Six months.

Kurt preened in front of the mirror, reconsidering his outfit for the hundredth time in half an hour. Blaine was due to arrive at 8, and it was ten to. Kurt ran a hand through his hair, smoothing it. It was the night of their six-month anniversary, and Kurt wanted it to be special. He had shooed Burt and Carole out to dinner and then a movie until late, and Finn was having a "Guy's night" at Artie's with Sam, Mike and Puck. It was Finn's dream come true - Call of Duty and talking about girls until early in the morning. Kurt was just glad he was out of the way. 

He had set up the kitchen/dining room perfectly; with candles and a tablecloth he had bought specially for the occasion. In fact, he had bought a lot of items specially for the occasion, such as a new set of plates, a porcelain cake stand (for the cake he had spent much of the afternoon making) and last but certainly not least, a whole new outfit. A new pair of skinny black jeans, a very slim fitting dark grey and black plaid shirt, black suspenders and a black bow tie. He had informed Blaine that the dress code was smart-casual for their dinner-date. As eight ticked closer and closer, he set the plates of spaghetti bolognaise (inspired, he had to admit, by "The Lady and the Tramp") on the table and lit the candles. As he was lighting the last candle, he jumped violently as the doorbell rang. Heart hammering, he put the matches down, and rushed to the door. 

Taking a deep breath, and running his hand over his perfectly coiffed hair once more, he opened the door. There stood his gorgeous boyfriend. 

"Hey, you," Blaine said with a smile, stepping in and pulling Kurt into a quick kiss. 

"H-hi.." Kurt murmured as Blaine drew away. Blaine's smile widened at Kurt's nervous expression. He pulled him in for another kiss, then stepped back, his gaze raking up and down Kurt's body. The taller boy was well aware his slim-fitting jeans left little to the imagination, and tried not to blush as he surveyed Blaine's outfit. The other boy had opted for dark-navy straight leg jeans, a white polo-shirt and a tight black v-neck sweater with the sleeves rolled up to the elbow, exposing his muscular forearms. His coal-black hair hung free of its usual gel-helmet, instead sticking up crazily in a mess of adorable curls that Kurt just itched to touch. 

"You look beautiful, as ever..." Blaine murmured, his gaze flicking up to meet Kurt's again. Those hazel eyes danced with happiness and amusement as Kurt felt his cheeks begin to redden. 

"Come on through. Dinner is served, Mr. Anderson.." Kurt breathed, taking Blaine's hand. He led him through the semi-darkness of the kitchen-dining room to the small pool of light thrown by the candles. "Champagne?" He asked, producing a bottle from one of the cupboards. Two glasses already sat atop the table. "I had Puckerman get me some." 

"Kurt.. This is all so..." Blaine looked around, seeming to search for the right words. 

"Over the top? Oh god, is it too much? Did I over do it?" Kurt babbled, but Blaine silenced him with a look. 

"Romantic was what I was going to say. I honestly don't know how you learned to do this... But, I must ask, what's the occasion?" Blaine's ever-triangular eyebrows furrowed a little at this. Kurt took a deep breath. 

"Don't tell me you've forgotten!" He exclaimed, hurt shining in his eyes. "Its the fifteenth.. Ring any bells?" 

"Uhh.." Blaine racked his mind. The fifteenth.. The fifteenth.. Suddenly he was greeted with a flashback of that day, all those months ago, looking at his phone quickly before seeking out Kurt. It had been the fifteenth then.. "Our anniversary!" He exclaimed. "I remember now!" Kurt visibly sighed with relief. 

"Yes." He sighed. "Six months ago today, you kissed me for the first time. Now, sit, the food is getting cold." He set aside the champagne, deciding it was too much after all, and just poured them fizzy water. He didn't want to end up getting tipsy. This had to go perfectly. 

They ate, talking and laughing comfortably. They were both so used to the other's company that even the silences no longer seemed awkward. Neither felt as though they had to talk, and for minutes at a time they ate in silence, staring into each other's eyes. 

When they had gotten through a large bowl of spaghetti each, Kurt checked his watch. 

"Oh shoot.." He muttered. "We have to speed up. At this rate, there won't be time for the starlight walk that I planned, or time for us to watch when Harry met Sally.." He leaped up, and rushed to get the cake. 

In his haste to get back to the table, his grip on the cake faltered, and it went tumbling to the floor, porcelain stand and all, smashing into several large chunks. The cake was ruined, and so was Kurt's perfect plan for the evening. He sank to the floor, fighting back the tears, his breath coming in short gasps. 

"Hey!" Blaine cried in a soft voice, hurrying to his boyfriend's side. "You okay? What happened?" 

"Slipped.. Oh god.. Oh god.." Kurt broke into tears. Everything had been going so well... 

"Kurt? Kurt, what's up? Why are you crying?" Blaine whispered, putting a hand on Kurt's cheek and wiping a tear away with his thumb. 

"I.. I.. I just.. I wanted it to be.. p-p-perfect.. I.. I wanted it t-to be romantic, a-and special, a-and I r-ruined it.." He choked out between sobs. 

