Chapter 2-TryoutsMature

Christina’s Point of View:
     Three came quickly. Too quickly. Before I knew it I was standing on the stage in the auditorium. There sat in front of me was that rude teacher that shoved me and Rory into the lockers earlier. Still in her awful tracksuit. Next to her was Quinn and on the other side of her was Santana and Brittany.    

     Nervous didn’t cut how I actually felt about this. “Go.” The Teacher said.
  “Why isn’t this in the gym?” I wondered.
  “Don’t ask me the questions. Go.”    

     She was very commanding, frightening and so that’s exactly what I did. I went and started my audition. I shimmied from side to side, threw my arms in the air and moved them into a circle. Preparing everyone in the room for what was about to happen and then boom. I was in mid air, in the midst of doing a triple back flip. And as I landed, I moved quickly into the splits, moved out of the splits into a roly poly, before staying on my back and jumping up back onto my feet and finally, finishing with a front flip.    

     For a moment I swear I saw a smile on Sue’s face, but it was quickly replaced with something else. Was that anger? “What you just did reminds me of a young Sue Sylvester.” Who was Sue, I wondered to myself, but smiled as it sounded like a compliment. “But don’t get too cocky, I expect more imagination from someone who used to be head cheerleader. What have you been doing, taking ideas from Will’s bird infested head?”
  “Who’s Will?” I asked uncomfortably.
  “Good answer, the only name you need to know is Sue.” She states and I look at her confused only to then realise that she must be Sue. “Now get out, go to the gym and get your Cheerios outfit, if you go even a day without wearing it then you’ll see me. And Christina?”
  “Yes Sue?” I asked.
  “You don’t want to do that because you’ll be so frightened and curious about what I’d have to say that you wouldn’t be sure as to whether you’ll be wetting yourself from being frightened or because of the anticipation. Now go!” She yelled.    

     And off I went, happy to get away from this mad woman. I went straight for the gymnasium and of course the outfit was waiting for me on the bottom step. Did that woman have some kind of sixth sense that I was going to make it? And the gymnasium was completely empty yet I was performing in the auditorium? What the Hell?     

     Since I didn’t fancy having that talk with her I went straight to the girls changing rooms and got into my new Cheerios outfit, well more like squeezed into it. Being in the cheerleading squad before I knew you had to be a certain size and when I was kicked out I obviously had put a few pounds on. However, as I looked in the mirror at me, my old life slowly returning to me I smiled. I looked good. My blond hair was pulled back into a tight ponytail and my stomach wasn’t on view despite the outfit being too tight. I moved my clothes into the bag I was carrying around today and walked out into the corridors. Only to see Rory get slammed into the lockers before getting slushied.     

     Immediately my instincts took over me and suddenly the idea of being popular got pushed out of my mind in a moment of madness. “Hey!” I called out, only for the lads that slushied me earlier on to turn around and laugh. “Oh, suddenly a cheerleader are we?” I didn’t answer. “Well, you have a choice. Stick up for this loser, or be like one of us; cool.” I stood there without answering.
  “You got problems man.” The guy told me and walked off with his buddy, when they were out of sight I was relieved. Partly because I could help out a friend without anyone ‘cool’ noticing.    

     I took hold of Rory’s arm and helped him up before leading him to the girls bathroom. “I can’t go in there.” He states.
  “If you go in the guys loo you’ll just run into another jock and then you’re screwed yet again. Cheerleaders is your worst bet here.”
  “Well, that Santana is a scary one.” I rolled my eyes when he said that and led him in to the bathroom. He stood there and looked around. “This is certainly cleaner than the men’s.” He states to me and I smile.    

     He shivers a little and I start pouring water into the sink and put the plughole in, it fills up three quarters in the way and I gesture for Rory to put his head in. He does exactly that and I move my hands over his hair, removing all the cold slush into the sink. Once I finish helping him he’s standing up and smiling at me. “Someone sent you down from Heaven to help me.” He laughed this loud, strange Irish laugh, which made me giggle a little. However, it didn’t last because Rory looked at me for a moment and asked: “Why didn’t you join me and everyone at lunch today?”
  “Because joining Quinn and everyone gave me the chance to take your advice and become a Cheerio.”
  “We both know you didn’t join me for that reason.”     

