Chapter 5-ShowerMature

Christina’s Point of View:
     So for the whole duration of the hour I acted as angry as possible. In fact, I think I may have screamed at a girl in the middle of the performance. And apparently for the power of being so angry got me my first ever A. I wasn’t going to lie, I was over the moon about that.    

     However, that soon changed when the worst news possible came to mind. Next lesson was officially going to be the worst possible lesson. Spanish. Despite everything though, I made my way to Mr Schuster’s class. I walked past rows, hoping there was somewhere to sit, but all of the seats were taken, as usual. And all lesson I was sat next to Rory. Just my frigging luck! “Christina.” He began.
  “Save it!” I responded annoyed and caught a glimpse of his black eye, how’d he get that? It didn’t matter anyway, it was nothing short of what he deserved for being such a womanising prat. “But…” He began.
  “I don’t want to hear it Rory.” I replied, only to have Brittany and Santana look my way, Santana gave me a thumbs up for actually not giving into Rory. I smiled back at her and carried on with the lesson. Not really listening, just hating the fact I’m centimetres away from Rory.     

     The lesson was going pain achingly slow, I just wanted it to end and when the bell rang I was well shot. I walked straight over to my locker, getting all my stuff sorted, so I can get to Cheerleading Practice. As I put items into my bag in my locker, I saw Rory get shoved into his locker, followed by having his head smacked against it. I was about to leave my locker and help him, but then I remembered how he was using me and didn’t bother. “He even fails at getting with the most un-cool cheerleader.” The dark skinned jock laughed as he shoved Rory again and I saw Rory had a bleeding nose. He‘d never been bullied this much before. “I think you’ll find she’s the best cheerleader there is and she’s too cool for you!” Rory protested and he was about to get punched again, I thought I couldn’t tolerate the bullying anymore, so I ran over to the bully and shoved him hard. “Oh, you’ve made up with him now, have you?” The bully teased, but I ignored him and didn’t say a word. He walked over to behind me and moved his arms around my waist and then whispers in my ear. “Well, when you’ve finished with him, maybe you can let me have a go.” The moment those words left his mouth, I got angry. I was infuriated!    

     There was no way I was going to do my crappy fighting that I did with Santana with the hair pulling, instead I was going to do a move that I learnt in kick boxing as a ten year old. A move that could put anyone of any size on their ass. I grabbed hold of the bully’s wrist with my left hand and placed my right hand on their back and he started laughing: “Seems she wants me al…” And just like that I moved my leg out and pulled him forward, only for him to roll in mid air as he tripped on my foot and fell on his ass. I still had hold of his wrist, but then let go. One of the bully’s friends started laughing and I thought you know what, I’m really not in the mood, so I quickly slipped over to his friend and did the exact same thing to him, but only quicker and he fell on his backside.     

     Moments later Sue walked along, she turned to me. “That was good kid, you really are like a young Sue Sylvester as I created that move.” She tells me and walks off. I turn to Rory who’s looking my way with wide eyes. “Wow, can you teach me that flip thing?” He asked and I just rolled my eyes and walked back over to my locker and closed it followed by locking it. Suddenly the bullies didn’t seem so popular being floored by a girl. It seemed all too clear as I saw a group of football players shove Rory into yet another locker followed by shoving the two bullies faces in the floor.    

     As I take in this scene, Rory walks over to me and  stands by my side. “Christina, you have to know that I’d never hurt you, use you, where did you even get that from?”
  “I don’t want to hear it Rory.” I told him stubbornly. “And I’ve got cheerleading practice, so just leave me alone.” I walked off.
  “Well, I’ll be watching you!” He called after me and I just continuously stormed off for practice.

     I got to practice in the nick of time and everyone was talking and rehearsing. Quinn was stretching her legs and they were going as high as humanely possible, so I did exactly the same thing. Making sure everything was stretched out. Across the football field there was Puck and Finn, Puck waved my way and I waved back happily. At least someone wasn’t befriending me to jump into bed with me.   

