Teardrops and bloodstains.

It had been two weeks since Kurt had seen Blaine. Every time he went to his house, his mommy told him Blaine couldn't play today. Kurt would smile, nod, and run back to the car, telling his mommy that it was ok, Blaine would play with him again soon. But every time, it broke Kurt's little heart more and more. Why wasn't Blaine going to come out and play? Had he told his mommy not to let Kurt in, because he thought Kurt was weird after all? Kurt frowned as he sat on his bed, playing with his Little Mermaid action figures. He made Ariel himself, and Eric Blaine. 

"Oh hey Blaine!" He made Ariel say in a squeaky voice. 

"Oh hi Kurt." He made Eric say in a crude imitation of his friend's voice. 

"Why haven't you come out to play?" He squeaked, moving Ariel closer to Eric. 

"I don't like you any more. Sorry." He made Eric push Ariel down. Kurt frowned, and threw the action figures across the room. Then he flopped on his bed and cried. His best friend wouldn't play with him... 

"Kurtie?" His mommy was at the door a few minutes later. 

"Go 'way." Kurt mumbled. 

"Wanna go to the park, Kurtie?" His mommy asked, walking in and stroking his hair. 

"No.." Kurt mumbled. 

"Yes you do. Come on. We'll have fun, 'kay?" Elizabeth pulled Kurt into a hug, and just held her son until he nodded. 

"Okay mommy.." So together, they walked, hand in hand, to the park. Kurt swung their hands, and Elizabeth laughed and tickled him. When they reached the park, he saw an all too familiar figure sitting on the swings.. Except.. It couldn't be.. The boy on the swing had short cropped hair, not the wild curls Kurt was looking for. All the same, Kurt walked up the the boy. Hearing his footsteps, the boy looked up. 

Kurt gasped. It was Blaine but.. but Blaine looked so broken.. He had a black eye, and his good eye was red from crying. There was a long bruise down the side of his face. And all his beautiful curls.. Gone. He looked like a sheep that had been shorn, his hair cropped close to his skull. His white t-shirt was stained all over with reddish-brown stuff that Kurt assumed was paint. 

"Blaine! What happened?" He asked, pulling the smaller boy into a hug. As soon as he pulled away, Blaine burst into tears. 

"K-Kurt.." He sobbed, rubbing his one good eye with the back of his hand. "It's so bad.." He murmured, tears streaming. 

"You can tell me.." Kurt murmured, sitting on a swing and motioning for Blaine to do the same. 

"N-no I c-can't.. He said he'd hit me again if I did!" He cried, shaking with fear. 

"Who did?" Kurt asked, tilting his head. Blaine tensed, realizing he'd given too much away. 

"N-no-one." He insisted. 

"Come on Blaine. You can tell me. Who hit you? I won't tell on them.. I swear!" Kurt murmured, taking Blaine's hand. 

"I-It.. It was my.. My daddy.." Blaine sobbed. "He drunk loads of that nasty smelly stuff and then he got real mad and he got his clippers and cut off all my hair. He said it was girl's hair. And when I was crying, he said a good punch w-would shut me up. Then mommy came home and Daddy pretended I was ill and said he would treat me in my room until I was better.. But he just hit me and hit me.. And then today when he was in the toilet, I got out of my room and ran down the stairs, b-but he caught me a-an-and then he took off his belt and hit me real hard. Then I ran. I ran and I ran and I ran." All the time Blaine was telling his story, Kurt sat in silence, tears brimming over his own blue eyes. 

"Show me." He whispered. Slowly, Blaine stood, and pulled up his shirt. Running in zig-zags across his back were red, bleeding cuts. Kurt let out a scared gasp. "My mommy will help you. This is bad Blaine." 

Then he took the smaller boy and just held him until his sobs subsided. 

"Don't worry, Blaine.. You'll always have me.." He murmured. Then he took his hand and led him towards his mommy. They needed to do something about this. Now.

The End

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