Britanna...Because We're all in denial..P.2


"Because you don't love yourself!" I screamed at Santana.

"I like boys and girls, and I'm okay with that. And you? You''re a gay shark, hiding in a..." I searched for the right word, my brain working hard to say what i wanted to. "In a cupboard!" 

She stared at me, and then she seemed to recover.


 "Forget it, Britt," She shot back. "You're lying to yourself, just as much as I am to myself. You love me," She said.

"You love me, and not him. And when this makes sense to you, I'm going to be prom queen, and nothing will hold you back. Until then," she paused, swallowing.

"I guess we both gotta keep lying..."

She walked away, leaving me standing there, wanting to call her back, but still furious at her denial.  Tears came to my eyes. I didn't want to ruin our friendship! 

I slammed my locker and stomped off to class, tears still streaming down my face.

STUPID BRITTANY! You always say the wrong thing and you ruin everything! Why are you so dumb?!? 

I yelled at my mind all the way to class. I stopped outside of the choir room. Santana wasn't there. I stepped in and ran quickly to my seat next to Artie, avoiding his eyes. Mr. Shue nodded at me and prattled on and on about Nationals and how we needed to get a setlist and raising enough money to get to New York, blah blah blah. I just couldn't stop thinking about Santana....


I jumped, and noticed I still had tears in my eyes. I angrily wiped them away, and then put on a smile. I turned to Mr. Shue. 


He furrowed his brow in concern. "Where's Santan--" 

Artie cut him off. "Brittany, are you crying?" 

Tina leaned forward, holding Mike's hand.  "Yeah, Brittany, what's wrong?"

Mr. Shue cut right to the chase. "Does this have anything to do with Santana?" He asked. 

I started to cry again and shot up, running out of the class. 

As I ran out of the door, I was suddenly blocked by something standing in my way.

I ran into Santana, and we both fell down. 


The End

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