Chapter 4-Player?Mature

Christina’s Point of View:
     Finally, Damian and I pulled away from one another, a smile appearing on our faces. I gazed into his deep blue eyes and just found myself getting lost in them. And as I did, I knew I had to kiss him again. I couldn’t help it, it was like staring into his eyes, being mesmerised by them made me want to get closer to him. Made me want to just be touching him for as long as possible. And for the second time in moments our lips met, leaving this cool, strawberry taste in my mouth. His mouth moved sensually and slowly against mine, just these gentle strokes, these light brushes, making me want to explore more of him. His hands found my shoulders and he hung onto me for dear life, as if I was the only thing he could hold on to otherwise he’d fall into some big black hole. My arms moved around him, bringing him closer to me, so I could feel his silky smooth skin on mine.    

     More moments passed and it finally got the better of me. Finally, my instincts decided to intervene and I threw myself away from him. I was stood up, away from the bed, my back to him. My hand on my mouth, worrying about where all this was going, what was this leading to? I was supposed to be having some fresh start. I was supposed to have a boyfriend. Yet here I am cheating on Puck and getting carried away with yet another boy. If I carried on like this I’d be pregnant again in no time! And I couldn’t let that happen.     

     Rory got up off the bed and walked over to me and stood by my side, he took hold of my hand and asked quietly, nervously: “What’s the matter?” I looked away from him, trying to not get a glimpse of his deep blue eyes that could make any woman fall in love with them, well, except for Santana it seems. My heart was beating extremely fast, my stomach was fluttering, I felt a little sick, from all the tension, the fear I was feeling. I pulled my hand out from his. “This is wrong.” I tell him.
  “Well, it feels right to me.” Rory’s response once again has my heart beating at one hundred miles per hour. I risk a look at him and don’t get caught up in his gaze, much to my relief. “I’m cheating on Puck.” I state.
  “Puck cheats on every girl he’s with.”
  “Were friends.”
  “We both know it’s always been more than that.” And finally I risked saying the last part, knowing it was shallow and probably would anger him. “If I go out with you then boom, I will be the most un-cool girl in school.”    

     He looked at me for a moment and I saw the hurt flash in his teal coloured eyes. “And there’s me thinking you didn’t care anymore.” He states and goes to walk towards my door. I quickly chase after him and grab hold of his arm before his hand even touches my door handle. “I’m sorry, it’s just you’ve never had the popular thing, you don’t know what it’s like.”
  “I do actually.” Even when he was angry he didn’t raise his voice and sounded like the sweetest guy. “You don’t get shoved into lockers, you don’t get dumped in a dumpster and you don’t get slushie’s in the face. People respect you and think your amazing. I get it, but I didn’t think all that was worth dumping a good friend over. Someone who’s probably only your real friend. Do you think Puck’s going to stick around when some new pretty girl walks through the door? Do you think Brittany’s going to talk to you when Santana talks her round? Do you think that those bullies will even care that you’re a cheerleader anymore? No. But me, whether your popular, unpopular, homeless, boring, annoying, mean, shallow, completely crazy, it doesn’t matter because that is what a true friend is. They pick you up when your down, they don’t kick you, which is actually what you’ve just done to me. So it doesn‘t matter, we won‘t do the musical number tomorrow since you obviously want nothing to do with me.”    

     I let him go and he walked out of my bedroom, followed by leaving the house. I was in a state of shock for a long moment and was just watching the door handle which he’d pulled moments ago. I quickly snapped out of it and ran out of the house after him, I followed him down the path. “Rory!” I called, but he didn’t turn back. “Rory!” I yelled again and finally caught up with him, I stood in front of him.
  “Your right, you’re completely right.”
  “I am?” He asked surprised, suddenly off guard. “Sometimes I get it wrong and…”
  “No, everything you said was right, being popular doesn’t matter. When we go to school tomorrow, all I want to do is go to Glee club with you and then we can sing the song together.”
  “Really?” He wondered.
  “Really.” I agreed. “Now I’d really appreciate it if you came back in the house and we could get on well and have some pizza.”
  “Pizza sounds good.” Rory smiles, showing off his white teeth.    