     As that thought crossed my mind Sue came to practice and looked my way for one moment, before turning to the whole group. “Right, your last performance was excruciatingly boring that I had to actually take a crap in the middle of it. So today I want you all in a pyramid and Christina is going on top.” She tells everyone and I look on in shock, was I hearing her right? Was the woman that jostled me into some lockers, the woman that shouted at me allowing me to go on top of the pyramid? I’m new and she wants me to have a privilege like this? “Umm… Actually usually I’m on top of the pyramid.” Quinn tries to tell Sue.
  “Yeah, you were shortie, but as it turns out I saw something of a young Sue Sylvester in the corridor from Christina today, which I’m seeing lack of from you. All of you.” She paused. “The rest of you girls let men, football players rule you, well you aren’t taking that crap anymore. Now you are going to take a leaf out of Christina’s book and make those footballers fall on their ass hard. Now Bloomer, bottom of the pyramid!”
  “Bloomer?” A cheerleader asked confused and Sue pointed to Santana.
  “You, so those fake boobs can cushion the team if you all are to fall, but that won’t happen because if the pyramid collapses in the hour it’s going to be up for then you’ll have an extra two hours practice everyday after school, you hear me?”
  “Yes Sue.” The whole cheerleading squad chorused together.
  “And if you think that’s hard I once had both my kidneys removed, now that’s hard.” Did she actually know that for her to be alive right now she’d have to have dialysis or a kidney transplant for her to be here all and well?    

     I rolled my eyes and the pyramid got moving, I saw Damian wave at me from the Bleachers as if we were still friends. I ignored it completely and as the rest of the Cheerios got to work on the pyramid Sue walked over to my side. “Now hairspray.”
  “Hairspray?” I asked shocked.
  “I’m just referring to the vast amounts of hairspray you put in your hair until that stops that will be your name continuously.” She paused. “As it stands you’re going to be at the top of the pyramid, just as long as you carry on as you are.” She then pointed to the Bleachers at Rory. “If you in anyway get closer to him and that Glee club then you’ll be right at the bottom with Bloomer over there. However, you’re currently my new head cheerleader.”
  “What?” I almost blurted the word out, this was definitely the road for making me the most popular cheerleader in school. It was exactly what was needed. “Now climb that pyramid.” Sue told me and tapped my back.    

     So I did as she asked and expertly climbed the pyramid as I did at my old school. I stood on the top and my arms were in the air. A large smile was on my face and Sue nodded her head with approval, at least I think it was approval. “Now stretch your leg Hairspray!” She yelled to me and I picked up my one leg and moved it high up, stretching it out and up high on the pyramid. I was completely still and stood there happy to be back on top. I saw Rory looking my way in wonder, with these wide eyes, his mouth hanging open.     

     Now he knew exactly what he’d lost and for the next forty five minutes the pyramid continued and Sue looked my way again. “Now, I will not be happy about this pyramid unless you back flip off it!” She called out. “Wait! No. Front flip. This way I can see if you make a perfect landing.”
  “Fine by me.” I reply and swing my arms ready and then soon enough I’m leaping in mid air. Since I was high up it meant I could roll in the air several times, so I did it three times before landing perfectly. Once again my arms were in the air and this big smile was on my face. “That’s sloppy! Now go home and work on your pyramid, I will have no wobbles, no quivers in my pyramid. Disgusting!” She dropped her speaker and stormed off whilst I made my way to my locker.    

     My arms and legs were aching from stretching and climbing up the pyramid, but it was a nice ache. It made me realise what a good workout I’d done. Rory stayed on the bleachers continuously watching me. As me and the girls walked past the Bleachers I got pulled underneath them. It took me by surprise, as there were arms around me and suddenly someone’s mouth went down on mine. I pushed the person away in shock and looked up to see it was Puck. “Puck, what’s going on?” I wondered.
  “I finished football practice before you, so thought I should wait here for a making out session.”
  “I… Not here.”
  “Why not? You looked really hot at the top of that pyramid. I need a little something.”
  “Ok, a small session though.” I smile and move my arms around his neck and soon our lips are meeting again and again. Just brushing and touching, it felt fantastic. Especially with the contrast of my warm lips to his chilled ones. My slow kisses to his fast ones. I melted into his arms and a small moan left my mouth before I pulled away from him.    

     Much to Puck’s dismay. “What?”
  “I’ve got to get home to my dad.”
  “Can’t I take you out tonight?”
  “Maybe another night.” I respond and run out from under the Bleachers and get inside to where my locker is. I turn the dial several times, putting my code in before the locker opens.    

    The next thing I know a hand goes down on hard next to my locker and I turn to see Santana and Quinn, looking in a very bad mood whilst Brittany is just fascinated by something on the ceiling. “Enjoying kicking me off the top of the pyramid, are we?” Quinn asked bitterly. “How am I supposed to get Finn when I’m no longer head cheerleader?”
  “I didn’t mean to.”    

