Glee-A Fresh Start:Rory Flanagan StoryMature

Christina is the new girl at McKinley high with a dark past and plans to keep this past hidden. However, it seems her past will be difficult to be kept buried when she meets Irish Crooner Rory Flanagan, and starts to fall for him.

Christina’s Point of View:
     It had been a difficult couple of years for me. I was what people would describe as a wild child. When you have everything, you just don’t know what to do with yourself. You could basically get away with murder. This time two years ago, I had everything a girl could’ve wanted. All the parts in the lead plays, captain of the cheerleading squad, hottest guy in school, all the money I could ever want and then boom!    

     All that disappeared.    

     The first blow was when I got up the duff by my boyfriend. His name was Tom and at the time I thought he was the sort of guy you could depend on, the sort of guy you’d marry. However, the moment he realised I was preggers, he broke up with me. Flat out broke up. He was just some dumb jock, I realise that now. I couldn’t go through with raising a child alone so aborted it. It seemed to be the only option. After that I had a downward spiral of depression, only to be kicked off the cheerleading squad because I simply wouldn’t practice and I slept with a lot of guys. I’d have about two a week. I got too interested in doing bad things, which inevitably ended up with me getting expelled.    

     And on top of all that, my Dad lost everything through gambling. I had nothing. We moved from our mansion to some smelly, dingy flat and I finally found a school that would take me.    

     McKinley High school. It was a fresh start. At my old school, from the click of a finger I went from having everything to absolutely nothing. Hopefully this time will be different…

     My first day made me feel very apprehensive, the way jocks would be fist bumping each other and talking about football. Cheerleaders would stand around looking pretty, talking about their next practice. As I walked on I got stares off several people, including some guy with an afro and glasses. Something told me that I was so low on the food chain here that even nerds looked down on me.     

     So many thoughts were running through my mind, was I dressed badly, or not? Was I going around unnoticed? How would I make friends? The plan was to stay quiet, stay completely and utterly quiet and everything would be ok.    

     Of course, this is my life and that was never going to happen. As I continued to walk along the corridor I saw some jocks shoving this boy into a locker. They were laughing and the brunette boy was covered in blue liquid as if a drink had been spilt on him. Even when I’d been popular I’d never liked the idea of bullying, I actually repulsed it when people did that. I clenched my fists and walked over to them. “Oi! Leave him alone.” I warned them, they turned around slowly, as if they were wary about who that was coming from.     

     And then they saw me. “Oh, you need to get defended by a girl!” They laugh at the boy, who’s still struggling to catch their breath. “Well, welcome to loserville!” The jock said to me and the next thing I know I’m having this cold drink thrown in my face. Slushie! As it hit me I felt my whole body just freeze and for what felt like an eternity, I just stood there in shock. I had a whole new kind of brain freeze, which was in no way pleasant. “Are you alright?” The boy asked in this thick heavy accent and I didn’t answer instead I just gasped out loud and stormed off to the nearest bathroom.     

     Whilst in the bathroom, I saw the green liquid all over me. It had gotten on my clothes, underneath my clothes, in my face, in my hair. And I knew, after I’d attempt to wash this off it would go all sticky and I’d feel disgusting. Despite this, I washed it out of my hair slowly in the ridiculously small sinks and tried to get as much slushie out of my bra as possible. Approximately halfway through the bell went and I had to move quickly because the last thing I needed was to be late for my first lesson.    

     My legs carried me to some English class with some female teacher I didn’t know the name of yet. I sat in a seat next to this blond girl who seemed nice enough. The Teacher stood at the front of the class trying to explain something I wasn’t quite sure of. Another thing in my past, I flunked all my lessons. “So does anyone know what a paradigm is?” The girl next to me put her hand up, she must be bright for a cheerleader I thought. “Yes, Brittany.” The Teacher said.
  “A flying balloon that carries people.”
  “That’s when you paraglide Brittany.”
  “Isn’t that the same thing?” Brittany responded and suddenly I took back my thought, maybe she isn‘t clever after all. “Ok.” The Teacher began. “Go to page five in your books and read up on linguistics and maybe that will help you with the word paradigms.”    

     I pulled out the English book I had got when I transferred here and started reading page five. Brittany leaned in closed to me. “I don’t get it, how is reading about my cat going to help me learn?” She asked and I looked at her and then saw she was reading something that looked like her very own diary. “She meant the English book.” I replied.
  “Well, she said your book, this is my book.”
  “Do you have an English book with you?” I offered.
  “What is it?” I showed her the front cover of my book and she looked at it puzzled.
  “No, I saw the word linguistics which sounded like math and I don’t like math, so I gave it to my cat and now my cat won‘t give it back.”
  “You can share with me.” I smile and she returns my smile and looks at the book too. Something told me this was going to be a long lesson.    

