Chapter 3-FeelingsMature

Christina’s Point of View:
     The following morning my Dad woke me up. All because he wanted to talk. Last night I didn’t come out of my room at all after returning from Puck’s. I didn’t even eat and was starting to feel a little hungry. Dad smiled at me and looked at me with care. “Hey, is everything ok? You seemed a bit stressed yesterday?”
  “Yeah, you know how school is.”
  “Yeah, I just wanted to check in, we’ve had problems in the past.” He paused. “And you were home late yesterday…” He began, obviously hinting that I was spending time with a guy.
  “Daddy, you don’t gamble and I won’t get pregnant, ok?”
  “I just want to make sure you’re being careful.”
  “Dad, I’ve only just started going to school, do you think I’m so easy that I’d be sleeping with one of the guys already?” I counteracted his thoughts.
  “I’m sorry, I’ll just leave you to it…” He says, putting his hands up in front of him, slightly offended. He walks out my room and closes the door behind him whilst I go and grab my Cheerleading uniform and pull it on. I pack my bag, which there isn’t much to pack as most of it is left over from yesterday.    

     And of course, pretending as if nothing was wrong, I went to school. Walking in like the cheerleader I am, only to have Kurt, I think that’s his name walk beside me. “It’s a shame that you’ve fallen into that awful fashion category.” He states.
  “I’m sorry?” I ask, suddenly shocked.
  “It’s a shame that you’ve bought into the idea that since you’re a cheerleader you need to wear your uniform everyday. I thought you’d be different after I witnessed you defending one of us yesterday.” He said and walked away.    

     How incredibly rude I thought to myself, but walked to my English class despite this. Only to find that I had a different teacher today. A male teacher that went by the name of Mr Horn. And once again I was sat next to Brittany. She smiled at me, her facial features making her look like an old baby. “So I heard your going out with Puck.” She states.
  “Where did you hear that?” I wondered.
  “Santana.” She smiled and I thought how does Santana know? Brittany pulled a magazine out of her bag and started flicking through it, as if it was her English work. “Oh.” I said.
  “Well, he’s totally hot. I’ve made out with him loads of times.”
  “Comforting.” I grin.
  “I don’t follow.” She responds.
  “Never mind.” I say and then another dreaded English lesson with Brittany continued…

Rory’s Point of View:
     When I saw Puck standing by the lockers, I thought about walking over to him, saying what I wanted to say to him. However, I was afraid he’d be angry. Plus, him and Christina have been getting close ever so quickly maybe he’ll be annoyed. However, it didn’t matter, I needed to spend time with her. And I needed her voice for the duet. When we sang together by the lockers, I realised how perfect our voices fit. And since that moment, no scratch that, since the moment she helped me out, when we first met I was a little bit besotted by her.    

     So I finally got the courage and took the long walk over to Puck. When I reached him he turned to me, surprised by the fact I’d walked up to him. “What’s up?” He asks.
  “I was wondering if it’d be possible if we could swap duet partners for Glee?”
  “What, you want to work with Christina?”
  “Yes.” I admitted.
  “What’s in it for me, I mean, she is my girlfriend?”
  “Umm…” I began and had never thought of this part.
  “Hey! You can help me out.”
  “I can?” I asked.
  “If we swap partners when you hang with her, can you tell her some nice things about me?”
  “I thought you were together though.” I state.
  “Yeah, but yesterday catch this. We were making out and suddenly she pushes me away and then runs away from me, what’s that about? Do you reckon you can get answers for me, ok?”
  “Sure.” I smile.
  “So why do you want to work with her anyway?”
  “We sang together yesterday and I realised that she’s the one person in Glee that I feel I could reach my potential with.”
  “Cool, well, we’ll talk later.”
  “Yeah.” I agreed.    

     We walked away from one another and I felt a little bad for lying. Well, not lying, but not telling the complete truth. The truth was I liked her and wanted to spend more time with her. I had to not tell Puck that though, otherwise he’d never would’ve allowed it. Plus, surely he didn’t like her that much. Puck was the type of guy to well, get girls pregnant if Quinn was anything to go by. Well, ok, maybe he wasn’t completely that guy, but he was the guy that treated girls mean and tried to kiss them and sometimes go even further. And if that was his plan with Christina, I knew I had to stop it. It wouldn’t be right if I didn’t stop it.    

