Klaine - Alternate beginning

*Note: This is set somewhere between Silly Love Songs and Original Song, between episodes*

Kurt stared after Blaine longingly, watching him walk away. He sighed a long, longing sigh. He wished Blaine would see how he felt. Yes, so he had told him, sort of, how he felt after the whole Jeremiah-episode, but he didn't feel like Blaine had heard him. Not really. He still acted like they were just friends, and it killed Kurt to think that that was all Blaine ever wanted to be. 

It had been the happiest moment of Kurt's life for the brief time he had thought the guy Blaine was in love with on Valetine's, the one he wanted to sing to for Valentine's, was him. And that had only made the let down twenty times stronger. It had been like a tonne of bricks had fallen onto his shoulders. And it had sure been hard to act like it was nothing. He had cried about it every night since. Tears came to his eyes whenever he thought of it. He tried to stop himself, but couldn't. The tears brimmed over and slid down his face, but Kurt refused to sob. He just cried silently. 

Lost in his silent sobs, he did not hear Blaine come back until it was too late. 

"Kurt? Kurt! What's wrong?" Blaine asked, genuine concern in his voice. He gripped Kurt's shoulders with both hands and pushed his torso upright, before tilting his chin gently upward so he would meet eyes with him. Kurt shivered as he noticed Blaine leaving his hand on his chin just  a little too long. "Come on, Kurt, spit it out." 

"I-I-I.." Was all Kurt could manage, sobbing uncontrollably. "I.. I don't want to-to be y-your f-f-friend.." Stunned, Blaine dropped his hand from Kurt's chin, but did not move from the kneeling position he was in. 

"Are you saying you don't want to be friends with me?" As much as he tried not to let his hurt show, it did. He had to fight to force back tears. He had thought he and Kurt were friends. Good friends. Best friends, even. 

"No.. I-I mean, yes, but.. but no.." Kurt sobbed. 

"What do you mean?" Blaine asked quietly. 

"I.. I mean.. I don't want to be just your friend." He mumbled, his tears finally easing up. 

"I.. I'm still not following, Kurt.." Blaine replied, his brow furrowing. Kurt bit back an annoyed growl. How could Blaine be so horribly blind? Then he had to stop himself from grinning. 

"Well.. They say actions speak louder than words. So maybe you'll follow this.." He murmured, cupping Blaine's cheeks with both hands and closing the gap between their lips. 

"Mmmfft!" Blaine protested for a second. But he soon gave in, looping one arm around Kurt's neck, burying the other in his hair and pulling himself up onto Kurt's lap. When Kurt finally had to break the embrace, gasping for air, they were both grinning. 

"Wow." Blaine breathed. "Actions really do speak louder than words.."

The End

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