     That was something that turned out to be right. As we were reading through the book Brittany asked: “So, are you gay?”
  “Umm… No.”
  “Oh.” She responded. “That’s a shame.”
  “It is?” I asked.
  “Yeah, I’ve kissed all the boys in this school and approximately half the girls, you could’ve been another to add to the list.”
  “Maybe not. I’m happy being all straight.”
  “Oh…” Brittany paused. “How can you be straight when you’ve got curves?” She asked and in that moment the bell rang, much to my sort of relief. She was nice, but strange.    

     She walked on ahead of me whilst I walked through the corridors trying to get to my next class. Spanish with Mr Schuster, that was a funny name, it reminded me of a shoe. So far the day was going well, apart from the whole slushie in the face, but that can be put behind me. “It’s her!” I heard someone call out. “The slushie girl that saved me.” I looked up to see the boy that was shoved into the lockers earlier and next to him was this tall guy with brown hair. They both walked up to me. “Thank you ever so much for earlier. I owe you my life!” The Irish dude said enthusiastically.
  “Ok, don’t get too emotional.” I grinned.
  “Will you be my friend?” He asked.
  “Keep it cool.” His tall friend whispered to him and turned to me. “I’m Finn, by the way.”
  “It’s very nice to meet you.” I respond and shake his hand, only for a girl to go over to his side in the middle of the handshake. “Excuse me, I’d appreciate it if you didn’t touch my very talented co star.” She warned me and dragged Finn away, only to leave me with the Irish guy. “So what’s your name?” He asks me.
  “Christina.” I respond.
  “Hi, I’m Rory Flanagan.”
  “It’s nice to meet you.” I smile.
  “So, Christina… That’s got to be Irish right?”
  “I don’t think so.”
  “Hey! Everyone has a bit of Irish in them.” He grins and asks: “So what do you have now?”
  “Spanish with Mr Schuster.” I respond.
  “Hey, me too. Hi five.” Rory calls out and holds his hand out, waiting for me to do something, I stare at him confused. “Umm… Traditionally, you slap my hand.”
  “Oh.” I say and bat the top of his hand with mine and he furrows his eyebrows before walking by my side to Spanish.    

     On the way there he’s asking me all sort of questions about my past which makes me feel worried about not letting everything out the bag. “So, what was you like at your old school?”
  “I was very popular, cheerleader and everything.”
  “Hey, maybe you should tryout for the cheerleader team here.”
  “I don’t know.” I sigh.
  “Well, some of the cheerleaders aren’t very nice, but I think you’d be very different.”
  “Thank you. I’ll think about it.”
  “So, if you were so popular why do you seem clueless about school?” Rory wonders.
  “Just had a rough time of it lately and this school is different.”
  “It’s different alright, some of the girls think I’m a Leprechaun.” I laughed upon hearing him say that.    

     Moments later silence was beseeched upon us and Rory was quietly singing Somewhere Beyond The Sea quietly to himself. “Somewhere beyond the sea, somewhere waiting for me, my lover stands on golden sands.” He sang and I grinned and looked at him and started singing along with him. “And watches the ship that goes sailing. It’s far beyond a doubt, my heart will leave me there, leave me there soon.”    

     We were singing along in perfect unison and for the first time today I felt like I belonged. “And we’ll meet, I know we’ll meet beyond the shore.” Rory turned to me and winked: “We’ll kiss just as before…” And before I was completely taken in by the song, we both were shoved into the lockers by a tall woman in a tracksuit. “This will not stand!” She yelled and turned to us, as we were against the locker: “And shut up!” She stormed off and I turned to Damian. “She’s a strange student.”
  “Actually she’s a teacher.”
  “Your kidding? Were not only bullied by the kids, but the teacher too?”
  “Yeah, but you get used to it. Whenever she’s in a blue tracksuit I just picture her as a smurf then it’s not so bad.”    

     A lot of laughter left my mouth and Rory stood up properly and reached his hand out to me and I took hold of it and he helped me up. Finally, we reached Spanish and Rory said I could sit in the seat next to him. I sat next to him and thought it was a far cry from the Brittany lesson earlier. In front of us was Finn and that rude girl from earlier. And on the table next to us was Brittany and some girl with dark hair who I think was called Santana. “Hey, it’s the Professor.” Brittany smiled at me.
  “The Professor?” I asked and the Santana girl started talking to her.
  “Look, Brittany, just because she shared a book with you in English doesn’t make her a Professor.”
  “I see you’ve already made friends.” Rory states to me.
  “Completely by accident.” I paused. “So what’s an Irish guy like you doing in America?”
  “Just an exchange student, that’s all.”
  “Where are you living?”
  “I’m living with Brittany.”
  “Oh, that must be interesting…” I say.
  “It’s ok. I do miss home though.”
  “Oi, you two stop talking.” Mr Schuster said to us and I smiled at him and let the rest of the lesson drag on about the days of the week and the months of the year.     

     The brunette girl in front of me kept putting her hand up to every question, she always knew the right answer and seemed proud to say it. I could tell at first Mr Schuster was happy to let her answer, but towards the end of the lesson he got reluctant to let her talk. And by the end of the lesson, it was just another name I’d learned. Rachel. Stay clear of her at all costs, I thought.