"Kurt! It has been perfect! Oh so perfect, and romantic, but honestly, you don't need to go to all this trouble. Every moment I spend with you is made perfect just by your presence." Blaine murmured, wiping away more tears. Kurt gave a big sniff, and dabbed at his eyes with a balled-up fist. 

"You promise?" He asked in a small voice. 

“Of course I do.” He murmured. Kurt nodded slowly, but Blaine could see he wasn’t really convinced. He shook off Blaine’s arms gently and fetched a mop. He wiped up the mess, and went about picking up every last shard of pottery in silence. When he had finished, he went to the window and stood, staring at the stars, hoping that he would spy a shooting star, and could wish this disaster away. Tears threatened to over flow as he saw one of the candles sputter and die from the corner of his vision.

Just then, he felt a pair of warm arms twine themselves around his slim waist, and a weight rested on his shoulder. Turning his head slightly, he couldn’t help but break into a small smile at the puppy-dog look in Blaine’s eyes.

“C’mon, Kurt.. Don’t be down… Tonight has been so great, we don’t need any stupid cake to top it off! How can I make you feel better?” He murmured. Kurt blinked, realizing with a jolt that instead of looking into Blaine’s eyes, as he should have been, he had been staring at the other boy’s impossibly soft lips the whole time he was speaking.

“Kiss me…” He breathed without thinking. Blaine did not need any further prompting. His lips were on Kurt’s in seconds, tasting of coffee, toothpaste and bolognaise sauce. His eyes slid shut, and he relaxed into the kiss, viewing the show of colours that went off behind his eyes every time Blaine’s lips touched his.

That was when he realized. Blaine was right. They didn’t need any fancy candle-lit diners, or over expensive food. They didn’t need over-planned dates filled with activities so as to make sure they weren’t boring. Kurt was sure he would never be bored around Blaine. Just looking at the boy was enough to entertain him for hours. What had he been thinking? He should have gone simple. Take-out pizza and a movie, or something. Hell, they could have gone to a football game for their anniversary, and every moment would still have been perfect, simply because Blaine was there, Blaine was smiling, Blaine was having fun. His semi-ocd like behaviour, having to have everything perfect, was just silly, he realized. He loved Blaine. And Blaine loved him. What more did they need?

“I love you…” He murmured as Blaine broke the kiss slowly. “So, so much.. I’m sorry for going all control-freak-everything-has-to-be-perfect on you. I should have realized that all we need to have a perfect night is each other..”

“Shhhh…” Blaine whispered, pressing a finger against Kurt’s full lips. “I love you too.. And I’m sorry that I didn’t remember it was our anniversary.. I should have got you something..” He sighed. Now he thought about it, he knew Kurt would have been expecting a gift.

“Shh yourself!” Kurt said with a smile, his voice low. “You just being here is a good enough gift for me. I honestly don’t know how I got so lucky with you. Were you sent from heaven?”

“No. Were you?” Blaine smiled. Kurt smiled back. “I can’t imagine a more beautiful and perfect boy to call my own. I never want to let you go.. I can’t imagine a life without you..”

“So don’t.” Kurt replied simply. Blaine’s heart hammered. What was the other boy saying? He allowed Kurt to untangle himself from his arms, and watched him as he walked quickly across the room. “Stay there.” Kurt commanded.

A few minutes later, Kurt re-entered the room, holding a box in his hand. Blaine’s heart hit super drive. He was sure it was about to burst from his chest.

“Look, Blaine.. I know that I’ve never really been with anyone else, and neither have you, not really, but… But I can’t imagine ever loving anyone as much as I love you. I can’t imagine not seeing you every day, not kissing you, not touching you… My heart hurts when I think of you being with someone else. So.. So I was wondering, if you, um, feel the same, if you would.. Uh.. Wear this promise ring for me? I’ll wear one too. It’ll be a symbol of our commitment. Because, um, I don’t know if you want to get married, but, uh, I do, so…” He trailed off, his cheeks burning, his hands slowly opening the box to reveal two rings, each on a thin silver chain, with the word ‘Promise’ engraved on the outside. Kurt looked at his feet. Fighting back tears of sheer joy, Blaine took on chain and fastened it around his neck, taking the other and gently fastening it around Kurt’s neck. When he had fastened it, he kept his arms about Kurt’s neck, and simply looked at the other boy.

Slowly, Kurt’s gaze travelled upwards, until it met the dancing, moisture-filled gaze of the boy he loved.

“Is that a yes?” He whispered. Blaine just kissed him, so hard, and intense, that Kurt had to take a step backwards. In a flash, they were on the floor, Blaine atop Kurt, but neither cared. Both were caught up in the embrace.

“Yes..” Blaine murmured, pressing his lips against Kurt’s cheek, his jaw, his neck. “Yes, yes, yes…”

From that moment on, Kurt was sure that nothing would ever tear them apart. They belonged together. Soul mates. The words sounded perfect.

“Soul mates..” He murmured.

“Soul mates.” Blaine agreed, and they kissed again. The rest of the night passed all too quickly. 

The End

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