You're Okay Now.


It had been a few months since Blaine's daddy chopped off all his hair, and now it was the summer holidays. Blaine's hair was beginning to look like it did before, and Kurt liked that. It made him forget what a horrible person Blaine's daddy was. 

But then one day Blaine turned up, unexpected, uninvited, on Kurt’s doorstep at 8 in the morning.



Kurt was watching t.v. It was early on a Saturday morning. There had been nothing good on, so he had put on The Little Mermaid, and watched happily, singing along to all the songs. He was singing along with Sebastian, telling Ariel how nice life was Under The Sea When he thought he heard someone calling his name.

“Kurt.. Kurt..” He paused the film. “Kurt… Kurttt…” Someone was calling his name. He walked into the hall. “Kurt..” The voice was coming from the porch. He opened the door, and gasped with shock and horror. Blaine stood before him, dark circles under his eyes, the right one blackened again, he was wearing what looked like his pyjamas, a pair of blue-checkered trousers and a white t-shirt and bare feet. He held his arm strangely, like it was hurting him.

“Ohmygosh, Blaine! What happened?” Kurt cried, pulling his friend into a gentle hug. Blaine winced as Kurt jostled his arm. “What’s wrong with your arm?”

“I.. I think it snapped.” Blaine murmured.

“SNAPPED?” Kurt cried loudly.

“Shh. Yeah. My dad. He got real mad. He drank loads and loads, and he found out I’m friends with you, and he got his golf clubs and threw ‘em all at me, real hard. So I ran. I ran all the way here. Well, I walked. I got, kinda um, lost. And then I fell asleep on the sidewalk. Everything just went black, and then I woke up and I was near the park, and I knew the way here.. So I came..” Blaine whispered, his voice husky and his eyelids drooping. He was exhausted, that much was clear. “Are you mad?”

“No! Why would I be?” Kurt asks.

“I just.. Came ‘round… I didn’t ask. Mommy says its impolite to do that.” Blaine mumbles. Gently, Kurt lead him inside, shutting the door and guiding Blaine up to his room, where Blaine collapsed on the bed, out in seconds. Then Kurt pads to his mommy and daddy’s room. He has to tell them.

“Wake up. Wake up!” He pushes his mommy’s arm, then his daddy’s. “WAKE UP! WAKE UP!” He calls louder, until they both open their eyes and sit up wearily.

“What’s the problem, Kurtie?” His mommy asks.

“Its Blaine.” Kurt says simply.

“What do you mean, Blaine? He can come round later.” His daddy says, flopping back down.

“I mean, the problem is Blaine. He’s here. Now.” Kurt says impatiently. Grown ups are so stupid sometimes.

“What? What do you mean?” His mommy asks, looking more awake now. She stands up and pulls on her robe.

“I mean he turned up on the doorstep.. His daddy beat him up again.” Kurt explains, exasperated.

“Oh my god, Kurt.. Wait, what do you mean, again?” His mommy whispered.

“I mean his daddy hit him before. That one time when Blaine’s hair got cut real short. It was his dad. He didn’t fall out of a tree really. I lied ‘cause Blaine didn’t want me to tell. Sorry..” Kurt suddenly burst into tears.

“Shh.. Its ok.. We’ll fix this, ‘kay?” His mommy pulled him into a tight hug, lifting him. “Where is he?”

“In my room. He’s sleeping.” Kurt mumbled into her neck. She carried him in and set him down next to the bed. “Blaine.. Wake up, Blaine..” He murmured. Slowly, the smaller boy stirred.

“AH!” He yelled as he put all his weight on his bad arm. It was stuck out at an odd angle.

“Oh my lord..” Elizabeth Hummel breathed when she saw the state the little boy was in. She scooped him up gently and said to Kurt: “I’m taking Blaine to the hospital. You stay here, OK?”

“No! I need to come!” Kurt said, urgently.

“No. Things could get bad, Kurt. We’re going to have to call the cops on Blaine’s daddy. What he did was very wrong.” She said, shifting Blaine in her arms. The poor boy was sleeping again already. Then, telling Kurt to watch Ariel or Mulan or something until she was home, she left.


Now it was a week later, and Blaine’s daddy had been sent to prison. His mommy had been given full custardy, whatever that meant. Kurt was sitting by Blaine’s bed in the hospital.

“Blaine.. I’m really sorry I told your secret.. Now your daddy’s in prison..” Kurt mumbled, looking away, swinging his legs from the high chair. “Are you mad?”

“Course not!” Blaine exclaimed. His arm was in a cast, and his face was covered with band-aids, but he looked better than ever before. “Kurt?” Blaine asked when he was silent still.

“Yeah?” Kurt replied after a while.

“Thank-you.” Blaine murmured, and a few small tears rolled down his cheek. “Thank-you, Kurt..”

“What’s wrong? You’re okay now, ‘member?” Kurt said softly, stroking the older boy’s hair.

“Yeah. And its all thanks to you. I was too much of a sissy to tell mommy myself..” Blaine whimpered. “I thought he would hit me again if I did..”

“Don’t ever say that! You were scared. But don’t worry. You’re okay now. You don’t have to be frightened anymore.” Kurt murmured, and pulled the small boy into a hug. When Blaine’s tears were dry, Kurt realized why he looked so much better. There was no longer that look of apprehension on his face, the fear that he was going to go home and get hit. And it made Kurt feel so happy. Because if Blaine was happy, he was happy. 

The End

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