     Santana decided it was time to cut in. “You know what, the only reason you’re cool right now and in with everyone is because of me, because of my lie.”
  “Your lie, what lie?” I asked.
  “About Rory. Do you seriously think I’d sleep with a loser like him? Do you seriously think Brittany would kiss him and that he’s some womaniser? He can barely get friends let alone a girlfriend. And now because of your big argument in the corridor he’s getting bullied worse than ever and it’s your own fault.”
  “You mean you lied to me?” I asked shocked.
  “Yeah, take it as a welcome to McKinley.”
  “He was already having a difficult time with bullies let alone it getting much worse.” I state.
  “So do whatever then. Become unpopular, so you can help out one of your nerdy followers. Is it worth it?” She then looks me in the eye and laughs in my face. “You’re more stupid than I realised.”
  “He’s a human being Santana!”
  “Whatever, he’s just some boring guy no one can understand.”    

     I stormed past her outside, looking for Rory, he was no longer by the Bleachers, so I went towards the front of the school. Only to see him getting chucked in the dumpster, followed by having gone off milk thrown on him. I looked on and felt guilty at believing Santana over him. Felt guilty that he was showing me support on the Bleachers despite knowing that by staying in school a minute longer than he had to would mean a bigger chance of him getting bullied. He waited for me despite the fact I was being awful to him.     

     My legs carried me over to the bullies that were by the dumpster and when they saw me they looked scared. “Take him out of the dumpster.” I told them angrily and they were a little bit afraid. Good. They did as I asked and lifted Rory out of the dumpster. I pointed to one of the bullies football jackets. “You can lend him that so he can go home without the rotten milk showing and then Rory will give you it back when he pleases, ok?”
  “Ok.” The bully replied, I never bothered learning their names, why would I ever need to learn jackass names like that? I knew doing exactly this would get in Sue’s bad books, I’ll go back to being less popular but more popular than Rory and Quinn would be Head cheerleader again. However, this had gone on too far. Bullying was something I never tolerated. Ever. “Oh and tomorrow you’re going to buy Rory lunch to apologise for what you’ve just done and he can have whatever he wants, you hear me?”
  “Yes Christina.”
  “Now you all had better go and run to your Mum’s before I get even angrier, ok?”    

     They all nodded their heads and skulked off. Whilst I turned to Rory who was trying on the jacket. “Wow, thanks Christina.”
  “No problem. Fancy coming back to mine to have your clothes washed?”
  “Sure.” He grinned.
  “And I’m sorry about earlier, I know I didn’t help with your popularity.”
  “All in the past.” Rory winked at me and we continued the walk to my home.
  “But seriously, I saw how much everyone was hurting you, more than usual as well, no one should have to go through that.” I state.
  “Well, you really helped me out which has made up for it in my opinion.” A smile appeared on my face as those words left Rory’s mouth and we continued the walk home, with his arm around me.     

     As we arrived at the flat, I called out for my Dad, but he didn’t respond which meant he wasn’t in. I smiled at Rory and told him to hand me his shirt. “I don’t know…” He began.
  “Rory, seriously? You want it washed and whilst you’re here you might as well have a shower too since you smell awful.”
  “Well, thanks. I guess.” He responded and removed his shirt, I couldn’t help, but look at his stomach for a brief moment and blushed. “Thank you.” I smiled and took it into the kitchen and set it on the floor for a moment. My legs carried me into my room where I pulled out a towel and walked back over to Rory. He had an arm across his stomach and an arm across his chest, as if he was nervous about me seeing any of his body. “Stop being silly Rory, I’ve seen it all now.” I grin.
  “Well, technically you haven’t, just the top half.”
  “Right, umm… Yeah” I said suddenly getting flustered and nervous around him. “Right, you should umm… Go and have the shower.”
  “Oh, how do you turn it on?” He wondered and I wandered into the bathroom and pulled a long string, placed the shower head over the bath and then pressed the small button.    