     It was a blunt, but a true thing to say, but the way he said it, he didn’t make it sound blunt. He made it sound nice, as if he was just being observant. “I wanted to be popular after what happened this morning and that is why I joined the Cheerios.” Suddenly it felt like a stupid, harsh thing to do. “I’m sorry.”
  “That’s ok. Hey! Why don’t you join Glee club?”
  “Why not?”
  “I’ve heard about what happens to the people that join Glee club.” I inform him.
  “But you can sing and Santana is in Glee, so is Quinn and Brittany.”
  “But they are already cool.” I state.
  “Do it for me.” Rory replied and we were silent for a moment, but he then coughed. “And do it for yourself. You might enjoy it.”
  “Ok, I’ll go for it, but I’m not going to guarantee that I’ll stay.”
  “Trust me, one glee club session and you’ll be staying, maybe we could do a duet together.”
  “Wow, your getting ahead of yourself there.” I smile.    

     In that moment of course Santana and Brittany walked in. “What am I doing in the men’s room?” Brittany asked upon seeing Rory.
  “Ok, who’d have know that you liked cross dressing.” Santana said to Rory.
  “What?” Rory wondered.
  “Get out of here before I force you out.”    

     Rory was quick to walk out of the girl’s bathroom and I followed him out. “Sorry about that.” I said to him guiltily and he smiled at me.
  “That’s ok. Come on, let’s go to glee.” He told me and took hold of my hand in his and led the way there.     

     We walked into this room where there were many students sat down and a teacher was at the front. My Spanish teacher. Rory then spoke up. “Mr Schuster, I’ve recruited someone new for glee club.”
  “That’s great.” Mr Schuster grinned. “Can you sing?” He asked me.
  “I’m ok.”
  “Brilliant, do you mind singing now?”
  “No.” I said when deep down I did mind. Here I was, in front of a group of people including Rory and Puck and thought if I mess this up my popularity will be over. Despite this, I started singing acapella Christina Aguilera-Genie in a Bottle. It was nerve wracking, but this seemed the easiest song to sing. “I feel like I’ve been locked up tight for a century of lonely nights… Waiting for someone to release me.” I paused and looked around for a moment and figured it’d be a good idea to do a bit of dancing with my singing. Maybe that would help get the glee club on side. So I started walking forwards slowly, swishing my hips from side to side. I’m a better dancer than I am singer and hoped that the dancing helped give me points. “Your licking your lips and blowing kisses my way, but that don’t mean I’m gonna give it away, baby, baby, baby.” As I sang that I looked towards Puck who winked at me and did this kissing motion with his mouth towards me. A blush broke out on my cheeks. Despite the fact I wasn’t at all interested in Puck, I needed him for my popularity, it was hard to resist those bad boy looks. “If you wanna be with me, baby there’s a price to pay. I’m a genie in a bottle, gotta rub me the right way.” When I looked over at Damian, he was just bobbing along with this completely goofy smile on his face that for some reason made him look even cuter than before. As for Rachel she seemed to hate me. For some reason.     

     I finished off the chorus and did a back flip quickly to finish the song off and Mr Schuster seemed happy, well, he seemed like the type of person who’d get happy over a half decent performance. “That’s great, it’s good to add another dancer to the group. One small criticism is that you could’ve chosen a more difficult song.”
  “I’d like to build up to that.” I responded and he gestured for me to go and take a seat. It was then that Puck patted the seat next to him with his hand and arched his eyebrows at me, before giving me this playful smile. I had a choice sit next to him and get popular, or sit somewhere else and play a little hard to get. And hard to get was obviously the answer as I took the vacant seat next to Finn and stared forward, pretending I hadn’t noticed Puck.     

     The glee club was then in proper session and Mr Schuster started explaining to us about duets. “As you all know, every year I like for you to do duets and this year is no exception. I want you to pick a partner and whoever wins gets to do a solo each in the next glee session.”
  “That’s boring.” Santana stated. “I think the breadsticks thing was much better.”
  “I figured this way it’ll help improve your voices and you all have a fair chance to get in the spotlight a bit more.”    

     As everyone was discussing what duet partner they were going to have Rachel turned to me. “Ok, about your performance just then, you were very shaky on the chorus, which is the main part of a song. You have the kind of voice that wouldn’t be able to hit notes and…”
  “Rachel, cut out the criticisms. Not everyone is as perfect as you and she was alright.” Finn said.    