     So I made my way to my next lesson and thought about what it’d be like to tell Christina were now Glee partners. And all her reactions in my mind were good ones.

Christina’s Point of View:
     Brittany turned to me. “So you know how yesterday I said how I didn’t know how my cat was going to help me with English?”
  “Yes.” I replied, how could I forget that when the teacher had asked for us to take our books out that Brittany took out her diary. “Well, it turns out my cat does help me with English because I write about her, which is English.” She paused. “But then sometimes the words get jumbled up, so I don’t think it always is English.”
  “I’m sure it’s some sort of English.”
  “Christina, that’s insulting.” She responded and turned away, I looked at her as if she was some sort of nutter. What was this woman eating for breakfast?    

     And just like that the bell went, thankfully and I quickly left the English room, to get away from Brittany’s insane theories. However, she caught up with me. “Every time you leave English your really fast, it’s like you have super powers, like me. I’ve got an imaginary friend.”
  “Great.” I smile and was about to say something more, when this red head woman walked over to me. “Hi, aren’t you Christina?” She asked.
  “Yes, I am.” I responded.
  “Well, I was wondering if it would be possible for us to have a little chat.”
  “Sure.” I agreed and followed this woman over to her office where she gestured for me to sit down. I did as she wanted and she sat down too, only to then be straightening everything on her desk as well as cleaning  the edges with a wet wipe. After a few moments she stopped. “I’ve asked you here because I’m wondering how you’re fitting in?”
  “I’m doing fine.” I respond.
  “Yeah, it’s just I’ve read your file and you’re here and are already a cheerleader and going out with Puck, I just wanted to check everything was going ok.”
  “How does everyone know about Puck?” I sigh, but continue from what she was speaking of. “Look, the cheerleading thing is the one thing stopping me from getting beaten up, plus Puck on my arm helps in the cool factor and…” I stopped right there as I saw from the corner of my eye Rory walk past. He always seemed happy, despite having difficult days at McKinley, which was admirable. If I was bullied the way he was I’d constantly have a frown on my face. He was wearing a red top and some blue jeans with some black shoes with his hair spiked up. It suited him. I’m glad the windows of this room were complete glass, otherwise I never would of… Shoot, I’ve been staring way too long.    

     I turned to the woman again. “I’m sorry, what was your name?”
  “Miss Pillsbury.” She responded and looked at the glass window for a moment and looked towards me. “You know, sometimes we do things to seem cool and popular, but sometimes it’s good to do stuff for yourself, even if it’ll mean that you aren’t so popular anymore.”
  “What stuff?” I asked.
  “For example, you’re going out with Puck for the image, but maybe someone else would be better for you.”
  “You mean Rory?” I asked and she looked shocked at my bluntness with her and didn’t know what to say as her mouth hanged open. “Were just in Glee together and I noticed him.” I blushed as the words passed my mouth.
  “Oh, your in Glee. Good. Go Glee!” She smiled at me with these pearly white teeth. “I’m just saying don’t feel pressured to go out with someone because of their image.”
  “Ok, thank you. I’ll keep that in mind.” I smiled and stood up, then left the room.

     A lesson later and it was time for Glee. I sat on my own in the area, as I was early, but moments later Brittany, Quinn, Santana, Rachel and Finn arrived. After them Puck walked in and just sat away from me, did I offend him that much? It was then that Rory walked in and took a seat next to me. “Guess what?” He asked me smiling.
  “What?” I wondered.
  “Were doing a duet together.”
  “No, I’m doing Michael Buble with Puck.” I state. “We’ve figured everything out.”
  “Umm….” Rory began. “Was Michael Buble your first choice?”
  “No.” I admitted.
  “Well, what was your first choice?” He wondered.
  “Baby, it’s cold outside.”
  “Well, as it happens I love that song and am quite good at it.”
  “Hold on.” I state and get up and walk over to Puck. I stood by his side and looked at him. “Hey Puck, are we still doing our Michael Buble song together?”
  “No, Rory asked to swap partners so I wasn’t about to turn him down.”
  “Ok.” I respond. “Are we ok?” I asked.
  “If you define running out on me like that as ok?”
  “I’m sorry.”
  “Forget about it.” Puck waved it off and I felt a little awkward so walked back over to Rory. “I guess were doing the song.”
  “Yay.” Rory smiled. “So should we go round yours?” He offered.
  “No, what about yours?” I hoped he’d say yes.
  “I live with Brittany, remember?” He offered. “There’s not a problem with us going round yours is there?”
  “No… I… Yes…” I couldn’t say it, I didn’t want to.    