     The bell rang and Rory and I walked out of the lesson only for Brittany and Santana to pull me to one side. “We’ll talk later!” Rory called to me, I didn’t have time to reply because Santana and Brittany were cutting to the chase. “Ok, Brittany seems to have a weird obsession with you, so how would you like to tryout for the cheerios?” Before I could answer, Brittany was staring at me as though there was a fish in her mouth and said: “Can you be my Mum?”
  “No.” I told Brittany and turned to Santana. “I don’t know.”
  “Come on, all that muck on your top means you got slushie all over you this morning, you want that to stop then join.” Before I could answer she started getting all argumentative and bitchy. “Look, since you’ve attracted the attention of Brittany here means I’m not your biggest fan at the moment, so if you want to live through the rest of your school life then you’d better join, ok?”
  “Ok, I’ll join.” I sigh.
  “Great. Three in the auditorium, don’t be late.”    

     Both Santana and Brittany walked off together and I was suddenly alone in the hallway, not sure about what I was doing. Only for a guy with a Mohawk to walk past me. “What’s up newbie?” He asked as he walks past.
  “Umm…Nothing.” I replied and he just carried on walking whilst I tried to make my way to the lunch hall. I got some chips from the cafeteria and really didn’t like the look of them, it all looked so much like prisoner food. Either way I grabbed it and tried to find somewhere to sit.    

     Despite the fact I had an audition for Cheerios, it was going to be difficult to climb up the food chain. Cheerleaders turned me away, football players turned me away. That’s when I saw Rory with a smile on his face waving me over. As I made my way to him, there was another table near there’s which had Santana and Brittany on it and some other cheerleader. They smiled my way and I had a choice in that moment. Become popular, get back at the top of the pyramid and this time, things will be different. Or I join Rory and some guy that looks gay, as well as Finn and that outrageously annoying girl with dark hair. One choice leads to me being one of the most popular girls in school. The other gets me noticed and hated.     

     So I made a decision and sat with Santana, Brittany and the blond girl. I was fortunate enough to be given the chance to be in the Cheerios, so I wasn’t about to let that pass. I looked over at the other table where Rory was sitting and looking down at some dodgy pie. He seemed upset. It had to be done though. “Hi, I’m Quinn Fabray.” The blond girl smiled. “So I heard your auditioning, you any good?”
  “I was captain at my old school.”
  “Well, that sounds promising.” She states and turns around to look at that Finn and Rachel. “God, how can he stand to be with her.” She says in an aggravated voice.
  “Well, she didn’t get pregnant by another guy.” Brittany told her dumbfounded.
  “Shut up Brittany!” She complained annoyed and I looked at Quinn in surprise.
  “You were pregnant?” I asked.
  “Yeah, long time ago, but how do I get him back?” She sighed and despite her manipulative ways, I felt a connection with this girl, we both had everything and both had been pregnant.     

     Suddenly the guy with the Mohawk came and sat next to us. “Hey, what’s up MILF?” He asked Quinn.
  “Umm… Did I ask you to sit here?” He just flashed her a smile and dug into his horrible cafeteria food. He turned to me. “Your looking fine.” I suddenly blushed, unable to say anything. “I’m Puck by the way.”
  “Christina.” I responded.
  “How would you like to go out on a date?”
  “Really? Now?” Quinn asked Puck annoyed, he rolled his eyes and left the table, only for Santana and Quinn to be staring at me.    

     They both had smiles on their faces. “You should go out with Puck.” Santana grinned.
  “No, he seems like a douche bag.” I replied putting a chip into my mouth.
  “Hey…” Quinn began. “If you date him it’ll get him off my back which means I’ll have time to get back with Finn.”
  “What? You dated Puck?” I asked.
  “She’s not the only one.” Santana grinned. “But I don’t care anymore as it’s me and Brittany.”    

     Brittany smiled back at Santana, but then said: “I have kissed Puck. He’s a good kisser.”
  “Think what he’ll do for you reputation.” Quinn smiled.
  “Ok, if he asks me again, I’ll say yes.” I conceded.     

     Unfortunately, he was the last man I was interested in, the bad boy image thing just didn’t do it for me anymore. Especially since the last boyfriend I had that was like that knocked me up. Maybe it wouldn’t hurt to go out with him to boost my reputation that way there’ll be less slushie facials. However, it had only been half a day and across on the other table was another boy I quite liked. And that was the guy that had pulled himself out of his slump and was laughing and joking with everyone. Rory Flanagan. I caught his eye for one moment and we stared at each from afar, before I quickly looked away.     

     He was cute, I’ll give him that and the singing in the hallway was fun, but I needed to get my old life back, before everything bad happened. Maybe that would push him away, but it was for the greater good. I took another quick look at him and just thought of what I was going to do would screw up my one and only chance with him. It had to be done though. I would not stop until I was popular again…

The End

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