Samchel – Good Things Do Happen

(A/N: This is seen from Quinn's point of view. Yes, Quinn.)

Everything started with Finn and me, and despite common belief, he chose me. I suppose it all began the day I made captain and he newly became the quarterback a week before, replacing the former one. I think it was the typical cliché of cheerleaders dating football players that brought us together, but don't get me wrong... Finn turned out to be my first love and vice versa. He might seem like this guileless oaf, but I loved him then.

Then the Glee club came around, Mr. Shue found my boyfriend's voice, and suddenly Rachel was there too, becoming the school girl with a crush on the quarterback.

But with the New Directions in our lives led to Finn realizing I cheated on him, karma proceeded to slap me with a baby, and Finn went to Rachel.

And after I went through my denial phase of being alone again, Sam walked into McKinely High and something "funny" happened.

We started dating.

Huh. Yeah, I know.  

But like I said, Finn was my first love, and many of us would go back to the first person they ever fell in love with. And I sort of did...while I was with Sam.

Then the world turned around once again and I think...I think most us of became happier after it did. As I hopped silently for weeks on end, Finn came back to me and I was not going to lose him once again, especially by my confusion of where my feelings lied. But I pitied Rachel though, despite myself. I didn't mean to, I swear. As overwhelming and chaotic her ambition was, and still is, she lost the best thing that ever happened.


I might sound sadistic, or chose whatever word you want to describe my cruelty, but the extent of my pity for her ended and started when she made the same mistake I did and regretted it in a similar fashion. At least Rachel didn't get pregnant; at least Puck changed enough to not do anything too stupid, but I was the one who won from all of this. I got Finn from her, and she? Rachel got heartbroken, because that's what you happens after you lose something. And you learn to live to without it too.

I'm not sure how long until it happened, but when it came it was like a tornado crossing through Lima at the speed of lightening. Sam was the one to tell us the news, surprisingly.

The whole thing started in the last weeks of May, before school ended. Rachel was planning to go off with her fathers on a cruise instead of some summer camp for Broadway-wannabes and Sam was on the man hunt for a summer job with Puck. Somehow, their paths collided near a travelling agency and it led to coffee. Coffee led to conversations that didn't concern Glee club, solos, and the Avatar movie. This led to making plans, "friendly outings with the intention to "hang out"" as Rachel described it. Kurt and Mercedes were the first to notice Rachel's happy and content behavior, the change of her usual seating in class, and the frequently rejected invitations they offered her.

The Divas began to worry about their missing third soon after, and planned an unexpected confrontation...Which meant they witnessed the equally unexpected, but hesitant kiss between one Rachel Berry and one Sam Evans at the window of Rachel's bedroom. It was actually the first - the most intimate and meaningful of all of their kisses. More came after, even though the two were unaware that Mercedes and Kurt swore themselves to silence and secrecy.

Everything was really put out into the open after Mr. Schue decided to mix things up again with a duet and an entire group song to mark the end of another year of high school. I don't understand why, but Sam got the spot as Rachel's partner at the insistence of our teacher. Their rendition of Ingrid Michelson's Take Me the Way I Am was surprisingly soft coming from Rachel's fit-for-Broadway-voice, but I think we all noticed the way she swayed around Sam, who was on guitar. Then an innocent kiss after we sang I'm Yours by Jason Marz sealed the deal for everyone.

Sam explained everything to us at the after party, taking the time to calm down the naturally protective Puck and Finn. They were dating, in secret. "It wasn't a secret guys," he said, to convince us otherwise, "If you asked Rachel and I if were dating anyone, we would've told you." Ah, but I doubted that. They were careful - "smooth" by the way they kept their relationship to themselves, living in the sweet attention of each other when around others, but becoming comfortable individuals when we weren't around. That way, when Sam and Rachel first told people, they would inflict the most shock upon them by the way the two acted around each other.

So, now summer is here; Rachel didn't go on her cruise and Sam found a job at the coffee shop, close to her. Now that I think of them...I'm kind of happy that everything worked out for them.  

The End

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