     For so long I’d lived in some beautiful mansion and now I was living in this dinky flat with damp all over the walls. I tried to make my room pretty, but it was hard with the damp and the holes in the walls. “Hey, it can’t be that bad.”
  “I’ve not had anyone round since moving here.”
  “Why not? It doesn’t matter.”
  “It does, let’s just practice here, ok?”    

     However, no matter what I said, Rory wouldn’t let it go and took my hand in both of his. “Look, whatever the problem is about going round yours, it doesn’t matter. I won’t judge you for whatever it is, I won’t speak of it at school, you can trust me.” I looked down at both his hands holding my one hand and then looked at his gentle, friendly face. “Ok, but just so you know my house isn’t a house.” I paused and whispered. “It’s a flat.” I state.
  “Nothing wrong with that.” He replied and in that moment Mr Schuster walked in.
  “We’ll talk later.” I informed Rory and it was then that Mr Schuster started talking to us with his usual contagious smile on his face. “Ok, so it seems that we have our first duet.” Mr Schuster grinned. “Sam and Puck, take to the stage.”    

     Puck had already done a song with Sam, wow. And that’s when I heard the familiar sound of Puck and Sam doing the Michael Buble song that Puck and I were going to do. It hurt a little that he’d found my replacement for this particular song so quickly, but hey, it wasn’t exactly like this song was my first choice. Plus, every time Puck looked my way he winked at me, making me blush and my legs turn to jelly. When Puck finished singing, Mr Schuster started clapping. “Wow. You guys have got your work cut out.” He laughed and I turned to Rory.
  “Was it me or was Puck singing that song to you?”
  “I think he might have been.” I agreed.    

     Moments later the bell rang and Rory said: “We have Spanish last so we’ll make our way to yours after Spanish.”
  “Yeah.” I agreed and Rory walked off, continuously being his happy self. When he was gone, I had Santana, Brittany and Quinn all by my side. “I thought you were supposed to be getting with Puck?” Quinn questioned me as we all walked outside into the corridor.
  “I am with Puck.” I reply.
  “Well, it seems to me that your more interested in the Irish blood.”
  “Yeah, what’s up with that?” Brittany began. “I keep getting confused about whether he’s a leprechaun or not.”
  “Well, the other night he came down wearing green pyjamas.” Brittany states to me.
  “He wears pyjamas.” I thought surprised, but then quickly changed the subject, realising how strange that sounds. “It’s not my fault that Puck swapped partners for the duet.”    

     Santana then jumped in and looked at me. “Look, here’s the thing. You’re spending way too much time with that loser Rory and it’s got to stop.” We paused on the walking and pointed in a direction, a direction that pointed towards Rory. “I mean, look at him, can you have someone that’s as ridiculous as him dragging you down?”
  “I umm…” I began but Santana pushed me slightly.
  “Right, now here’s what you’re going to do, Puck is standing right over there and you are going to kiss him right in front of Rory, so that he knows not to try anything when you’re making googly eyes at each other when practicing for the duet. Which by the way is pointless, as your going to lose.”
  “I…” I began yet again, but Santana cut me off.
  “Do it.” I sighed and walked forward, walking past Rory who turned around and glanced at me and smiled. I smiled back, embarrassed, but then tapped Puck on the shoulder.    