     Rory was watching me work the shower intently. “And to turn it off you do what I did with the switches but backwards.”
  “Ok.” He states and I turn to him, not realising how close his face is to mine and once again I get caught up in his eyes and he gets caught up in mine. Were leaning ever so close, when I put my hand in the shower water and splash him with it. “Sorry, you still smell like rotten milk.”
  “Oh, I see how it is.” Rory responds and splashes me with water, I let out a loud, high pitched scream and run away from him. He follows me quickly and the next thing I know my back is against a wall and he puts his hand on his head and it has some rotten milk on it, he puts it in my hair and I look at him annoyed. “Really? Why?” I complain.
  “Welcome to my world.” He laughed.
  “You clearly didn’t see what I did to some of the guys at school today.” I state.
  “Oh, I saw clearly.” Rory tells me and gently moves his arms around me, before pressing his lips to mine. I let him for a long moment, loving the feel of his lips against mine. I quickly pulled away, my heart racing. “Umm… Leave your clothes outside the door, then I’ll umm… I’ll wash them.” I told him, unable to concentrate on my speech right now. He nodded his head and walked into the bathroom, moments later, I see his hand place the clothes outside the bathroom, so I pick them up and take them over to the washing machine.     

     As I am putting his jeans, shirt and socks in the washing machine I pause and look at his underwear. I look at the pattern and it’s pictures of tea in a cup and the words: “Do you want a cup of tea?” plastered over the boxers, I let out a laugh and my Dad then walks into the kitchen and looks my way. “Christina, what are you doing?” He asks and I quickly look at the men’s boxer shorts in my hands and am fast at throwing them in the machine. “Nothing.” I replied and turned the dials and pressed buttons to put the machine on for half hour, followed by putting fabric conditioner in at the top. “I umm…” I began. “Rory’s bullying is getting worse and he had rotten milk thrown all over him, so I offered him to have a shower round here and stuff.”
  “Oh, ok. What’s wrong with him going home?”
  “He lives at Brittany’s and it’s always a mad house round there, especially since him and Brittany aren’t the best of friends.”
  “Oh.” He paused. “Ok, do I need to talk with you?”
  “Talk?” I asked surprised.
  “Having Rory round a lot, I can see that there’s something going on here.”
  “No.” I blurted out. “No, there’s really not anything going on. I have a boyfriend, Puck is his name.”
  “Oh, what’s he like?” And every time I lied I did the most ridiculous thing of my voice rising in pitch. “He’s great.” He wasn’t, he was probably the biggest man whore at McKinley.
  “Well, I’d like to meet this Puck.”
  “You will.” I reply more calmly. “Soon.”    

     He nods his head and pops off in the front room, if I could help it he wasn’t going to meet Puck for a long time, for a very long time! Whilst Rory was in the shower, I couldn’t find much that he could wear whilst waiting for his clothes to wash and dry. My Father wasn’t too happy about it, so maybe I shouldn’t lend Rory any of my Dad’s clothes. So I grabbed my overtly large dressing gown that was way too big for me and walked over to the bathroom. I opened the door slightly before carefully leaving the dressing gown on the floor and closing the door again.

     Afterwards I just sat in my room for ages, only for someone to then knock on my bedroom door. “Come in!” I call out and Rory walks into my bedroom, smelling fresher and… And well, looking girly. He closed the door behind him and I laughed: “Pink is so your colour.” He smiles back and sits on my bed.
  “Ok, wasn’t there anything else I could’ve borrowed?”
  “Well, I was going to lend you some of my Dad’s stuff, but that would be too big for you and plus, he doesn’t seem happy about me letting a guy in the shower.”
  “Oh, I’m sorry I didn’t mean to get you into trouble.”
  “No, you didn’t. Don’t worry. Plus seeing you in my pink dressing gown makes it all so totally worth it.”
  “Ok, stop with the jokes comedian.”
  “Never.” I laugh and he playfully whacks my arm, so I slap his arm back, only for us to then stop, as I look at how much it’s been hurt from all the bullying. I gently place my hand on his face and rub my thumb gently over the side of his eye where a black eye is beginning to take shape. “I’m sorry about that.” I informed him.
  “It’s ok.” He responded and looks down at his lap.    

     My hand gets placed at the back of his neck and another hand goes on his back, as I hug him close to me. This nice tender hug, making me fall into his arms that little bit more.    

     Moments later a knock on the door takes away the spellbinding feeling I’m getting from being near Rory. I sigh and walk over to the window and look out, only to see the one and only Puck at the door. I turn to Rory frightened for him. “Umm… Quick! Hide underneath the bed.” I warn him.
  “What?” He wonders.
  “Just do it!” I yell and wander out of my room, down the hallway and open the door. “Hi Puck.” I grin, trying to hide my discomfort.    

     All I could hope for was that Rory would stay hidden otherwise everything was going to just blow up in my face…

The End

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