     We both then walk in the direction of my home, next to one another. “You better have no funny business this time.” I state to him.
  “Funny business?” Rory asks.
  “No kissing me this time.”
  “I think you’ll find it was the other way round.”
  “Actually you kissed me.”
  “At the same time?” Rory offered.
  “Fine, we kissed at the same time, but you leaned in first.”
  “No, I saw you staring into my irresistible eyes.” I rolled my eyes at his comment and we went into the flat and spent the evening together eating pizza, talking and laughing. And indeed this time there was no funny business.

     The next day came too quickly, as all days that are good end too fast. And before I knew it I was retracing my steps down the McKinley high corridor. I was trying not to make a scene, hoping no bullies will no longer get to me. I made it to math class unscathed, followed by Science, that was all I wanted and needed.    

     And before I knew it, it was Glee club and I was making my way there only to be body checked into a locker. My back hit the metal hard and I fell on my backside. “Woman beater!” I yelled after the jock that just shoved me into the lockers hard and got up. My legs carried me to Glee club where despite the fact that Santana, Brittany, Quinn and Puck were in the room I took a seat next to Rory. He looked my way with this big smile on his face. We’d overcome this big hurdle and we were both delighted about it. I needed a straight talking to and thankfully he was the one that gave it and put me right.    

     Mr Schuster stood at the front of the class and was smiling as usual. “Ok guys, we have a new duet to contend with Sam and Puck, today it’s the new boy and girl Rory and Christina.” He was the only one that gave us a round of applause and moved out the way, so Rory and I stood at the front. I was a little nervous, but I had probably my best friend at the school next to me and that was all I needed to get me through. Rory flashed me one of his trademark smiles, the pianist started playing the piano and Rory took hold of both my hands and I sang: “I really can't stay.” I tried to pull away, but Rory pulled me back towards him. “But baby it's cold outside.”
  “I've got to go away.” I sang and looked towards the door.
  “But baby it's cold outside.”
  “This evening has been…” I let go of his hands and made my way over to the piano.
  “Been hoping that you'd drop in…”
  “So very nice.” I hopped up onto the piano, only for Rory to then join me and take hold of my hands whilst looking down at them and singing: “I'll hold your hands, they're just like ice.”    

     I shimmy away from him on the piano: “My mother will start to worry.“ He shimmies towards me.
  “Beautiful, what's your hurry?”
  “My father will be pacing the floor.” I say and hop off the piano and do a light run to the other side of the room.
  “Listen to the fireplace roar.” He tells me.
  “So really I'd better scurry.” I turn around, only to have Rory right behind me and to move his arms around me in this gentle, comforting hold and then as if he’s saying the words to me for real: “Beautiful, please don't hurry.”
  “Well maybe just a half a drink more.”
  “Put some records on while I pour.”    

     We both find some chairs and sit on them, next to one another.

  “The neighbours might think…” I look at him.
  “Baby, it's bad out there.” He gazes back at me and I look down at my lap.
  “Say, what's in this drink?”
  “No cabs to be had out there.”
  “I wish I knew how…” I stand up and slowly walk away, only to have him pull me back and face me towards him.
  “Your eyes are like starlight.” He stares into my eyes.
  “To break the spell.“ As I sing that he brushes some hair out the way of my face.
  “I'll take your hat, your hair looks swell”
  “I ought to say no, no, no, sir.“ I point my finger towards him and wag it at him.
  “Mind if I move in closer?” He asks and puts an arm around me.
  “At least I'm gonna say that I tried.“ I put an arm around him and stare at him.
  “What's the sense in hurting my pride?”
  “I really can't stay.” I sigh.
  “Baby don't hold out.” He replied staring into my eyes, as if I was the only one in the room. A large smile appeared on our faces and we turned to the crowd and moved out arms outwards and sang with big smiles. “Baby, it's cold outside...” Before practically collapsing back on the chairs, I lean into Rory’s embrace and then the performance is done. We made sure not to have lots of eye contact at the end considering what happened last time…    