     He swivelled round. “Hey you.” I replied smiling.
  “Umm… I just wanted to say that your performance in Glee was really great, if anyone deserves to win you do.”
  “Thanks.” He responded and then I moved my arms around his neck and pressed my lips to his for a long extended moment, before pulling away. He smiled as I did. “What was that for?”
  “I’m apologising for running out on you yesterday.”
  “Oh, well, maybe after you’ve finished your duet with Rory we could maybe go a little further.”
  “Sorry, too soon, but I’ll see you later.”
  “Yeah.” He agreed and I left him to it and went off to my free lesson.    

     My legs started carrying me to the library when Rory caught up with me, much to my dismay, as Santana was probably watching this. “I think everyone now knows your going out with Puck for sure.”
  “Yeah.” I agreed and there was a brief silence, before Rory spoke again.
  “Why are you with him?”
  “He’s really sweet and nice and we have a lot in common.”
  “Like?” Rory asked.
  “Umm… I’ve always been a big fan of Mohawks.” I lie and Rory smiles at me as he usually does.     

     Rory then speaks up about his day and makes me feel a little uncomfortable because of all the people around us still in the corridor. “Well, I have a free now, do you?”
  “Maybe we could hang out?” He states and before I could answer his question another jock shoves him into the lockers, his back smacks into them and he falls down. “Alright Gleek?” The jock says to Rory sarcastically and then turns to me. “Are you with him?”
  “No.” I said and the jock picked him up and shoved him into the locker again.
  “Hey!” I complained. “You’re going too far.” I state, as I placed my hand on the jocks arm, he flashed a smile at me and looked into my eyes. “Hey, fancy going on a date with me?”
  “You know I’m going out with Puck and I’d never date you in a million years.” He grasped Rory’s shirt tight in his hands and looked at me for one moment before letting go and storming off.    

     Yet again Rory fell to the ground, as usual when some bully had been well, bullying him. And as usual, the moment after he’d been bullied I’d always lean down and help him. “Are you ok?” I asked and moved his shirt up to look at his back.
  “Yeah, what are you doing?” He asks.
  “You’ve got a few bruises.” I inform him and pull the shirt back down and Rory turns to me. “Doesn’t it ever get to you?” I asked him.
  “Sometimes.” I continuously kneeled down, but the moment that word left his mouth, I pulled him into my arms and hugged him gently. “Well, you’ve got a friend in me.”
  “I thought the popularity and…” He began.
  “It doesn’t matter right now.” I pull away and smile at him. “Fancy popping out to get a hot chocolate?”
  “I umm… I don’t know.”
  “Come on, bend the rules a little.”
  “Were not seniors.” He informed me.
  “We’ll be back in time for next lesson.” I state and move an arm around him.    

     Unfortunately as we started walking down the corridor together, Santana got in our way. “What do you think you’re doing?” She asked me with this annoyed expression on her face.
  “Just hanging out.” I smile.
  “With him?”
  “You’re making a big mistake.”
  “No, for the first time I feel as though I’m doing something right.” I explain and walk on, only to get shoved by her, I swivel round and look at her. “Ok, you did not just do that.” When I said that she pushed me yet again.
  “That’s it!” I yelled and went for her and shoved her to the ground and started pulling at her hair, she was pulling at mine. “Ow!” I complained and placed my knee on her stomach, not long after though a teacher comes over and starts breaking us up by pulling us up and putting their arms out to separate us. It turns out to be Mr Schuster. “Ok, stop this. You’re in glee club together.”
  “She started it!” Santana complained.
  “Well, you’re the one that is dictating my every move!”    

     Mr Schuster intervened. “Look, just go your separate ways and then I won’t have to report this to Figgins.”
  “Gladly.” I responded and walked by Rory’s side down the corridor, before finally making my way to the coffee shop nearby with him. “I can’t believe you just got into a fight with Santana.”
  “Neither can I.” I agreed.
  “It was hot!” Rory blurted out and I looked at him for a moment and he changed his choice of words. “It was just good.” He paused and then said: “Well, because of this the Hot Chocolates are on me.”
  “You don’t have to.” I laugh.
  “No, I want to.” He smiles and so we reach the coffee shop, whilst he orders us our drinks I find a nice comfy sofa in the corner to sit on, which is usually occupied, but for once it’s not.     

