on his arm, trying to get a little but more of his attention. “Don’t touch me!” He complained.
  “What was all that about in Glee club?”
  “I should’ve known that my girlfriend was more interested in Rory, I mean, you don’t stop hanging out with him.”
  “Don’t be silly. You came to my flat yesterday, we talked, we kissed, what more do you want from me Puck?”
  “I want you to be honest with me.”
  “Well, I am being honest with you. Puck, I am your girlfriend, yours. Not Rory’s. Yours. He’s just a very good friend and nothing more than that. He may have a little crush on me like you think, but if so, who cares? I’m not going to act on it. I’m just happy with him as my friend and you as my boyfriend.” I inform him and take hold of both his hands in mine, whilst I look up into his eyes. He let’s out a sigh. “Well, I suppose it makes sense. What girl in their right mind would choose him over me, the Puckster?”
 “A girl who thinks it’s sad for a guy to give himself crappy nicknames.” Puck looked at me and laughed at my little joke. He rested his arms around me. “I’m glad you don’t feel that way about him.” He paused. “But if you ever cheat on me with him, I will not be happy. I’ll be angry at you and as for Rory, well, I’ll beat him up worse next time.” I look at Puck scared.    

     Those kissing sessions with Rory really have to stop now. “I understand and you have nothing to worry about.” I lie and hug him tight before pressing my lips to his. And under the Bleachers Puck and I have a long making out session that lasts a good half hour which means were both a little late for Science. Eyes are upon us as I walk into the classroom looking guilty and I swear some of the people in the room know what Puck and I have been up to. “Could you care to tell us why you both are late?” The Teacher asked.
  “Sure.” Puck replied. “We were too busy making out under the Bleachers.” There was lots of noise coming from the class, shocked at Puck’s answer. I turned to him in disbelief. “Right, Puck, sit at the front, Christina at the back.” The Teacher commanded us.    

     And if I ever thought my popularity was in doubt because of my budding friendship with Rory, well, now I knew I was definitely safe because of what Puck had just told the whole class.    

     Within half an hour the whole school would know about mine and Puck’s shenanigans under the Bleachers and I didn’t care one bit…

The End

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