     And once again after the performance it was only a number of people that were clapping. Quinn and Santana certainly wasn’t, Brittany started to but Santana stopped her. Finn was in a really smiling mood. “Wow!” Mr Schuster laughed. “That was brilliant chemistry you both had. Are you actually together?”
  “No.” Rory and I said simultaneously.
  “Well, you made it believable.” He laughed. “The rest of you take a leaf out of their book, tomorrow I believe it’s Finn and Rachel, hopefully it’ll be a little less insulting Performance than last time.”
  “Don’t worry Mr Schu.” Finn grinned and him and Rachel started chatting ideas about what to do for their number.    

     Rory smiled at me and said: “Thanks for being my partner.” And as usual he walked off to his locker. After yesterday and today I realised one thing. I had to call it off with Puck, being friends with Rory just wasn’t enough, I wanted more than that and so did he. Puck wasn’t the guy for me, he never was, but maybe just maybe Rory might be.     

     Just as I was about to break it off with Puck, Santana, Quinn and Brittany walked over to me. “I’m not interested in what any of you have to say.” I told them.
  “Oh, trust me you are.” Santana said and I looked confused, but she continued. “Look, I know you think we’ve been bullying you, but it’s for a good reason, you see there’s a reason why Rory isn’t liked very much.”
  “There is?” I wondered.
  “Yeah, literally the moment he arrived in this school he started trying it on with all the girls.”
  “He kissed me.” Brittany said and as she did Santana started gathering tears in her eyes. “He was my first.” She told me deeply upset. “He told me that I was the only one for him, the next thing I know we sleep together and he just left as if I was some sort of one night stand. As if I was a hooker!” She complained.    

     Tears cascaded down her face and I was actually shocked, could kind hearted Rory really be like this? “He tried it on with me.” Quinn began. “However, after Puck and everything and still liking Finn I didn’t let anything happen.”
  “Don’t trust him.” Santana told me. “He may act all nice, but he’s not, he’s really not. That’s why the football team hate him because some of my best friends are on that team and the fact he… He used me makes them angry so they shove him into lockers and so forth.”
  “Wow, I never knew.”
  “Has anything happened with you?” Santana wondered.
  “Umm… We sort of kissed yesterday.”
  “That’s only the beginning trust me.”
  “I’m really sorry, if I’d have known…”
  “It’s ok. What are you going to do?” Santana wondered.    

     Hearing this made me realise what an idiot I’d been, I’d gotten with one idiot at my old school, I didn’t need to get with another. And the fact he was being friendly, using me just to get me into bed after everything made me angry. I stormed over to his locker annoyed and when he laid eyes on me he flashed a smile my way. “Hey Christina…” He began, but he couldn’t finish because it was then that I slapped him across the face hard.    

     Almost immediately there was a large red mark on his face. He put his hand to his face and looked at me, as if he couldn’t believe it. “Chris…” He began.
  “Shut up!” I commanded. “You know, I thought you were really nice and really cared, you know. But your just like every other boy in this school!” I yelled, only for a lot of people in the corridor to start slowing their walking down and watching the argument. “You think a bit of kindness and being friendly will mean us girls will jump into bed with you, seriously?! I trusted you and you used me, in fact I can’t believe I even let you kiss me! I’m done with you Rory, now I’d appreciate it if you leave me alone, as well as every other girl in the school because your just a complete and utter slut who only thinks of himself.”    

     I was about to storm past him, only he got in my way and said: “Christina…” I walked through him not in the mood for one of his fake speeches. “Christina!” He yelled with his Irish accent.
  “Shut up!” I screamed. “All you Irish men are the same, you think having some new, fresh accent will get women into bed, well, I’m not that easy unlike you!” I screamed and continued storming off.    

     Students laughed, students looked on in shock, students were quiet and weren’t interested in getting on the bad side of me. I went to Drama in the worst mood possible, but hell, acting out my anger seemed like the best thing for me right now…

The End

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