Blame it on the Alcohol - The Klaine version

Hey, feel like coming to a party tonight? Should be a laugh. K x 

Kurt hit send, his heart hammering. What if Blaine said no? Oh, god, the embarrassment.. But he needn't have worried. Less than five minutes later the reply came back:

Sounds awesome. I'm dying of boredom here at Dalton without you! Who's party is it? B xx

Kurt felt his cheeks redden. Was this Blaine's way of telling him he missed him? He sucked in a breath, and thumbed in a quick reply. 

Rachel Berry's. I'd die of boredom there without you. I must admit I'm a little out of sync with the whole New Directions crowd. Come to mine @ half seven? K xx

He waited. He didn't mention that he hadn't really been invited, or that he was blackmailing Finn into taking him after seeing the browser history on the Laptop they shared. The things Finn looked at.. Kurt didn't like to imagine. He was exceedingly glad he boarded at Dalton during the week, and was only home for the weekends. Blaine's family, however, lived in California, so he was stuck at Dalton all year round, except for holidays. 

The loud one? Well, this should be fun indeed. I suppose there'll be drinks? I'll be there ;) The question is, will you be ready? Quick, you only have two hours! HURRY! B xx

Kurt frowned, and wished Blaine would stop going on about how long he took to get ready. Ever since the boy had found out that Kurt got up at six every morning to prepare for school, his teasing had been relentless. Not that Kurt really minded, he knew it was just playful banter, but it still bugged him slightly. He hated when Blaine treated him like a kid. 

Yes. And yes, there will be drinks, I guess, but this is Rachel Berry we're talking about here. President of the celibacy club. Very religious. Never had a drink in her life... Oh do shut up! I'll be ready. Don't spend too much time caking your hair with gel! K xx


It was 7:28 when the doorbell rang. Kurt rushed down the stairs, wearing a bright red shirt, black tie and one black suspender with his black skinny jeans. He opened the door, and caught his breath. It was the first time he had ever seen Blaine out of a dress shirt and blazer, and boy, did he look good. Wearing jeans, a black and white stripy top, a maroon cardigan and a boyish grin,  he was gorgeous. And.. And..

"Y-your hair.." Kurt stammered. Blaine's grin widened. 

"I didn't spend any time 'caking it with gel'" He made air quotes around the words. Kurt gave him his best "b*tch, please," stare, but he carried on grinning. 

"Come on, Finn, we're going!" He yelled, and away they went. 


The rest of the evening passed in a blur. Before Kurt knew what was happening, he was watching a more than a little drunk Blaine dance wildly in the corner, and then Rachel was yelling into the microphone:

"Lets play Spin the Bottle! Spin. The. Bottle!" The new directions arranged themselves into a lopsided circle, and Kurt found himself seated between Rachel and Blaine. First up was Sam, and he spun Brittany. They kissed for a while, not without Santana getting a little lairy. Kurt was so glad he had decided not to drink. The things he might have been saying at this very moment.. He repressed a shudder. 

"My turn! My turn!" Rachel insisted, grabbing the bottle. She spun Blaine. 

"Ohhhh!" Everyone yelled. 

"This is outstanding!" Kurt laughed, clapping his hands together. He watched as Rachel leaned across him and mashed her lips with Blaine's. She seemed to be into it, but Blaine broke the kiss after just a few seconds. 

"Ew. Girl lips!" He whispered to Kurt as Rachel moved back to her place. His own lips were perilously close to Kurt's ear. Kurt took a shaky breath. Next up was Puck, and he span Finn, resulting in a long argument, and finally the two kissing on the cheek. Then Tina kissed Sam, and Artie kissed Santana, and then Rachel was saying:

"Kurt! Kurt's turn! Kurt hasn't kissed aaaaanyone!" She slurred. "Spin the bottle, Kurtsie!" Kurt took a deep breath, and span.Come on. Blaine, Blaine, Blaine... 


"Ohhhh!" It was Blaine's turn to nudge Kurt, hard, in the side. "Go kiss your girl, Kurty!" He giggled. Kurt let his lips touch Lauren's for all of three seconds before breaking away. When he got back to his place, trying to ignore Puck's death stares,  and Blaine was grabbing the bottle. "My turn to spin! My turn!" He was saying loudly. 

So he spun. It slid around once, and again, and then, slid, slowly, to a stop. Pointing right at.. At Kurt. 

"Kurt!" Rachel yelled, and everyone else joined in. 

"KURRRRTTTT! Kiss, kiss, kiss!!" They yelled. Kurt felt his cheeks go red, and shut his eyes for a second. When he re-opened them, Blaine's face was inches from his own. He gulped, and shut his eyes as Blaine closed the distance between them. 