     Moments later my conversation with Finn and Rachel was pushed aside. As I had smoking hot Puck walking towards me. He stood in front of me. “I think we should do the duet.” He states.
  “Really?” I asked.
  “Yeah, when you sang up there I realised our voices would be perfect together.”
  “Oh.” I replied, not quite sure what to say.
  “How about after school I go round yours and we can practice in your bedroom?” He paused. “Our duet, I mean.”
  “No, not my house. What about your house?”
  “Sure, that’s fine. Meet me outside the school after school has finished, ok?” I nodded in response and sure enough he walked away, only for Rory to wander over to me. “I thought me and you were going to do the duet.”
  “I umm…” I began. “He…” I couldn’t finish my sentence because well, I had no arguments and as I stifled Rory was his usual nice self and let it go. “I’ll umm… Find someone else.”
  “Rory!” I called after him and he spun round, I looked at him for a moment. “I’m sorry.”
  “I get it.” He says and walks off and seems to join forces with some blond guy with huge lips. As I saw those massive lips I kept thinking, he has the mouth of a shark. My god!    

     However, as him and Rory spoke I felt a little guilty and Glee club finished only for there to be one more lesson where I was bored and was just going through the motions.    

     Come the end of the day my heart was racing out of anticipation. What was practising the song with Puck going to be like? Would he try to kiss me? What?    

     I had no idea what was going to happen, but when I saw him and he smiled at me, I felt my legs melt slightly. I stood by his side and he moved an arm around me. As he did I felt as though all the McKinley high kids were staring at us as we walked along. Puck was certainly Mr Cool at this school. We reached his car and he unlocked it, I got in and so did he. Only for him to then rev the car up and start the drive to his house. “So, do you have a song in mind?” I wondered.
  “What?” He asked.
  “The duet assignment.” I replied.
  “Christina, I asked you to my house not because of the duet assignment and I think you know that.” He responded bluntly, I should have been offended by him thinking he could just have me at the click of his fingers. However, at the same time I was excited by the possibility of it.     

     For a moment I allowed myself to imagine what it’d be like to kiss his lips, to maybe even go that little bit further. No.    

     It was stupid, I could not fall into the same pattern as the last year. It’s thoughts and actions that got you pregnant in the first place. “Well, the only reason I came round was to sing, so if you think something entirely different is going to happen then you can think again.”
  “Ok, but if I have a good singing session with you, then can we make out?” My stomach got butterflies upon him asking me that.
  “Maybe.” I responded.     

     And moments later we pulled into his drive and we got out of the car, only for Puck to usher me into his home. I followed him upstairs to his room which was surprisingly tidy for a guy like Puck. We both sat on his bed and he turned to me. “So what do you want to sing?” He offered.
  “Umm… I don’t know. How about baby, it’s cold outside?” I offered.
  “No, too homo for me.”
  “It’s about sexual tension between a man and a woman.” I inform him.
  “Let’s go for something a bit more upbeat like Don’t Stop Me Now?”
  “Really? So unoriginal.”
  “This is annoying.” He states. “How about Michael Buble?”
  “What song?” I wondered.
  “Haven’t Met You Yet.”     

     I pondered this for a moment, but it did seem like an alright song. He pulled his guitar out and the familiar sound of the backing track went with it. And then Puck started to sing. When he opened his mouth to sing I think spellbound was the word I’d use to describe it. “I’m not surprised, not everything lasts. I’ve broken my heart so many times I’ve stopped keeping track.” I smiled and started singing on my own. “Talked myself in, talked myself out, I get all worked up and then I let myself down.”    

     It was then that we started taking it in turns to sing each line. He sang: “I tried so very hard not to lose it.”
  “I came up with a million excuses.” I responded.
  “I thought I’d thought of every possibility hmm…”     

     Just then the chorus came and we were singing it together, loudly and happily. “And I know some day it’ll all turn out and you’ll make me work so we can to work it out. And I promise you, kid, that I give so much more than I get. I just haven’t met you yet.”    

     We stopped there and laughed with one another at how something had actually gone right and then suddenly we stopped. Puck’s hand moved to my face and he leaned in and pressed his lips to mine. His mouth moved against mine sensually and he lightly pushed me back onto the bed. And ran his hands up and down my arms, before enclosing his arms around my waist, clutching me as his lips brushed against mine. It was all getting hot and heavy. Too hot and heavy that I pushed Puck away. I looked at him for a moment, shocked at what had happened, but pleasantly surprised. Within moments though I got up, grabbed my bag and ran out of his room. I ran out of his house, past his drive and all the way home.    

     When I arrived home my Dad was shocked to see me run off to my room and close the door behind me. I leaned against it my breath heavy from the quick run. I didn’t know what was wrong with me, it’s just the kiss with Puck felt so wrong, but so right. It had taken me by surprise. It made me wonder what would happen tomorrow at school.    

     Just the idea of school made me dread it, so, I quickly got undressed and jumped in the shower. I stood in there and showered as if it was the only way to wash all the complications away…

The End

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