Glee, The Untold Stories

My gleeky little story about Kurt and Blaine, and possibly other glee characters. Like Artie and Brittany, Quinn and Finn, Rachel, Santana, and the rest.

Kurt's breath caught in his throat as he heard the sound of the doorbell ringing. Blaine was here. He rushed down the stairs and opened the door. Sure enough, there stood Blaine, still in his Dalton uniform. He smiled, and Kurt smiled back, pulling him into a hug. 

"I missed you.." He murmured. 

"I missed you too, Kurt.." Blaine replied. His voice never failed to make Kurt a little weak at the knees. "It isn't the same at Dalton without you around.." He sighed, and drew away a little, kicking the door shut. 

"I'm so-" Kurt began, but Blaine pressed a finger to his mouth. 

"Don't even think of it, silly. I know being at Mckinley is what you want. I just miss you is all." Blaine smiled at Kurt's indignant expression. When he opened his mouth to speak again, Blaine cut him off with a kiss. It was only a short one, no more than a peck, but Kurt felt like melting. 

They hadn't kissed since that first day, when Blaine had told him how he felt. 

"I.. you.. kissed me.. finally.." Kurt spluttered, unable to find the right words. 

"Of course I did. Don't boyfriends kiss their partners?" He smiled. They were still standing in the hallway. 

"Yes... but.. You haven't kissed me since.. since the week of Regionals.." Kurt mumbled. 

"Kurt... Can we.. go up to your room? I don't want anyone.. Eavesdropping." Blaine blushed a little. 

"Sure.." Kurt smiled, bemused. He took Blaine's hand in his own and led him up the stairs to his room. There, Kurt perched on the bed, and Blaine came to sit beside him, first shutting the door. He took Kurt's hand in both his own and stared into his eyes with those gorgeous hazel windows. Windows to his soul. Right now, they showed embarrassment, and the burning fire of love. Blaine sure loved Kurt. 

"Kurt.. I.." He looked away, and his mouth twisted in a way that let Kurt know he was trying to find the right words. "I.. I was.. scared." 

"Scared? Of what?" Kurt breathed, leaning a little closer. 

"That.. That if I kissed you again.. you wouldn't.. you wouldn't feel the same thing you felt when we kissed that first time. That it was all a fluke.. It took all my.. courage.. to kiss you just then.." His blush deepened and he looked away. Kurt smiled, unused to seeing this scared, vulnerable Blaine. He was so used to a brave, confident, charismatic Blaine who could sing in front of hundreds of people without getting scared. Now, he saw the Blaine that hid inside. The scared little boy locked behind the confident persona. And it only made Kurt love him even more. 

"Blaine..." He sighed, and Blaine looked back around, meeting gazes with Kurt. "Blaine, I loved you from the moment I set eyes on you. From the moment I heard you sing.. Found out you were like me.. That I had a chance with you, no matter how slim.. When you helped me with Karofsky... When you welcomed me into the Warblers.. When we performed at Sectionals.. When we sang flirty duets.. When you made me go through the heartbreak of seeing you humiliate yourself in front of the man you loved on valentine's day-" At this, Blaine's blush deepened further. "-When you tried to help me be sexy..." It was Kurt's turn to blush. "I loved you before you knew your feelings for me. And when you found those feelings, the love I felt for you.. feel for you, blossomed from a little seed into a massive, beautiful flower. Never be scared that I won't feel the same way that you feel. I was there before you were.."

And with that, he took Blaine's face in his hands and kissed him, long and deep. When he drew away, he breathed a long sigh. 

"Fireworks. Every time. Fireworks." He murmured.

"You too..?" Blaine whispered back. Kurt nodded.

"Fireworks." He confirmed. "We were meant to be together.." Before he could say any more, Blaine had cut him off with a kiss.  

The End

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