His eyelids fluttered as the taste of Blaine filled his mouth. Coffee, toothpaste, and a strong aftertaste of whatever Blaine had been drinking, he still tasted heavenly. Their lips had only parted for a moment before Blaine's lips found his again, and Blaine's hand was in his hair, holding the back of his head, stopping him from pulling away. Was it possible that.. that Blaine, drunken, crazy Blaine, had just realized his feelings for Kurt? 

"Woah. We should so do that more often." Blaine breathed as he drew away for a second time. "Your lips.. Are like, so.. soft..." 

Someone must have spiked Kurt's drink. He must have passed out. This must be a dream. But no matter how many times he pinched himself, he didn't wake up. Before he knew what was going on, Blaine was pulling him to the piano stool, and straddling his lap, and they were making out. 

"Blaine. Blaine. What are you doing?" He managed to pull away from Blaine's feverish kisses for more than five seconds. 

"Kissing you. I like you, Kurt." Blaine grinned happily, looking like a little kid. He leaned in,  but Kurt held him off with one hand. 

"Sure you do. But don't you think we should just be friends? Two weeks ago, you said you didn't want to mess up our friendship." Kurt murmured. He hated himself. Why did he have to be so damn honorable? Why couldn't he just kiss Blaine and let Blaine deal with the consequences? 

"Yeah well, sober Blaine is an idiot. Sober Blaine.. He likes you. He likes you a lot, but he thinks you need a mentor. But now, I know you don't need that. You need.. I need, you to kiss me. You kiss reallll good." Blaine leaned in to kiss him again, and this time Kurt didn't stop him. If Blaine liked him, even if it was just while he was plastered, he wasn't complaining. 


And then it was the morning. Kurt stirred. His chest was cold.. But.. There was something warm slung across it. He took a sharp intake of breath, and jolted into a sitting position. The warm pressure on his stomach slid down and rested across his thighs. He inspected himself. Shirtless. Still wearing his skinny jeans. And.. Blaine was in his bed. Shirtless Blaine. In his bed. His neck was tingling slightly. He went to the mirror, and did a slight double-take. There was a large, blossoming red love bite on the side of his neck. 

And then it all came back in a rush. 

Blaine, kissing him at the party. Blaine, far too drunk to drive home. Kurt suggesting that Blaine stay over. Blaine agreeing far too enthusiastically. Blaine undoing his own shirt buttons, and then Kurt's. Kurt stopping Blaine before he got to his pants. Blaine, kissing him on the bed. Blaine's lips, warm and wet as they moved against Kurt's neck. Kurt, moaning a little with pleasure. 

"K...Kurt..." Blaine was sitting up, rubbing his eyes with the heel of his hand, his hair flying everywhere. "Wh-wh happened?" 

Kurt felt a little confidence come back into him. It was, after all, Blaine who had kissed him. 

"This happened." He said, pointing to his neck. "Lets just say.. You get a lot more romantic when you've had a few to drink." Blaine's mouth dropped open. 

"Did I? Oh god, what did I say? What did I do? Everything's a blur.." Blaine ran a hand through his hair. 

"Well, uh, this was you." Kurt pointed at his neck again, "You said some.. Some rather interesting things. For example, you said we should kiss more often, and that my lips are very soft.. You said Sober Blaine is an idiot, and that you like me a lot, you said that you need me to kiss you, because I kiss "realll good" apparently." Kurt tried to stay sarcastic, sending Blaine up, a smug smile on his lips, but the whole time, he was deadly afraid that Blaine would tell him the whole thing had been a massive mistake. 

"Sit down." Blaine commanded. Kurt did. "I don't know what I felt last night, but obviously drunken Blaine feels a lot more for you than I realize when I'm sober.. Can I.. Kiss you, again? Now? I need.. I need to see.." Kurt cut him off, pressing his lips against the shorter boy's. He felt the other boy's shock, but then he relaxed into it, and his hands went straight back up to Kurt's hair. It seemed somethings did not change, whether Blaine was drunk or sober, he still wanted to touch Kurt's hair. 

"So?" Kurt asked when they came up for air. "What does sober Blaine think?" 

"He thinks we definitely do need to kiss more often.. And that your hair is super cute first thing in the morning." Blaine grinned. "Be my boyfriend, Kurt Hummel?" 

"Gladly." Kurt grinned, and then he ran for the bathroom. "I'm going to fix my hair!" He yelled, and Blaine just laughed. 

The End

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