     Rory walks over to me and takes a seat next to me on the sofa. “Thanks for these.”
  “No problem.” He smiles and takes a sip from his drink which doesn’t look like hot chocolate. I looked at it quizzically for a moment. “What are you drinking?” I wondered.
  “Tea.” He responded.
  “Oh, I see, sorry, I’ve never had tea.”
  “It’s a British thing.” He replied. “It doesn’t taste the same in America either.” He paused and looked my way. “Would you like to try some?”
  “Umm… Ok.” I responded unsure and he picked up the mug and handed it to me. As he did our, fingers brushed against each others. I pulled the drink up to my mouth and took a quick sip. I handed Rory back the cup, swallowed the tea and smiled. “That’s good.”
  “You hate it, don’t you?” He asked.
  “A little bit.”
  “Don’t worry, when I first had tea I was young and liked it, but then I didn’t have it for years and one day I tried it again and it was awful. And then a few years later I don’t know why, but I really fancied having tea and I haven’t looked back ever since.”
  “I think that’s the most I’ve ever heard you talk.”    

     Rory laughs as I say that to him and taps my shoulder gently. “You British really are obsessed with tea. Do you talk about the weather a lot as well?” I offer.
  “A little bit because it’s always up and down, not like here where it always seems to be sunny.”    

     I go quiet, enjoying just relaxing in here and pick up my hot chocolate and take a quick sip of it before putting it back down. I looked at Rory happily and finally said something I’d been dying to say since the moment I first saw him. “You know, your quite cute.” I state and suddenly his cheeks go all red, he starts to smile and looks at me for a moment and responds: “Your quite cute too.” The next thing I know I’m going red, not sure what I’m doing, what I’m saying, but I just go with the flow. Thankfully, Rory changed the subject, much to my relief. “You know, I’ve not been a big fan of cheerleaders, I got on well with Brittany at first, but then Santana intervened.” He paused. “What I’m trying to say is that I never thought I’d ever feel close to a cheerleader, like the way I do to you.”
  “I’m not a proper cheerleader.” I smile.
  “Yes you are, I saw some of the dancing you did in glee club yesterday.”    

     Once again, I was left quiet and decided a good way of making the moment pass would be for me to have another sip of my hot chocolate. Once again he notices me getting shy and uncomfortable, so changes the subject yet again. “You know, Puck wanted me to dig some dirt on you.”
  “What dirt?” I asked.
  “He wanted me to tell him how much you like him? Why you walked out on him etcetera. He thought I’d be a good inside man so to speak.”
  “Well, you aren’t doing a very good job of it.” I laugh.
  “Sorry.” He paused. “So how much do you like him?” When Rory asked me that question I got this distinct feeling that he wasn’t asking it for Puck, but more for himself.     

     Of course I had no idea what to say. “I like Puck, but I don’t see the relationship going anywhere long term.” I admitted. “I’d appreciate it if you didn’t tell him that part.”
  “Done.” Rory responded.    

     Afterwards we finished drinking our tea and acted as if nothing too difficult had come up in the conversation. We returned to school and went to our last class together. It was only the moment when we both got shoved into the lockers that I started to realise how stupid my actions were from earlier. I shouldn’t have fought Santana on this because at the click of a finger, she’d managed to convince the whole school that I was a loser. Suddenly it was as if the Cheerios uniform didn’t matter. I walked on ahead of Rory slightly annoyed, with Rory chasing after me. “Your upset.” He states.
  “Look, you may be able to handle the locker thing everyday, but I can’t. Being popular matters to me, as much as I hate to admit it.” I sighed and stormed off to Spanish.     

     There was no point in me storming off like that though because of course, Rory and I sat next to one another in this particular lesson. As I sat in my seat moments later he joined me. We were in this awkward silence for a long time when finally Rory turned to me. “You know, there are more important things than being popular.”
  “Yes, I know that.”
  “Well, why are you treating a locker shove as though it’s the end of the world?”
  “Because it’s just the beginning, today it’s locker shoves, tomorrow it’s slushie facials, then it just progresses from there and I can’t handle it.”
  “You worry too much.”    

     As Rory and I spoke I saw Santana looking my way, her eyes narrowed. Rory’s hand was resting on top of mine, so I pulled mine out from under his and looked forward. Basically ignoring him for the rest of the lesson and just listening to Mr Schuster.    

     After Spanish I got out of the room as quickly as possible and through the corridors safely. When I was outside I thought everything was ok, it was only when I bumped into some jocks by the dumpster, they looked at me with expectation. “Excuse me?” I asked confused and they just lifted me up and were about to chuck me into the dumpster. “Let go of me!” I complained and started kicking. The next thing I know Rory shoves him making the Jock let go of me and thankfully I land safely on my feet. Rory takes my hand and we start running. As fast as we can, away from that school where bullies just seem to spawn. “I can’t believe you just did that!” I laughed.
  “Just taking a leaf out of your book from earlier.”
  “Well, it certainly shocked them. Hey, it shocked me, you never fight back!”
  “I never do a lot of things.” Rory replies and winks at me.

     Eventually we near my home and as we get closer I start to warn Rory about it. “Look, when I said my home is nothing special, it really isn’t. Don’t tell anyone, but my dad had a gambling problem which meant we lost everything, now were just trying to pay the bills. I have a job too.”
  “You do?” Rory asked shocked.
  “Yeah, I do 18 hours over the weekend, nine hours on Saturday and Sunday,”
  “But why?”
  “He doesn’t earn enough money to pay all the bills, so I need to help.” I state and open my front door and walk in, Rory follows and I peer into the front room. “Hey Dad.”
  “Hi.” He smiled at me.
  “Umm… Me and Rory are just going to practice a song for Glee club, ok?”
  “No problem honey. Does he want to stay for dinner?” I turned to him and he replied that he didn’t mind.
  “You know what, that would be great.” I told my Father and Rory and I walked off into my room.    

     I gestured for Rory to sit on the bed and he did, as he kept looking around the room. “You have a lovely room.”
  “No, I don’t.”
  “I think the decorating you’ve done is brilliant.”
  “There’s holes in the walls and there’s damp everywhere and you’re actually complimenting it?”
  “At least you made an effort.” He smiled my way and I nodded my head.
  “I suppose so.” I agreed and sat on the bed next to him. “Eight this song.” I smile.
  “Yeah.” He agreed.    

     And in that moment we were not only singing, but acting to the lyrics. Rory took hold of my hand and I started the singing. “I really can't stay”
  “But baby it's cold outside.” He sang back.
  “I've got to go away”
  “But baby it's cold outside.”
  “This evening has been…”
  “Been hoping that you'd drop in…”
  “So very nice.”
  “I'll hold your hands, they're just like ice.”    

     I start to pull away and head for the door and sing: “My mother will start to worry.“   
  “Beautiful, what's your hurry?” Rory said and took hold of my hand and pulled me towards him.
  “My father will be pacing the floor.” I say and take hold of the door handle, but once again Rory pulls me to him, so that his arms are around my waist, my hands are just tucked underneath his arms. “Listen to the fireplace roar.” He tells me.
  “So really I'd better scurry.” I turn for a moment, but then look right back at him.   
  “Beautiful, please don't hurry.”
  “Well maybe just a half a drink more.”
  “Put some records on while I pour.”

  “The neighbours might think…”
  “Baby, it's bad out there.”
  “Say, what's in this drink?”
  “No cabs to be had out there.”
  “I wish I knew how…”
  “Your eyes are like starlight.”
  “To break the spell.“ I walk over to the bed with Rory, so that were sat on it and looking at one another again, gazing into each other’s eyes. “I'll take your hat, your hair looks swell”
  “I ought to say no, no, no, sir.“
  “Mind if I move in closer?” He asks and sings simultaneously before shimmying closer to me on the bed.
  “At least I'm gonna say that I tried.“
  “What's the sense in hurting my pride?”
  “I really can't stay.”
  “Baby don't hold out.” He replied staring into my eyes, as if I was the only one in the room, which I was in this moment. A large smile appeared on our faces. “Baby, it's cold outside.”    

     The song finishes yet were still here together, arms around one another. I lean in close and so does Rory and finally our lips meet. All thoughts of school and Puck and just everything floats away as his mouth brushes against mine. There was something so right about it, however, I knew that the moment this kiss came to an end the results weren’t going to be good…

The End

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